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Maybe you were looking for this, @coolron? http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php/topic/21758-missed-connections-sufu-edition-no-homo/
Please share your thoughts on that Kamakura and/or photos. Been eyeing that for the whole year thus far.
I was eyeing that. What shorts you think would pair with it? Probably more navy.
I'm heading to Hawaii and trying to put something together. !
Is there a SW&D travel edition thread?
Synthese and Lorcan with some killer outerwear
http://www.fwrd.com/product-attachment-leather-jacket-in-black/ATTA-MO7/?d=Mens&srcType=plpaltimage&list=plp-list-14&list=plp-list-15 Attachment band collar leather in cow < $1000, try code CANDY All sizes available
Thanks for dropping some knowledge. Now I am less hesitant about ordering jackets off Yoox, or at least know how to better spot a 3-roll-2
Which model sunglasses are those?
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