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^it was by request, which SP was taking. Sorry it wasn't clear =\ BTW, who ordered one of those Maxi stoles? It crossed my mind but I wouldn't do it justice. Looks like pre-orders are closed now and the wait begins! In the meantime, SS15 should be arriving soon.
In my case that is true
What about PC?
@N E B I think it can be agreed upon that Lemaire's general silhouette is relaxed. I prefer my knits to be close fitting though I have contemplated perhaps sticking to the whole theme. But ultimately, it is how the wearer decides what is comfortable. Having sized down, there is still room width wise and I wear my trousers on my hips, so, length is not a problem. Lemaire's pants are cut with a generous front rise, too, so it helps. I agree the shetland wool looks nice...
@OccultaVexillum I wear a 50 in the straight pant FWIW (after getting the waist taken in). Like I said, you should get the 52 and take in the waist as needed. I am sure you can get by with a 50, too, but do you like it fitted or relax but still slim? I prefer the latter. Pleated trousers I go TTS with a 48 but I still need to take in the waist. (RE: Pants, 16.5" +/- waist measured across fits me best with at most 17" across if I gain weight....) Tops I size down 1 to...
@abamThe Single Pleat Pant are nice. Slim silhouette with a comfortable I imagine. A good press will give you a nice straight line.Personally I prefer forward facing pleats.The Verdigris Single Pleat Pant on M&S is a nice color, muddy green.. [[SPOILER]] Lemaire doesn't make the forward pleats every season. I am glad to see him bringing back the Straight Pant for FW15. If you want a slim fitting, tapered trouser, I'd suggest picking them up. [[SPOILER]] There is also the...
Did anyone happen to order both yak-wool and Shetland wool knit sweaters this past season and notice a difference in fit?
Joseph & Ian @ Suspension Point are superb.Also, [[SPOILER]] So glad I keep tags..
I am curious why there are not more cardigans
^ left work yeaterday at 8 thinking the day is finally over only to discover my car battery died. It was pouring and I was hungry. After a failed battery charge, hitting my head twice b/c the Lemaire parka hoodie is so big and I couldn't see my way, I got home around 10. Good old cables never fail..
New Posts  All Forums: