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Nice, post some pics!
Deets on rug, plz?
Yeah the runway photo I posted is the same pants Suspension Point is selling. Not sure why the color came out differently in their store photos. It is definitely green. I am staring at the pants right now in the closet and I can see why the SP photos came out lighter/tan almost. Color appears different in various light. When I initially posted here it was at night FWIW and definitely looks green like the runway photo. Just thought I give a PSA.
Verdigris is much more muted and gray. The runway photo I posted is the exact pants that Suspension Point is selling now that you pointed out the pleats. I didn't even notice
Buy these pants, they are amazing. The whole time I thought they were tan. http://suspensionpoint.ca/lemaire-one-pleated-pantsPleasantly surprised. Pretty hyped.This runway photo captures the olive green best: [[SPOILER]]
Man those pants are awesome from the color, shape and cut, and pattern. I thank you for not wearing an all monochrome black and white outfit.
@Darkside Nice pants!Thanks guys for the comments! I have to say the hotel restroom offered a rather calming backdrop. I wish I had a big mirror at home.Thanks, nothing right now just Styleforum!Re: Sizing for Inis Meain Pub Jacket...TTS to small. I have a navy one as well that is a size medium but the beige is size large (after having the size medium that was too small.) I actually wish the beige fit like the navy. So, I just wear the beige color more casually. Otherwise,...
Lunettes sunglasses making the chest pocket protrude more than it usually does. Maybe NMWA can do a special pre-order without chest pocket sometime.
Inis Meain Lemaire Levi's Loake
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