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I tried on the carrot fit before. IMO I believe he has 2 fits: Carrot fit and straight fit. And the only difference is in the taper of the leg. I imagine the seat is the same for both cuts. Personally I'd prefer the straight fit that is available this season. I think there is white, black, and navy. Straight fit seems more proportional and I think the carrot fit would work better with a lighter fabric.
Yes It is the spring jacket for me. More akin to what I'd prefer as a bomber/flight jacket.
It 's up to how you want to wear it. Length should be fine but you can cuff the sleeves. It's a beautiful fabric so well worth it still IMO. If anything it'll make a fabulous blanket of sorts.
He emailed Wooster to trade me and got no reply
It's look fine IMO if you were at least 6 feet tall
Who here actually has a Kaftan in Owl? Just curious. Do you wear it all the time?
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