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I just tried that. It doesn't work?? lol
lol. i have not squat in several months now (to fit into pants )* * *I want some fall-winter boots that can take the weather here in CA come late Oct and for the rest of the year. I already have two pairs of Carmina, so, want to try something different. I was considering Meermin but I don't want to go through the hassle of making a return again if the fit is not right.I don't want MTO.And I want to stay away from anything that may resemble a "work boot."I want something...
the AE Leeds model is a nice derby shoe
It should stretch enough to a compare a shirt and light knit during colder months. Can't wait to put mine back on in a couple of months. But I mightive grown too big for it :/
Dobby shrinks from my experience Oxford cloth does not ( though I did notice a little when letting My shirt soak pre-wash) Stay away from royal Oxford. Just not a great fabric IMe.
Leather stretches, I think that jacket can be sized down one..
IME boots are always sized a little larger than their same lasted shoe variant. There is just more wiggle room with a boot. Is that the same with anyone else?
Anyone ever try to return something NWT for store credit? I got an older blazer picked up this year that ended up not being used at all. If I can, I'll check in tomorrow evening at the local store. Otherwise, I may donate or toss.
Have you guys seen the matching pants to the blazer online? Blend is 40 wool/ 40 poly / 20 rayon. I'm looking for the navy pants. They have the jacket online but no pants. Weird http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-wool-blended-slim-fit-jacket-131153.html
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