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If it comes it will come. I wouldn't rush promotions like these.
Are Birkenstock fairly supportive? My mom is developing plantar fasciitis I think and I believe it's because of her years of not replacing old shoes and not understanding the need for proper arch support.
Find forward facing pleated pants or do what I did and stop lifting
Inspired by ^ Lemaire soft wool jacket (knit)
Thanks, I don't need the pants but I wouldn't mind 3 pairs in size 33
So who will offer a friendly proxy for the Uniqlo U wool pants?
Uniqlo U pants on sale already... What a joke!
You might want to check out James Grose and the MTO option with No Man Walks Alone. I would consider it but 2 leathers is enough to fill my closet.
Attachment is nice (nicer than the old RO I had). But might be too basic for you. I picked this up in deer and I am glad I kept it. Works nicely with my basic white tee, jeans and sneakers. @SuspensionPoint Thanks!
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