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Like seriously Singapore cannot be the only place that still carries the Uniqlo U Wool Pleated Pants. Did the major cities like NY sell out completely?
Thanks dudes
How have people liked their GI Pique Polo Shirts? Did anyone size down since you most likely are not going to button the collar all the way?
[URL=https://*****************/listings/1233476-Lemaire-Trainers]Lemaire sneakers size 10[/URL] (great trainers IMO, light and not overly complicated design, fits TTS) [URL=https://*****************/listings/1153690-Lemaire-Grey-Wool-Kaftan-Coat-Size-3]Christophe Lemaire Kaftan size 3[/URL] (one of my favorite iterations with no button front closure, this fabric is also insanely nice, complex color)
Filzon zip tote
[[SPOILER]] KKALemaireLevi'sLemaire(Black, pecan, indigo, white)
Which Farnese belt do you guys think best complement the Vass Norweger in cognac without matching the exact same color?
I had a Devoa coat once. I think I may have bought if from you. I just wasn't a fan of the collar design. Devoa was cool for me for about a month. KK Attachment is more my speed.
Shirts will be coming in soon if I'm not mistaken but another questionnaire will be out in January after you had time to wear and wash the shirt.
To me it always reminds me of Aliens especially when the face is all blurred. I think of the movie Prometheus or the like:
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