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For XBox One, still not worth it
I am close to the $500 mark at The Corner...what is it exactly? Funny thing is there's nothing I really want after picking up last years Lemaire boot that magically stayed in my wish list for an entire year. My two cents, if you think Mr. Porter buys are laugh worthy, The Corner is really weak IMO. I am not too big of a fan of their Christophe Lemaire purchase this season, too.
btw, just to share. i picked this up as part of a gift exchange...looks really cool in person (photos from the recipient):
^same question. that is the color was sort of expecting. it looks quite beautiful. I have a pair of shoes in burnished brown already
I saw a red Ferrari racing down 237 towards the Great America Parkway near the 49ers stadium Sunday. Must be some tech exec. as it could not be a player since they were in NY that day. Car was fast zooming down the right lane. Was cool seeing it in action at so close a distance. I almost wanted to turn off and follow it
When characters talk less, they live longer in the show.
Is this boot goign to look exactly like the one in the photo?
Great suggestions, I may need to pickup that sheepskin but imagine how grimy it will be after this season lol
Picked up last years brown CL side zip
Or you can bring an extra bag with the shoes + shoe horn and change in your office
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