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new spring DB jacket is cool
^Yes that is what I was told during my last visit. I can imagine it maybe out of your way but it is worth dropping by the shop and speaking in person on what you like to have done.
[[SPOILER]] I shared this with another member, and in case if anyone else was interested:Borrowing from NMWA affiliate banner, this is similar to the blue:edit:Model 2403, article 42775/2, fabric is from Drago Lanificio in Biella
And without overlooking the fact that Kmart actually has scoop neck tees, which looks nice, not too exaggerated. Perhaps the US will catch on.. NVM, wth G'night
MIHARAYASUHIRO2 light 100% wool pants (Faux tux pants, drawstring at the waist, zip fly closure, unlined)1 medium [weight] 100% wool pants (Dark gray wool pants, button front and zip fly, belt loops, lined)I'll grab some measures if there are enough interest.Tagged size 50 but has been altered in the waist to fit closer to a 48. The inseam has also been shortened.I've posted photos of them worn before. See pics below.Great pants, great fabrics. Nice details.One pair was...
Are these really 1k http://rsvpgallery.com/men/raf-simons-carry-over-velcro-sneaker-black LOL fuck
Looks like Alien
I'd be interested when and where you find some.
I get rid of pants pretty regularly. Just picked up three new pair of pants from the tailor today, and will be donating three older pairs. I want to say only 1 out of 3 of the pants came out perfect. I'm already feeling an itch to replace the two sub par pairs. Constantly experimenting, wanting to get that exact inseam length dialed has been the holy grail of my sartorial journey.
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