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That moment when your shoes start squeaking. I know it now Left shoe when I step...wow this is annoying. A pair of Meermin shoes FWIW and never any issues before.
My next shoe must be a pair of Vass...they all look so beautiful. Good luck with your purchase!
Bit of an inspiration with my own interpretation (still looking for that black leather...) [[SPOILER]] Anyway to alleviate the grainy photos taken by a iPhone?
I wonder if people who wear their leather footwear sockless experience cracking.
[[SPOILER]] what are the chances of snagging a pair online? never done this before
Jaden SmithG.O.A.T [[SPOILER]]
You're asking the wrong crowd. Perhaps repost on SZ
Give it to him for Christmas. I bet you'll feel happier.
I thought Barena and the like are meant for skinny people, hence, my hestitation to them up. Just seems slim and cropped. Fits fine on NWI as he is tall and lean
New Posts  All Forums: