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@Mulan No, the one I picked up was from Mr. Porter. Very sheer fabric. @Bam!ChairDance I have thought about Luxire.. we will see. Jacket arrived and I have my first Lemaire suit in flannel wool, color is verdigris. It is from FW12. Cut of the jacket is quite trim. I wish it had a little more volume similar to current season. Sized TTS, so, this would be a 38 or tagged size 3. It is one button, concealed single button cuff, and single back vent. Very high armholes...
When guys say certain wool makes them itch does that also entail breaking out in rashes? Just tried on a new wool flannel jacket and my body started itching. Had red spots all over my body. It subsided quickly but I'm still tingling. Is this an allergy or the garment needs to be cleaned? Brand new fyi... I experienced this fairly recently with wool lately. Before I had no problems.
my brother reads reddit i don;t know hwo to feel
Nah, too fat
You guys telling me you never went roaming in a MMORPG trying to find better loot?
Lizard boots are beautiful.
Speak for yourself
Curious if anyone has experience wearing Lemaire dress shirts and tees (specifically the white tops); I found the one shirt I had ordered too thin. I really like the shape and the collar. There's still some tops available on La Garconne and a few others but I can't tell for sure weather it is too thin to wear on its own. Looking forward to FW15 as there seems to be some thicker fabric white dress shirts.
i don't think you should have shrank it like you did. somewhere somebody who is a size 38 must be mad
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