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The timing of the last two posts is perfect
I had to do a double take End of Q3 and CLE is up by 30+ with 100 points already ... I hope Bosh is okay.
About tees who makes a plain white t-shirts similar to the AA tri-blend in terms of material? Great material but there is no white color. Oatmeal just doesn't do it.
Stoffa jackets look fantastic. Only MTO? I like the look of the collars
Thanks for the plug!
I can imagine that if you size up. I size down for most of the long/big coats. Partially because I have slopped shoulders, so, I think anything with a pronounced shoulder fits big or appears so. I think to the OP a size 50 should be fine unless he wants it extra long and slouchy.
If anything the Maxi coat would be more fitted due to the shoulders. Kaftan is like throwing on a blanket.
It fits huge
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