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Yeah! Look at that fabric move. Good eye to you
Yeah there were some big ticket items for sure. I couldn't help myself but ordered another coat I watched the runway show recorded and now on the Lemaire website. The coat in Look 29 was irresistible to me. Look how it moves! The contrasting grey lining also made it a sure thing. I would've gone for the knits instead but I am weary of Lemaire sizing with his tops. Not quite satisfied with past deliveries. This coming season looks promising. The knit pattern/weave looks...
I c Ty!
Need a list of all the shops carrying the knits tops/jackets
A Filson zipper tote has been my go to. (Get a laptop sleeve and through everything in said tote.) Nothing complicated here and Filson totes now come in pretty versatile colors. I believe Unionmade has a leather version that is water resistant.
Curious what others ordered for FW17 if you dont mind sharing
Is an Inis Meain pre-order happening in time for SS17 or would it be for FW17?
Moonlight was very good. So much better than Boyhood crap. I wish Doctor Strange was longer, good music score and Cumberbatch and Swinton were great. The ending was smart and fitted perfectly I thought.
Jabari Parker is donezo. Isn't this a second time? Sucks
London Undercover, I actually ordered a collapsible umbrella from Mr. Porter December 2015. It was delivered with defect and felt kind of cheap like not sturdy. A little surprised it has been recommended twice now. YMMV
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