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Over the Memorial Day break I took up Dapper Classics ("DC") promo offer and picked up some pants:(Photoed are the slim fit Super 130's hopsack wool in light gray, this is a true light gray to me.)I took some of my own measurements: [[SPOILER]] Waist across: 17.5"Rise: 11"Leg cuff: 8"The size 34 ended fitting large.Luckily I also ordered a pair in size 32 from the classic fit line, Super 130's fresco merino wool, and it fits perfectly OTR. (I might even need to let out...
Some quick and dirty photos: SS15 harrington jacket/bomber (navy) Isaora t-shirt (white) SS11(12?) pleated trousers (cream) SS15 almond toe loafers (black)
Anyone try the five pocket jean? I like to hear your thoughts. They seem to have a forgiving front rise and gradual taper to the hem.
48 just felt so comfortable. You can try sizing down. Jogging trousers has no drawstring. I felt like sizing down would throw off the pants balance. In motion it looked nice. I think a size down and the movement would look really sharp rather than relaxed. It has to do with the fabric, which is crisp, not so much like the elastic waist pants though.
This is the perfect t-shirt IME https://www.isaora.com/products/tech-t-shirt?variant=1092374553 For those who were asking, I know I was recently. I think the pattern / "cut" is very nice. Crew neck but not suffocating. It also is not exaggerated like a round/boat or 'u' neck tee. Good length in the body and sleeve. Nice and thick cotton blended fabric that is soft (reminds me exactly like the Nike made in Italy tee I had). Has the basic colors of white, black and...
I would go TTS. The only thing I've sized down for are his knits and coats (parka, Kaftan, double breasted coat). His short jackets I go TTS with a size 3/48. I'm 5'9 fwiw Edit: For bottoms I wear a 48 for anything with pleats or elastic waist. Size 50 for his straight and suit pants.
How slim are you? The jackets fit true to size from my experience. If you are athletic and have a bit of mass in your chest and shoulders you can consider sizing up. I have an old suit from FW12? I am a M/L and the size I picked up was a 3. I believe an alteration tailor can let out the body slightly for a good drape over my shoulder and chest but have not had the time to stop by a shop.
Price drop
Price drop
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