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I had a Devoa coat once. I think I may have bought if from you. I just wasn't a fan of the collar design. Devoa was cool for me for about a month. KK Attachment is more my speed.
Shirts will be coming in soon if I'm not mistaken but another questionnaire will be out in January after you had time to wear and wash the shirt.
To me it always reminds me of Aliens especially when the face is all blurred. I think of the movie Prometheus or the like:
Size 6Brand new with tag. A little big on me when tried on.Will trade for a size 5.Beautiful colors for this time of the year, subtle check design at the front.100% woolPhoto of me trying it on. [[SPOILER]]
[[SPOILER]] Where you get it?I have to look through my bookmarks again for stores. I can only think of Mr.Porter at the moment.
Are they like a carrot fit? What size? What is the taper like? PM me if you'd like
[[SPOILER]] This is very unflattering. You don't think it looks the slightest odd where your pants are accentuating the big thighs and chicken legs from knee down?The first thing you need to do is donate all your skinny jeans and skinny pants. You should consider pants with at least a 19cm taper. Next, as someone suggested you should consider high rise bottoms. Start with something like 11" front rise and adjust up from there. You should be able to get a comfortable seat...
If it comes it will come. I wouldn't rush promotions like these.
Are Birkenstock fairly supportive? My mom is developing plantar fasciitis I think and I believe it's because of her years of not replacing old shoes and not understanding the need for proper arch support.
Find forward facing pleated pants or do what I did and stop lifting
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