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Ben Affleck looking like batman, that upper body
The Lady Gaga performance was pretty good. Great tribute
someone pls post photo of that kid wearing his blanket as a scarf
Her shoes are a pleasant surprise
Mockingjay part 1
@WBaker best fit you posted IMO I am really glad to see that Geller shirt. Was contemplating it for awhile when it was on sale at Barney's
True Religions, Rock and Republic, Diesel, Nudies, APC, (insert raw denim brand here), Club Monaco, Acne, Siki Im, (insert designer brand denim), Levi's Levi's > rest (I particularly like the Levi's Made and Crafted line.) Took my so long to realize this. Although, I've yet to try Lemaire denim.
I like the lapels.
Same (and I believe it's the missing jacket to the pants I have). Suit complete! http://www.yoox.com/us/41388980VX/item?dept=#sts=orders80
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