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EG is really nice
I should have got off my ass and visit the SF Bloomingdale to see what I could find Is this the first year that Eidos has been carried in the US/Bloomingdale? I doubt following years will see stock go to such deep discount.
For RTW it'd be too much to fix and MTM is pain in the ass FWIW I think it adds to the casualness of the overall vibe Softer construction may help but that sort of limits your options of the designers you can pick to buy from..
I bet I can still 15-0 them on CS
[[SPOILER]] Eidos?? NMWA needs to hurry with their FW drop ^^
@emptym @jrd617 appreciate the feedback, my trousers have since been tailored with little to no break (maybe a tad too short ) and my cuff is the same width as @in stitches. No taper, yet...so, it may look a bit odd if the inseam appears too short. another topic for another thread! i also swapped out the charcoal trousers for light gray and tried to channel this look (jacket is actually green) sans tie and PS Great look : Fabio Attanasio, the Bespoke Dudes, in a green...
Yeah I am a size 48 and find size II nice fit. I just feel like the slimmer, cropped outerwear pieces can be sized up 1 The first jacket is padded so keep that in mind. I would personally size up on the spring '14 jacket just because it looks pretty slim fitting @pickpackpockpuck Would know more though, and I'm sure he can hook you up if you need that size II
size up 1
@macjedi Thank you for your suggestions! I'll get myself the same items.
what a tease! ugh
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