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1 of each pls
Not yet but maybe this fall.. Got a gray/green and brown tweed.
@Andys89 If you take a look at ThaiToast's post, he is wearing one pleat trouser I believe and a size 44. Perhaps it will give you more of a reference point in terms of fit and whether sizing down for you is a good idea. I would stay TTS and if you cannot find a pair in 46, try a 48 and have the waist taken in. I looked at my pants and the waist only has about 1.5" at most for letting out (maybe even less because you want to leave extra material for the seam to fold...
Thanks! I like those, how to get a pair to the US? And how do they fit?
@ThaiToast Nice pents, what shoes are those?
^cool, and enjoy the games
Cuban is a smart guy.
Anyone have photos of the FW14 brown lambswool tweed suit worn on the runway or modeled anywhere else online? The single and double breasted jacket feels quite large in the body, the latter slightly more roomier due to the pattern. Curious if this is intentional or I should have the chest and waist taken in.
FWIW Sarah-Linh answered my very first email but that was probably before she became even more involved with Lemaire's work (this was back in January 2014). She was very helpful; if you guys ever in Paris, visit the shop.
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