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Wish the spatial blue was darker. Is it Styleforum's choice or the collaborator choice to highlight key season items? What is the approach like?
Maybe I don't understand but this is what I received in my email last week:
There's so much I want to buy right now but I am really holding off until I see everything is available from each store I like to visit online. It is unfortunate that some stores are able to up their buys earlier than others during the start of the season. If I miss out on something because i end up waiting I'll just assume it was not meant to be. Usually it is the case because I don't think too much about it. There's rarely something at the start of the season I must get...
I hope there are more colors than just blue and green.. After looking at so many webshops I think SNS with the melange colors is always best. Cheap fisherman full zip in size medium http://www.endclothing.com/us/s-n-s-herning-fisherman-jacket-175-jkt-u2002.html This is something on my list and in my size but I cannot get myself to commit.. No duties to the US for orders under $800
If you are a size medium there is a good selection left for cheap: http://www.endclothing.com/us/sale/knitwear?brand=244994&dir=asc There is no more duties I believe for orders under $800 to the US.
Yeah just buy and return instead. I am sure it makes it easier for Greg and co.
Payment on death/transfer on death
Just curious but how did you work around the lack of POD or am I reading old information? I remember you talked about the subaccounts before and was reminded just now to open an account because of that neat feature. (Is 360 the only savings to offer that? I need to check with Chase.) But the lack of a POD or essentially a TOD is perplexing; I do not have a trust..
Does that same sentiment go for things you needed vs wanted?
^ Yes maybe a shade lighter and has more of a brown hue @malcb33 the Uniqlo x Lemaire supima mesh crew neck is thick for spring and summer IMO. Still lighter than your typical fall and winter sweater but no way as light as the Lemaire. The open weave should help with the knit breathe while wearing it I assume.
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