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Considering it for the PC... I cannot find anything that excites me anymore. RPGs and MMORPGs use to be my thing but I just find it such a life suck nowadays.
There's nothing like upgrading your meal, getting gas and stopping in the convenient store to pickup a 1.5L of SmartWater ($2.89?! Okay...), not worrying about packing lunch because there's a Chipotle 6 mins away, being picky about your meals and eating what you think is healthy for your body, etc. Do you have food allergies? I do and having some extra cash on the side to eat whatever the hell I want has to be one of the best feelings; it is liberating. I'm not really...
Out to dinner, had a chance to take a quick photo: Lemaire | Isaora | Lemaire | Lemaire
I'm game. I'll keep my eyes peeled for the drop.
I was considering a pair since I do not need multiple oxford shoes and want to vary from the derby. I find in particular the cutaway single monk quite elegant. I am fond of Vass' lasts so was curious if they were any samples. Was fascinated with the single monk ever since seeing a pair worn by our old time member Phat Guido during his wedding: I believe this is the Edward Green Oundle model in shell. Very nice IMO
Does NMWA like single monk shoes?
Size 4 should fit you since KKA is slim sized (Japanese brand). Size 4 = L
The new slick back hair is so badass, Really great!
Get loafers/slip on shoes, Bene. I like the shirt and pants.
TBH sounds like people have a hard time budgeting. FWIW I haven't picked up anything for 1+ month but that's because I feel more in tandem when a new season comes around. Pre-orders help a lot, and I feel more at ease with my current wardrobe to avoid buying sporadically as if I have to fill some type of gap. I am actually slowly pairing down the wardrobe but it's not at a rate where if I cannot sell something it's hard for me to pickup something new. I'll also add that...
New Posts  All Forums: