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Why is your company meddling with peoples fitness and health. It's none of their business. It can actually present a problem with HR and open up a can of worms for labor law issues. Granted if you work for a small company I guess everything just stays quiet...
Should you always get the pants waist altered, try it on after alteration, then proceed with shortening the inseam?    Will this assure that the inseam is balanced especially for someone who has a higher right hip?    I'm a real stickler for pant length and I find it a problem still when getting new pants altered.    I think typically a tailor alterationist will do both the waist and inseam during first visit. Should one have the tailor pin the length and waist,...
MTO, too! 
Rabbit fur lining   Affluent homies only.
That in stitches photo looks like an older derk
When you sit and the placket between two button opens up?
Any hats yet??
IRA Owner IRA Owenr IRA Owen RICK OWEN fml wth
For running and cross training (fit)?
wth nonnative
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