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The royal oxford just doesn't iron well. I will have to update when I give it a first wear later down the road in terms of spread collar with royal oxford fabric. There maybe too much texture for some who'd otherwise consider a pinpoint for the smoother face. All shirts so far aside from the oxford cloth needs 1 to 3 passing using a steamer to really get most of the superficial wrinkles out IME. It depends how OCD you are... Some thinner fabrics like broadcloth compared...
If I used some cream to clean up and mend a blemish on one of the cap toe but did not condition the other shoe, would this be a cause for concern in terms of varying patina, if at all? Fwiw these oxfords are dark brown and the one layer of cream really helped with the blemish but I cannot tell any significant color difference initially between both shoe.
Didn't realize the conditioner cream was so runny, dribbled =\ yet to clean up the goop, smells kind of nice
Received three jars of GlenKaren today, going to have at it with the dark brown
Did RG ever make those long zip vests in a gray color? Interested.
^Did you pickup those Raf chukka boots?
I have the same tee 'cept it says welcome to your doom It was well received the one time i wore it to Napa
All those black shoes in black is wonderful news!!
You shouldn't be swinging your arms when curling in the first place. It should be a smooth motion where your forearm and wrist somewhat static and tight. You should also be standing with your back straight, chest out, and knees slightly bent. I see some guys at the gym curling DB more than me but their stance is a little hunched and they are swinging theirs arms like they running :/
The oxford cloth is really, really nice, a pleasure to iron at home with a steamer. The royal oxford, broadcloth, dobby, and pinpoint still have superficial creases albeit going over the shirt twice. A bit annoying...For those who take it to the dry cleaner I imagine all your shirts are crisp, ready for next wear. A bit disappointed with the royal oxford spread collar as I thought it would be even nicer than the oxford. FWIW this is all based on post wash, collars are...
New Posts  All Forums: