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Seems like a lot of people like it Schwab here too. But I've been looking at the Vanguard index funds a lot lately, expense ratios seems much lower. I was reading about costs with purchasing another family of funds if using different platforms. I'm pretty passive though so maybe I can sort this out (IRA money). I also moved $100 to Robinhood so I can get ready to buy my first AAPL share. That would make it 3 total shares from 3 separate companies. Best purchase so far...
I hope I don't miss this dip. I need to get an IRA or Roth setup quick. In your guys experience which provider was the quickest in setup online? I was highly considering Vanguard. I tried this afternoon to log-in and go through the password reset as well but the system was down?! * * * I moved some money in the 401(k) Monday into all cash, entered an exchange to be executed today to buy into the market a little (5 to 10% allocations into the S&P index as well as...
http://www.styleforum.net/t/210236/do-cedar-blocks-hangers-work-for-mothsFwiw I found a pest in my closet today. First time so kind of paranoid. You know when I first read your post I was thinking that everything is going to deteriorate anyways. I have some very old cedar blocks and pouches. Probably time to replace, and launder some of my knits and coats. I found that SF tread in a Amazon rating comment while searching for new cedar blocks of all places. It's a bit...
^They did, just don't be shy about asking.
I've done it twice, just reconfirm 100x and check the shipping address. It's usually a business address and depending on the forward mailing service Google may bring up the actual business website upon address search. If it's legitimate the buyer usually don't fuss. I always judge by how the conversation takes place.
Relax, it was a joke. If you really want to make such a big deal out of this you both live in SF, meet outside Uniqlo. If you have questions about your CC, call or research online first so you know what to ask. After several phone calls you should have a better idea, some reps are more knowledgeable than others. * * * Now let's keep this thread back on track. That recent post with the Islay sale is pretty nice. Is the toe box really as round or is there some taper?
White shirt only
Thanks for the heads up, guys! I sent them an email to confirm before ordering. If my size is still available in the morning I'll pick it up. FarFetch is pretty good about responding to inquiries.
Do you happen to know what the letter sizing is to numbers? I assume large = 5?
Is NMWA planning on restocking this pair of Vass? http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/footwear/shoes/galosh-oxford-captoe-black-calf.html If I take a 40.5 in the Norweger will a 41 be too big?
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