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Been using Paula's Choice BHA 2% liquid for 4+ years and I feel it definitely made a difference with my skin. If you get red spots or small blemishes and want to control it quick, I think PC does a really good job. Sometimes a spot on my face will get itchy (allergies?) and I usually apply PC right away and it is soothing, plus, helps with the redness. Did you guys try using the Cosdna search for your products? Find anything new? Sometimes the claim of "all natural" can...
What a bunch of goofs
^uniqlo also makes off white slim fit denim in thin cotton that i like. http://www.uniqlo.com/us/men/bottoms/jeans/slim-fit-color/men-slim-fit-color-jeans-087455.html#01
Yeah I just tried them on again, so lovely. Just need to nip the waist and shorten leg (I'm sorry ) For anyone who has a pair of Lemaire trousers, you'll notice that he inverts the hem cuff for what seems to be additional fabric to allow for adjustment to the inseam (pretty smart). On the other hand, I almost ripped the pants after pulling on the left leg and my foot got caught on the cuff. Luckily it just ripped the stitching holding the cuff inside and no real damage...
if you fit a 38 (tagged size 2) there is 1 more pair on Yoox (USA) ... due to the pleats it should be more accomodating. I have to take in the waist in my size 3. I can probably swing the size 2, but I'm afraid the taper below the seat would be too severe for me (size 3 will be approx. 19cm after shortening the inseam) edit: FWIW the pair on Yoox is slightly different. Double pleats, which sweep inward rather than outward.
Christophe Lemaire SS13
regarding light weight, loose, and white (haze grey) trousers and surprisingly not linen but a soft cotton, i have it i.e.
It did not quite fit into my typical rotation though in hindsight I should have kept for lounging around at home during fall-winter. Like I said, I'd reorder if MTO was still available I ended up selling on the buy&sell marketplace
@the shah nice polo
@Christopher Essex It was a MTO 6A Inverallan shawl cardigan (made into a long robe) I wish I can reorder... it was great.
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