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that emerald And a bunch of stuff for the family
What happened to that collar?!
Anyone give these a try? http://www.kamakurashirts.net/shop/g/gWF104510S/# Please share thoughts on fit and shrink after wash.
Finally got around to watching this, wow!FWIW I also enjoyed Prisoners but found Sicario much more enjoyable. The pace felt a lot quicker in the latter movie even though the action scenes were supposedly slowed down for more of an impact.
I have an unused still with tags navy Filson briefcase and curious if anyone here would be up for trade. I'm more interested in a zip tote, olive or navy. Gone
I went ahead and ordered the KeepCup in 12oz, cork banded.Is it travel friendly? Seems to fit in the seat cup holder of the car just fine.We're not heavier drinkers of coffee in the family, so, it does not need to keep warm for a long amount of time. Just enough to finish 1 cup in the morning/afternoon.I like the fact that I can just wash it and reuse like any cup I would use at home.Wish it had a handle though, so, hopefully the cork band is sturdy for holding with one...
This is a beautiful coat https://www.openingceremony.us/products.asp?menuid=1&designerid=161&productid=148027&sproductid=148028&color=ORANGE/NAVY&size=5/M My favorite print from SS I've seen in awhile. Tempted to pick up the size 6 (seems to fit small in the shoulders). I recall wearing a size 5 three seasons ago in the hooded coat. Anyone try this on?
[[SPOILER]] Athleisure...(10)
Is there a brand in this space that really stands out from the rest? What's the difference between the guy buying Nike leggings versus picking up a pair Uniqlo heattech long johns apart from the "technical fabric"? We are talking about aesthetics more so than utility here and TBH all look same to me. With the exception of you being unfit because athleisure more than anything emphasizes the physique. I find it bit of a "lazy trend" where it becomes less about the clothes...
New Posts  All Forums: