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I like Sumotech, but I feel like it damages my hair even more than say Layrite, which is water based/soluable.Stopped using Sumotech since my last jar ran out. Been using Layrite but in small portions and when hair is wet. I find that wet hair helps blend the product more and spread it in my hair (only for long hair IMO, short hair I would dry or leave damp, then, apply product). Works nicely. And I also find Layrite a lot more pliable whereas Sumotech sort of fuzzes. (How...
Bosh is cool. Keeping it real.
Human centipede Barf Omg that vision
^I also thought Jerry Maguire was a little long in hindsight. Thought the movie was about to end but then the movie hit its climax with Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Tom Cruise "We did it!" moments. * * * Just watched the Imitation Game, enjoyed it! I found it quite sad the story of Christopher and Alan. Really curious whether he intentionally tried to bury his emotions at a young age that would eventually linger and drag at his adult life. Was pleasantly surprised to see Keira...
Maybe you're stressed
I've done that a lot with my Lemaire multi-pocket blouson jacket
Jerry Maguire was pretty good That struggle. A tear rolled down my cheek by the time movie ended. "We did it!" Need to continue watching more Tom Cruise movies
That Dries fit is actually the better of the three, and I like how it looks tucked. I do not see the 'wallpaper'. I'd swap out the tee for a lighter color, more "earth tone". Post a fit Caveat!
Maybe I never had good Ramen (maybe like once), but the portion is small and it is too salty. pho4life
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