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@Christopher Essex It was a MTO 6A Inverallan shawl cardigan (made into a long robe) I wish I can reorder... it was great.
@zxcvbn cool stuff. which AA tee is that and how did you size it? looking for comparative sizing info like height, weight and jacket size (chest) if you don't mind sharing
[[SPOILER]] Just curious but do you have full body shot of this? just curious what color shoes...black/gray or white?
its so basic =\ check out h&m
I agree with everyone who says stick with a 50 or buy another leather by another designer RO is RO I wish I had more RO
I agree, and if I had more casual jackets I'd probably get rid of them too. How Boyer is wearing it looks more relaxed than my usual fit, which I can appreciate (I like it very much TBH). Maybe I need to get into the more luxe knit cardigans. I've been wearing Uniqlo for several seasons FWIW, a new one each season, and they are more fitted. They do look a bit fussy but with an OCBD that has a nice collar roll, looks fine. However, I don't think it looks as flattering...
[[SPOILER]] Thanks! I was leaning more towards Peg...I like odd cut (somewhat higher rise/drop crotch). I think it'd be fun to wear I'll see which has a more 19cm cut. 18cm maybe too tapered
Siki Im: Should I got for the slim fit or peg leg raw denim jean? Anyone familiar with the cut of them both? Which would be most suitable more someone who requires roomier seat/high room.
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