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I played around with the Mini at the store for a little bit. Perfect weight and size without being clumsy. A pen would be perfect to help with studying I think. I love getting a deal and something worthwhile, so, still don't know whether I should bite the bullet now and pickup the 4. I might just wait until after September.
I've been wanting a iPad mini for a long time now. Are there any rumors of a new one that will be "better" than the mini 4? Should I just wait to update my iPhone 5 with a new mini in September?
Did you ever see this around?
Corrected for you.
Chambray is soft IMO. Not stiff unless you want something like virgin wool that just drapes and hangs. I like my SS16 Elasticated Pants in Chambray (Indigo). You can find black pants from Lemaire any day of the week.
I have not really shopped a lot this past season and now when I go check out new drops for FW16 I just get overwhelmed in the new arrivals page of each store. Just rows an columns of clothes. It is just shocking and after a few scrolls of my mouse wheel I feel satiated. Why?
That is great to know and I am generally the same. Do you have any experience with other Eidos trousers? I suspect the Lorenzo style pants can fit TTS due to the forward facing pleats allowing more room in the seat. At least this is my expectation.
I will keep the shirt forever. About the sleeves, I think perhaps some may think the Kamakura shirt sleeve is a bit short, so, it may be that I am use to that length and need to adjust to longer lengths from different labels. Eidos is my first shirt that is not Kamakura..Thank you for putting Coachman on the radar for me. I need to know of more stores!Actually talking with Bryce about some other items
I received my shirt, L/S soft cutaway collar in the Japanese chambray fabric. Initial impressions: Beautiful color Fabric feels soft and thick Collar is high and folds well Sleeves are a bit long for a size 15.5/39 (compared to Kamakura Shirts, 39-87 TSF) Armholes are cut low (compared to Kamakura Shirts) Length is cut shorter compared to Kamakura Shirts I have to review the tag but this is a "sports shirt". Is this meant to be worn more casually untucked or perhaps I...
New Posts  All Forums: