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@mossrockss Just curious, did you size up on the knit or went TTS? I've been wearing mine with a t-shirt or by itself. Thought about a button down (or Lupo) but it already fits pretty well.
Inis Meain pre-orders for SS17?
Jack Reacher 2 was so disappointing compared to the first movie. The villain was just a douche, NBD. Cobie Smulders though :clap: Arrival was good in that it was different than your typical shoot and kill Alien movie. Some parts reminded me of Inception. Not a movie I'd think about rewatching.
I figured as much. I think I'm still triggered after returning something that cost $60 to ship back or something of that absurdity. The stores I checkout seem to dwindle each year. I also think the email title is stupid.
Everything from what I've tried is cut fuller but not anti-fit. I don't even know what anti-fit means in fashion. Lemaire to me is tailored garments with a fuller fit and helps accentuate length together with volume. So for those still stuck with the slim fit or SLP look, it will be a transition definitely. Best UU garment from last season is the sweatpants. This flew under the radar I feel but really captures the tailored and full cut pants. Hidden drawstrings, zipper...
Why is EndClothing sending me a blank email that is titled, "Are you neutral minded..." ??? Omg I'm so tired of this shit.
Thanks but need 34s
Sarah-Linh so shy
Anyone know if those mid wash jeans still available in 32 anywhere?
You should not be using credit unless you can cover it in a timely manner. Looking at how far you are extending yourself it becomes more of a question of how irresponsible can you be?Stop buying. Payoff that debt (6 months is not a long time). Get your head straight for grad school.Congrats.
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