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I believe Muji makes linen tees, just ask @nicelynice
Price drop
They seem a bit flimsy but I would get at least a top sole added. I wear mine very sparingly but to be honest they seem to have the perfect shape to fit Lemaire's aesthetic IMO. I'm still considering MOTO or MTM. Might even try bespoke and send Luxire my loafers and trace of my foot... I will say the leather varies, and Lemaire actually includes a disclaimer of sorts saying that leather condition may vary giving it the nature of being one of a kind. (I tried picking up a...
Morality? lol
@malcb33 I went TTS, so, these are a 48. Glad I did after being so indecisive. I want to make another observation, the pants appear slimmer than they look in the photo because I'm taking the picture from angle looking down. A straight on look would probably show the volume better. BTW, I just dropped off your package this morning, Malcb!
Lemaire shirt and jogging pants If I end up in Hawaii later this year I might be wearing this a lot. I sort of want to grab the short sleeve jacket now, too. Be warned, if you are still considering the jogging pants it will make your hip look very wide!
^ I like my Rivieras a lot.
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