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I'm looking for a cologne that would replicate the smell of a deodorant I tried. Despite not really liking the product, the deodorant had a very pleasant smell to me. It was quite unique as I am more accustomed to the citrus and floral type fragrances. And honestly, when I had on the deodorant people noticed the fragrant and really liked it. (I only have two colognes, D&G Light Blue, which I liked after picking up a magazine in the airport and the ad had a sample. The...
Teger that jacket looks great, and I like what you did with that shirt collar.
Any recommendations for a cologne that has similar smell to Aesop's deodorant?
Any recommendations for a hot water brewer? I still boil water on the stove and transfer into a hot water dispenser.
Any recommendations for a Friday night movie? I need something that will take me out of this world (crummy last two days at work )
that's cool. does he still post on isntagram? I actually don't know how to feel about the pho burger. I was watching some videos by eddie haung and about appropriating food. the pho burger in that sense just seems wrong. For some reason I feel better about Drew's pho burger with sticky rice as a bun. it makes it seem like any other substitute to your traditional hamburger bun (like when you go to the counter and they have 6 different bun options).
I did pickup the trousers as well. The designer is Lemaire as you may know; I do have some of his pleated trousers. First designer I was exposed to that did forward facing pleats. It is indeed more elegant looking IMO than your normal pleated pants. ^thanks! I think so, too. I'll post some proper photos if all goes well.
Good to know, thanks @dieworkwear the first photo was more as a reference. Not trying to replicate the look per say so as long as the jacket fits me. I was more curious as to whether the tailor can help with the draping of the jacket because there are some wrinkles most common with RTW jackets. He may very well say the jacket is too small in which case I'll walk out sad face. The jacket is already sized TTS, so, I am crossing my fingers that there is enough fabric to...
I want to revisit this because I plan on visiting soon. I picked up this jacket recently:Flannel wool jacket (part of a suit).The body and shoulders need some work. Is the tailor, Zalton, going to brush me off because it's not a MC type jacket or he is pretty open minded? There are two other guys closer to where I live that I can consult, but I don't mind traveling a bit if the results are great.The drive will be 40 minutes +/-How is parking, never been around Berkeley...
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