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I am a size 40.5 in the F last Yeah I am looking for a pair like that style.
@JackoDo 48 should do I am between 48 and 50. Wore it out yesterday evening, light and breezy. It could be lighter but then the fabric would be too sheer I think. Shape holds up well it seems.
@stevent Those are cool, I was considering a little more sleeker last like the F. Also, in plain calf leather. I thought these were really nice but obviously not the same type of shoe. Still looks very sleek and simple despite the design.
Anyone have good examples of bluchers by Vass? Considering a makeup in black.
SS16 bomber jacket with the ribbed neck is great. Sized up to a 40 from my usual size 38 top. I once had a Patrik Ervell bomber jacket, then, Siki Im. I finally have my replacement. The straight leg jeans fit TTS. I can put up some measurements later but I will need a size 48 after just eye balling the size 46 I received. Yeah, the bomber is at a pretty good price at places right now. The green is beautiful. Fabric reminds me of an old Engineered Garments jacket that had...
http://www.thecorner.com/us 60% off now
The story will go that CLE will finally win their championship and Lebron vs GSW will be 1-1 in the back to back finals. Another blip in NBA history that we will hear about in 20 some years down the road.
Camoshita is a good one Umit is cool but fits never worked for me...sizing seemed 2x tagged size but it may also be dependent on the season. Lucio Vanotti is too simple from what I have seen and the fabrics do not appear great.
But no one notices the texture. The slip-ons are great
Maybe Eidos Napoli
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