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Any incoming lightweight knits or sweaters and cardigans in general?
Blending right in
Probably not, just in my head that I am associating the pattern to a very specific look, which I do not wear. At most I would probably buy something like a Aran cable knit sweater (Inis Meain had one actually this past SS in light weight cotton I believe, "beach sweater") in the typical off white or cream but even then I'd feel like I opened too many J. Crew emails or look through a lot of Land's End catalogs. I had two great knits with similar motifs from Patrik Ervell...
I'm not the biggest fan of Aran nowadays. It's just not versatile enough for year round wear given the pattern lends itself more to the FW months
@gdl203 Do you know which Inis Meain dieworkwear referring to in the post above?? Sounds interesting...
Oh okay. Thx
@Synthese The Armoury looks nice: https://thearmoury.com/catalogs/shop/casual/knitwear/the-armoury-lambswool-shawl-collar-cardigan-dark-brown/the-armoury-lambswool-shawl-collar-cardigan-navy I am sure @dieworkwear can provide more suggestions. I haven't seen a shawl collar from a SW&D designer brand lately, maybe I am not looking hard enough. I personally like what the CM side of brands have to offer in this specific category and as @gdl203 suggested. The S&C "Victoria"...
^I know that feeling. I should of jumped on a few things from Lemaire while on sale, too. alas
Appears like some Vass restocks fyi
Dope. Do want
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