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Size down on the Kaftan
Mines been lying haphazardly at the foot of my bed. Too beautiful to be stored away. Adds some color to my room too. Goes with the DGAF attitude.
Keep on copping Occulta!
Enjoy your portfolios! I really want one but it is not practical for my everyday use. I would go with the green color.
It's on Bloomingdales website I believe
iPaid Mini 4
It's obvious this is some low key marketing strategy to garner attention for the small and big guy. Sensationalism at its best!
So, for Barbanera that would translate to UK7 since I picked up a US8. Did they make shoes that small?? Damn these aren't going to fit
They might be.. Will pm you when they arrive.
Hoping these fit... been trying to find the right pair of light color loafers. Anyone know how Barney's listed size is reference to (re: size conversion)? @dieworkwear
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