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@wigglr that's nice, what shirt is that?
Thanks for all the suggestions, appears Coachman carries the shirt.Did you happen to take the same size as your Kamakura shirts? I wear a Tokyo Slim fit in 39-87 and was suggested a size 39 in the shirt. Does Eidos shirt fit slimmer (I would like to avoid a skin tight fit)? What about this one in particular?
Anyone know where I can still find this shirt in a size 39-87 cm? I've only seen a chambray shirt like this done by Eidos that has caught my attention. If someone has suggestions for alternatives feel free to PM. TIA Bloomingdales - Eidos Washed Japanese Denim I am after this particular shade as a pairs well with cream colors.
Thanks! Forgot to mention size in my message, order is finalized.
For the Eidos fans here, did you take the same size in the NMWA style flat front pants and Sal? I am finalizing my pre-order and would like to consider some feedback.
The leather blouson in calf is soooooo nice. Loved everything about it the first time I picked it up. So happy I was able to find in the right size for me.
What is the difference in length for medium rise vs high rise for Eidos pants? (I prefer at least 11" front rise and not sure which ballpark that would fall in, 10.5" is manageable.) So, I saw the chart. How much higher is the Lorenzo cut? Edit: Anyone have the Lorenzo pants can comment on fit?
That CPH is really cool looking when everything is in place.
Thanks for the mention, Razl! Anyone who is interested can mention this thread for 10% off listed price.
Trousers I think
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