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Price drop
Price has been corrected.
Price has been corrected.
@OccultaVexillum What size are you? I believe you are a big guy from some of your posts. Buy the wool cashmere trousers on H. Lorenzo website, tagged size 52. That fabric composition just sounds so soft and smooth, and hopefully pretty substantial (thick). edit: Christophe Lemaire pants * * * Should I keep both? I couldn't help myself when the boots went on sale for 50% off...they'll make great 'shit kickers' though the tongue is really, really funny being a thin piece...
^This seems to be the consensus. I did not order chelsea boots but did participate in the GMTO jodphur boot. I was also considering sizing down half due to my experience with boots being a little more forgiving, and that my foot fits extremely odd in shoes IMO. I can let you know once they arrive sometime in the next few months @sacafotos but it maybe too late to get your order in on the lizard chelsea, which I'll add does look gorgeous. (I understand that this wasn't too...
I always thought the SNS Fisherman was awesome, remember seeing @nicelynice wearing one zipped up around the neck under a suit or coat with the collar flaying open. Quite cool and elegant. Never understood the Stark...tempted a few times to pick it up because it does seem like a rather casual and robust knit to wear anytime. But one thing I realized is that every time I got on the SF bandwagon, I ended up never being quite satisfied. On the other hand, all the things I...
Last season there was 2 knits that I was aware of in a yak wool blend. Seems to be a staple material of his. This season he also has lambswool and cashmere. * * * Picked up a pair of pants (the brown tweed fabric with forward facing double pleats). A little disappointed on how they fit OTR. I sized to a 50 before in his slimmer wool trousers. Given that these are pleated, I went TTS with a 48. Still quite roomy knee up. I can certainly get the waist taken in approx 1"...
Is Hiras HK Suiting any good? Was reading through an old colleague email [that I am monitoring for client emails] and surprised to see him signed up for their newsletter. Hiras is having a road show I think, will be held in Santa Clara and SF. Worth going?
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