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I have majority 8 cm ties or below. One 8.5 cm tie I think. Is 9 cm tie too wide for a 38 jacket? I'm sometimes a 40 depending on how slim the cut is.
I'm on a Tom Cruise marathon as of late after seeing Oblivion and Edge of Tomorrow... Saw MI and need to watch II, III, IV and V. Just finished Vanilla Sky since it was on Baidu...I think I saw bits and pieces of it before and only realized it at the very end scenes. A real trip, and sad. I dated a girl briefly with very similar features as Penelope Cruz, and the sequence of events that occurred in the movie brought on feelings. I always enjoy sci-fi thriller films. * *...
I guess I want a really "city" look versus "country" I have thought about Chelsea boots but am always afraid of the elastic gore overstretching. I already have a pair of brown suede Loake Kempton chukka shoes. I feel they are too country. After some orders come in I'll focus more on my fall-winter shoe. FWIW it still gets pretty wet when it starts raining here. No snow, which is a relief.
I want to buy some shit that fits me (maybe i'll edit my post later)
If you're skinny
I just tried that. It doesn't work?? lol
lol. i have not squat in several months now (to fit into pants )* * *I want some fall-winter boots that can take the weather here in CA come late Oct and for the rest of the year. I already have two pairs of Carmina, so, want to try something different. I was considering Meermin but I don't want to go through the hassle of making a return again if the fit is not right.I don't want MTO.And I want to stay away from anything that may resemble a "work boot."I want something...
the AE Leeds model is a nice derby shoe
It should stretch enough to a compare a shirt and light knit during colder months. Can't wait to put mine back on in a couple of months. But I mightive grown too big for it :/
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