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thanks for the suggestion! i was aiming for more city than country if that makes any sense. good eye regarding the filter i.e. desaturate the photo. really helps visualize better how the colors look unbalanced when considering head-to-toe. i don't have a dark shirt but will try a dark gray layered tank top instead next time.
@Caveat I can perhaps size down one but they are pretty comfortable as is. I havent washed these yet so will just shrink dry. Curved him tee are hard to find IMO and I'd like to buy in bulk...I've tried the open shirt look a few times now and I think it looks nicer with another jacket layered on top. If I wear it alone with a tee underneath I'll just button up. Thanks for your suggestions!
[[SPOILER]] Hey StyleForum! how can I improve this fit? Should I button the shirt?The shirt is Massimo Alba in 100% linenT-shirt (u-neck) is Muji (cotton I think)Jeans are Levi's (Needle cut)Boots are Guidi in reverse horse, grayThanks!
@Drinkwaters Can I special order any hats?
I'm pretty wrecked from all the cheap wine and beer. Not looking forwards to this evening lol... Stomach is turning Head is fine tho, I just knocked out last night. Happy Friday everyone!
anyone kknow a quick fix for a headache omg
tbh i don't know who's trolling who nowadays,i love everyone. on the other hand, i think i invest too much of my personal time on this forum i kind of just browse nowadays and +1 posts i find funny or that i agree withtoo many sub-topics spring up and i kind of want to call people out but at the same time don't carenough to do so. the forum moves too fast...the latest topic in RFT i thoroughly enjoyed, i believe it was started by Shah regarding Christophe Lemaire and...
hehehe lol
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