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So what's popping? Where the sale at?
Merry Xmas!
double post
Damn that JJvE knit I would wear it open, maybe even as a cape by the way it drapes.
This was good. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Is the original even better then? I should watch that too. Really like that the whole movie focused on two primary scores, really kept the movie at the right pace.
This is exactly what I had in mind, leather jacket, tee, jeans and sneakers with a soft Casentino 5 panel. And the 5 panel because the bill is 2.5" compared to the baseball cap of 3" (can anyone confirm?)
You can cosplay as a Division agent. I've been wanting a cap for the longest time but I've been told it makes me look very boyish (don't care much for) and I'm not a fan of long bills. Is Larose really all it's made out to be? What's different than this versus spending money on a cap from Alternative Apparel? I really just want to cover up my head during the weekend when I'm bumming it. The Casentino I'm thinking will give a nicer contrast and 3D look to an...
Non-pleated pants I go 1 size up. Pleated pants I go TTS. YMMV
Are the RG x CP side zip good year welted? Probably not... Do you guys add a rubber sole?
So nothing happened after the first episode. Great
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