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IME the lapel is really slouchy, hangs wildly from the neck down to the body of the jacket and flops around if not buttoned. Makes you want to take in the waist but you might loose some of that Lemaire character. I have a similar jacket in the brown tweed from FW14.
He'll probably play it cool and say he likes the extra thickness
This was great, a little bit of history knowing the fashion designer changed womenswear. The movie is in french with subtitles, which made the experience even more engaging. (I kept hearing the movie soundtrack on Pandora and finally got a chance to watch it.) The scenes where it shows her altering the clothes making it her own signature style was awesome!
I visited the store in Milpitas, CA. Maybe the store in Valley Fair across from Santana Row has some in stock. The Great Mall is suppose to be more of discount outlet nowadays, so, perhaps Uniqlo cannot imagine such a collection existing at that location =\
[[SPOILER]] This is very good, best post about the collection I've read so far. And nice photos representing the look. Everything else posted online just didn't look right.I'm deciding to finally post here and share my experience, this will be part 1 of 4. There may not be a part 4 since my first order is still pending (at this point I doubt it will be fulfilled but I'll wait for a final confirmation). However, the next 3 orders I placed are scheduled to arrive next week...
I'm seeing more clothes at stores. Looking great. The fabric all look incredible, wool shirts are I'm highly considering those fur lined boots. Good to see it's rubber sole instead of the crepe sole from SS15
Maybe old news but discovered this while visiting checking out twitter accounts, @dieworkwear own feed: Look Inside Dries Van Noten’s Paradise-Like Garden Wow Very beautiful
Good good Now the indigo hype the forum has been experiencing can dye down a little. mud > indigo hey @ChetB
@zissou I'm glad you said making fun b/c this supposed hate between Vox and Fok is sort of like a joke IMO. It just helps push the others personal agenda. Hate is a strong word, maybe loathe is better.
I'm sorry
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