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That CPH is really cool looking when everything is in place.
Thanks for the mention, Razl! Anyone who is interested can mention this thread for 10% off listed price.
Trousers I think
Excellent used condition. No snags or loose threads.Color is a little darker than what is seen online. I think Inis Meain also calls this dark natural.Price includes priority delivery via USPS (for domestic orders).PM if interested.Stock photos: [[SPOILER]] (The one I am selling does come with the white buttons.)
Some recent purchases: Christophe Lemaire leather jacket (hopefully 36 fits better than 38) MOMA bluchers And pre-order with Suspension Point
It just reminds me of Chinese porcelain
You guys want black derby shoes still? Can we just put together a SW&D group order and contact No Man Walks Alone about a project with Vass?
KD is going to the Warriors, aren't you excited?
How often do you guys wear your leather during the spring and summer in the Bay Area? And when do you generally throughout the year?This was purchased this season. [[SPOILER]]
What size would I wear in the Chet monks if compared to Vass in size 40.5, F last?
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