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i'm pretty fat and doesn't Harnden fit small? it looks nice fwiw. i like how it looks open with the wider lapel draped and open quarters. ^typo jet
Dropped by Uniqlo I was contemplating picking up another pair of their slim fit color jeans. Off white color is nice. Dark denim is cool too if you need a softer jean to lounge in. Fortunately, the odd sizes fit just right for me. Now I am thinking about it should have picked up some tees as fillers in my closet. Everything else was pretty plain. Polo shirts basically filled up 90% of the store. The technical pants were kind of cool and I think fits a certain vibe of...
never been on the 4th is what i meant but last time i was there it was pretty nice climate granted i only walked from my friends driveway to my car, or was smoking a cigar in his backyard, so, that kept me cozy thanks guys scarf maybe an overkill for me and i'll be intoxicated so i'll be nice and toasty inside. will wear new CL jacket
What should I be wearing Friday and Saturday this weekend in south SF? Never been I was thinking linen mini-check flannel type shirt with tee and tank layers with denim and guidi boots. Will I be comfy? I will be lounging, drinking and eating a lot. Fireworks maybe
If yiu decide to sell harden lmk thanks!
Curious whether there are more photos of the hats floating around
How do you guys cope with the knee bulge? I don't think that particular cut suits your legs, Teger. The taper knee down is too prominent by the way it's draping granted after 100 wears it may settle down Anyways, I'd be curious from a more trained eye why denim does that. I think it's the particular cut of the jean.
the guy on the left has a smug on his face worthy of a face punch i think its his haircut/hairdo
i am partial to 8 and 19 #12 has me giddy a jumpsuit is underway
is the Bloomingdales in SF still having sales on Eidos? nvm
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