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that's a good question! should probably ask the professional.
maybe just a little
Email Peir Wu and ask her if she still has some material lying around to fix everything for you.
Yes, now where is my discount code?
Happy bday, Greg! * * * I'm really keen on these...they look lovely and I like the leather choice used. http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/footwear/shoes/cognac-scotch-grain-norweger.html If I am an 8 in the Carmina Rain last, would I be a 41 or 41.5? And will NMWA re-stock the matching Tubo belt?
it's a trap! haha jk jk don't you own a few pairs of baller footwear / boots spacepope? be sure to wear them so IS can finally be convinced to pickup a pair lol
Thanks! I meant the placket gaping. TBH my shirts are not that tight though IMO...OTR from Kamakura slim fit I'll look into your reference.
I enjoyed the recent newsroom dispatch regarding an expanding wardrobe I recently had to repaint the walls of my room and as a result did a full clean up. Now half my room is empty with all my clothes in the closet. Feels nice, and nice to see the other side of the room that was before occupied by a huge external clothes rack. I did want to ask regarding coats, whether anyone had recommendation for a wall mount that can support hangers (1 to 3). I was able to cleanup but...
this is a poor photo but as an example, from the POV of looking down, I tend to notice my tucked shirt protrudes out a bit around the button and placket near the waist band. And when I sit down there is a gap rather than staying flush against your waist/stomach. Natural or an issue with proportions? Sometimes its just as bad when standing.Common sense tells me I just need to go to the men's room and tuck my shirt back in.Perhaps a problem with a loose waist, too....
OH ... I thought it meant the puckering of your shirt at the waist, which now that I think about is more apparent when you sit down and you get sort of a triangle that sticks out a bit. (What is this problem called?) Thanks for the visual, good to know! I don't think my trousers are that short. I probably would not be able to get my legs through, anyways. Lower rise trousers are too slim in the seat.
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