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In that case, he should send Greg or Kyle an email as measurements are not online, yet. edit: Noodles, I have not tried wearing it over a suit but from my experience it would be quite slim I imagine.
I sized up 1 from 48 to 50
[[SPOILER]] What tie and PS in the stock photo?
Thanks for your input. It definitely looks more brown in person than white as in the stock photo. It is summer weight FWIW but should be good all year in CA if I wear a coat over the jacket during fall-winter.That said, I still don't have a solid navy/blue odd jacket and will keep an eye out for that.
show brad your swoleness lionheart
What do you guys think of this jacket? I was too tired to try it on so a stock photo will due for now...the lapel does roll as a 3-r-2 jacket does. However, due to how the jacket was packaged and shipped, what is a good method to get where the highest button is essentially masked by the lapel roll?(Chest and waist needs to be altered. Shoulder, sleeves, and length are pretty good IMO).Is the pattern versatile?I am relieved that the jacket is a navy, brown, cream color...
That's nice But probably not buying anything Maybe a vest
You associated "lewack" to Lemaire? He got that Ervell on sale, it was cheap, it's a fisherman sweater no fucks given
jet you been to Queen's Bakery in LA? now this particular pastry i did not hold back on. dairy free from my understanding. after trying my first bite, i was hooked and destroyed the box my co-worker's bf brought for her. it was directly from Queen's during his business trip in socal (had to look this up immediately after devouring every last bit). Ask for the "Rice Puff" supposedly off the menu
Hey Kirby, What would you suggest for coats that have a dropped shoulder? Should I still order the same size hanger or size up? I buy the small currently and it fits well on all my jackets and coats, the hanger end hits the shoulder just right. FWIW I just received two more hangers today. Excellent TIA!
New Posts  All Forums: