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@synthese http://www.yoox.com/us/44781789KK/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=44781789KK&sizeId=9
Now you can all invest in your own motif https://www.motifinvesting.com/about/press-june-04-2012
I like the weather for the weekends. Woke up today before washing up and just walked out the door to get in some sun. Was a nice way to clear the head after a night of drinking and warm up quickly for the day. I feel too rushed during the weekday to give a shit, and would prefer a more somber weather.
My parents are relying on me to manage their retirement. Few IRAs and a 401(k). I don't understand the labeling just because I work in a finance related field that I can manage someone's money. Would Wise Banyan be a good approach? I feel more comfortable monitoring it with the help of an "advisor." The 401k obviously cannot be tapped into at this point (and Vanguard does not have a SDO and I doubt Wise Banyan has a selling agreement setup where they can manage the asset...
Last page or so have been pretty good, full of info. Always like hearing about brands on Yoox. Fwiw I use to shop a lot more on the website and wish I could've shared a lot more at the time albeit it's more SW&D related designers. (I believe there is a thread floating somewhere that I started trying to categorize certain brands as I picked them up on Yoox. Of the aforementioned makers of sport coats there is also Alain, Boglioli, Eleventy, and Luigi Bianchi Mantova....
That REI coat so good and great photos/fits, David! That tunic is special.
Lemaire approved purchase
That was funny
Over less than 1 minute as someone from her camp "predicted." I actually enjoyed the co-main event more.
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