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A Filson zipper tote has been my go to. (Get a laptop sleeve and through everything in said tote.) Nothing complicated here and Filson totes now come in pretty versatile colors. I believe Unionmade has a leather version that is water resistant.
Curious what others ordered for FW17 if you dont mind sharing
Is an Inis Meain pre-order happening in time for SS17 or would it be for FW17?
Moonlight was very good. So much better than Boyhood crap. I wish Doctor Strange was longer, good music score and Cumberbatch and Swinton were great. The ending was smart and fitted perfectly I thought.
Jabari Parker is donezo. Isn't this a second time? Sucks
London Undercover, I actually ordered a collapsible umbrella from Mr. Porter December 2015. It was delivered with defect and felt kind of cheap like not sturdy. A little surprised it has been recommended twice now. YMMV
I was leaning towards collapsible. I mainly need it for emergencies when it happens to be pouring from my office to the parking lot and no rain wear. I did take a look at NMWA, would be nice but out of my price range. I'll take a look at Fox.Ty!
Any good umbrella that is nice looking with equal utility that will not break the bank?
@mossrockss Just curious, did you size up on the knit or went TTS? I've been wearing mine with a t-shirt or by itself. Thought about a button down (or Lupo) but it already fits pretty well.
Inis Meain pre-orders for SS17?
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