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Stop being lazy. That is such a lazy look.
What's the call on it? You guys like the fit?
Very interesting Are there stories told several months or years later from inception of idea to execution and management? Would be interesting to see what comes about Alfred. I do not think the idea is anything new. Presented in the right way it can sure grab a lot of attention. It is certainly refreshing and brings a different view to such services like in-home care. And if you think about other parts of the world, such services are quite normal like in Macau. (This...
I don't think those pants are meant to be worn much more than lounging or taking a walk, making a drive out to go hangout. Looks like sweats to me and another take on the luxe loungewear. Loafers or even minimal slip ons would fair better, the paraboots or sanders you recently wore in WAYWT would look out of place. SS pants are also quite slim to begin with you need a low profile shoe IMO to really balance out the silhouette and again not draw your eyes down.
www.Matchesfashion.com picked up Lemaire loafers for FW16 and they are tone of the most simplest loafers around. The leather is not buffed to death. Buy, add rubber sole, and wear it to death.You can also check out the Eidos thread here in the forums and I think for FW16 collection there were talks about the models slippers. Research into that.I am not at home but I remember bookmarking a discussion in one of the SW&D thread where I and I think @dieworkwear discussed other...
Nice! Success story here.
Oh man These pants
I would pickup some loafers, slippers. No sneakers
If you really want to talk about fashion, go browse the CM side of the forum and talk about menswear, how military and sports shaped and inspired designers. Then, to get them engaged critique each interviewers dress and suggest what they can improve.It will be a live WAYWT and you can name drop some local affiliates to provide them a takeaway. It would be they who may even send you a thank you card after the meeting. Win!
Wouldn't it be easier to pick something you hate with a passion? I imagine you can go on and on for more than 45 minutes.
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