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timbs look great
Add former season leftover fabrics to the list for group orders, @LA Guy Ty sipang
Remember you pre-ordered the Inis Meain if that is a SS piece I am not a fan of the sleeves FWIW, but i'm really boring.
about dad jackets, maybe i should have picked up this lemaire
I doubt he would change the pattern of his clothes to fit you. It's not MTM and you can forget about bespoke. You can however consider pre-orders and grab larger sizes that stores may not carry. I believe the forum is pushing for such a concept of group pre-orders etc.
Anyone with Kent Wang polo can offer sizing advice on the Lupo polo? FWIW I need to size up to a large in the KW. I am also curious whether laundering is a good idea or just wash and steam? I would like to avoid shrinking the garment.
Brand new, comes with original box and dust bags. Shoe horn also included.
1 pant sold
My heart sank when I heard on the radio Rose made the game winning three Cool of Derrick Rose but sucks for Lebron Bulls have more grit and can grind out this series I think. Cleveland is very glam. Let's see how they respond tomorrow.
Some great last few posts! And I think the suit looks great mossrocks. I think you'd be filled with regret if you end up returning the pants. I believe the fabric is quite rare, and it would be difficult to complete the set.
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