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I'm still pretty into The Division...countless hours sunk. Any games you guys are excited about coming out? No Man Sky keeps popping up.
Post measurements, moss
It is subtle
They cool
Too big, need a 48. Or use it as a nice blanket
better pics of recent leather i also picked up
@wigglr that's nice, what shirt is that?
Thanks for all the suggestions, appears Coachman carries the shirt.Did you happen to take the same size as your Kamakura shirts? I wear a Tokyo Slim fit in 39-87 and was suggested a size 39 in the shirt. Does Eidos shirt fit slimmer (I would like to avoid a skin tight fit)? What about this one in particular?
Anyone know where I can still find this shirt in a size 39-87 cm? I've only seen a chambray shirt like this done by Eidos that has caught my attention. If someone has suggestions for alternatives feel free to PM. TIA Bloomingdales - Eidos Washed Japanese Denim I am after this particular shade as a pairs well with cream colors.
New Posts  All Forums: