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That preview was pretty epic.. I hope they left more to see in the actual movie though.
Bene you're lazy as hell
I really want a leather
If you guys did get a chance to see the pre-order, which KKA do guys like? @dieworkwear Did you see the KKA jackets?
Thanks guys, I read about the issue having to do with your body shape. I'll take that into consideration and ask the alteration tailor to help me out. Great idea, @Mr. Six, thanks for passing it along! FWIW the pants OTR did not have this issue. It was after I had them pressed did it become noticeable. The seams are never aligned after having my pants pressed, so, I should go to a new cleaner.
Could you gents share how you get this accomplished? I literally pointed at the seam and asked that they line up but perhaps that doesn't always get the point across. And I am pretty sure the crease is off center because when I stand straight, bend my knee forward, or sit, both legs sway inwards sort of like wrapping my calves. How much can this be due to a large leg opening (fabric weight) and how much is is it actually a poor job at the cleaner? I finally found some...
Wearing a pair of pants with the crease off center is the most miserable feeling ever. I can't wait to go home and undress myself.
J Lin to the Hornets
^this Will I need to venture out to the flagship store in SF?
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