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Lemaire store has a 30% discount, ss15sales
New computer finally came in Been playing Fallout Shelter, pretty addicting. My First game on the iPhone
i purposely avoided watching game 6 with the hopes of a game 7. caught the last part of the 3rd and into the 4th. ugh Congrats GSW. Maybe next year, Lebron..
Lemaire five pocket denim is pretty nice. I am in between sizes (I can maybe get by with a 46 in lieu of 48 but I think overall I prefer his more tailored pants). I may just give it another go though. The SS15 spread collar shirt jacket is awesome. Got some linen-cotton straight pants coming in in navy and gray/beige. Pretty excited. Still a handful of things I want to pick up like the patterned shirt. I think SS15 was pretty great overall after seeing various pieces in...
Lil space pipe
Fu look look
Getting wasted !!!! I'm around 16th and and mission Please help lol
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