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@StanleyVanBuren Have you pretty much got your fit down with Luxire? That 's a nice looking jacket.
If I want to wear the Pinheiro over my shirt and wear a 15.5x34 shirt size, is a small going to be too tight?
I think short sleeves would bother me, so, I decided to order both the black watch and navy directly from the NY store in Vintage Ivy NY medium. Unless the body is enormous I think it will be fine. Thanks again guys. I don't usually throw the shirts in the dryer but may do so the first wash as needed. I can at least try to shrink the shirt a little, cannot add more fabric on anything that is too short/tight. Hopefully that 2% shrinkage has some truth as stated online.
Thanks, Parker! Just placed an order. We will see now.
Not sure why this is always suggested but thank you.Most of these shops are poorly run and if I am having a hard time communicating with the person it's going to end up with a bad result 9 out of 10 times.My hair is also thinning. It is time...
Are the Vintage Ivy shirt sleeve really as short as the measures make it appear and compared to the traditional styles offered (e.g. Tokyo Slim Fit)? Looks like I missed out on the plain navy and only black watch is left..
I did it, I finally shaved my head. I am anticipating the ridicule I will get for about a week at work. Another bad haircut finally tipped the scales and I just buzzed my head, DIY the best I could with what I had to work with. I'll just it keep to myself and feel I am in good company, hey @LA Guy. At least IME when talking about Asian hair I feel like it is such a pain in the ass to maintain. Kudos to those brothers who can get it right. In terms of fashion I always felt...
Another good one. I want to see Tom Hardy play the Joker. (Yes I know he played Bane already.)
You're going to get both, admit it
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