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I know it probably takes a lot of time to get each photo setup, but I think it does a great service in showcasing your ware, NMWA team. I'm sure you can hire some interns to help out or something?
Everyone kept saying leathers past couple years fit large, or was I reading it wrong? ugh can't decide sort of my grail
Then, has the stooges in the last 2 to 3 years fit large or small?
Are most people the same size in their Rick Owens Intarsia and Stooges?
I wish one day I can go on a vacation, nice private hotel, a beach side, read the books I want to read. Drink the drinks I want to drink as slow as possible. Go to a open, local concert (jazz or the likes). Anywhere void of insects. Mild weather. Somewhere I can travel by foot or bicycle. And I do not need to carry a backpack around all day (maybe a tote or sorts at most). Some place where I can basically do nothing and everything I want.
I'd be down for that Jodhpur boot ... Will be in time for fall-winter (January to April)?
All my co-worker can talk about is BABA sigh
Some of them did not die but severely damaged hindering them unable to get back up. I think their bodily tissue at this time is soft enough for a strong hose to break up the matter. Other than that a bit of a snooze.
^thanks! Out of my size though. That is unfortunate.
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