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I tend to not change phones that often since I have the mentality that if it ain't broke, why bother changing it.    We'll see in the next few days how impressive the 6 is and whether it is worth the upgrade. 
Yes I have thought about that and how other professionals and clients would perceive me.    sigh   Really I just want a clean cut, cannot stand when the sides are too long. 
oh i get it   frozen waves? 
SSDD Eleventy jacket - green Kamakura ocbd - blue Uniqlo trouser - gray Carmina oxford - brown Ty subway for the spot
I was more curious how to ask for it at a barber and what one can expect if never rocking the type of hairdo before.    I can Google for some images but I'm not even sure whether I am looking at the correct hairdo type.   Generally, I do prefer a shaved side with longer top. I ended up getting a 2 on the side and faded higher up. I may go with a 2.5 or 3 next time because my face is already long enough and I feel the shorter side exaggerate this. 
What other drops can we expect aside from the SS frenzy? 
Anyone have experience with RO iphone sleeves? How do they hold up? Where can I get one for iphone 5 besides Yoox?
[@]LA Guy[/@] mentioned in another thread that EG makes a tapered cargo pants. Which model is this?   I am looking for a roomy seat with a heavier taper. 
The cargos I tried from Givenchy was a bit slim. I like the idea of a roomier seat with an aggressive taper. Can this be accomplished with any comfortable fitting cargo pants, and just get the knee down slimmed? 
boomarked   don't fail us again, Mr. Steel
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