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On the topic of QC, I want to share with you all that after 1+ year of wear about once or twice a week in rotation, my oxfords are now squeaking... More specifically the left shoe when I make a step. I am more annoyed than surprised. The shoes lasted this long without a problem. And probably one of my favorites on the Hiro last. The sound, I finally know it. Never experienced any squeaking in footwear before until today.
That moment when your shoes start squeaking. I know it now Left shoe when I step...wow this is annoying. A pair of Meermin shoes FWIW and never any issues before.
My next shoe must be a pair of Vass...they all look so beautiful. Good luck with your purchase!
Bit of an inspiration with my own interpretation (still looking for that black leather...) [[SPOILER]] Anyway to alleviate the grainy photos taken by a iPhone?
I wonder if people who wear their leather footwear sockless experience cracking.
[[SPOILER]] what are the chances of snagging a pair online? never done this before
Jaden SmithG.O.A.T [[SPOILER]]
You're asking the wrong crowd. Perhaps repost on SZ
Give it to him for Christmas. I bet you'll feel happier.
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