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Yeah I have half a years worth of student loans left to pay off, then, will contribute more aggressively to my retirement plan. I did that the first year when I started working but the return was quite meager compared to the interest rates on my loan. Now that things have turned around a bit, next year should be better in terms of contributing more to my IRA. I'll probably look at diversifying from domestic holdings, too. My boss says its a bad way of going about...
Quick Google Image search says it is the Bee Cardigan but cant be for sureAssholes don't post full pics!
Those Meermin look excellent.. Hiro last?
Beltsss plsss an update?
The return YTD as well as historically doesn't look too great and it has a higher expense ratio. At least that's how I figure. Plus I prefer the larger exposure to domestic markets ie tech
Mr porter already shipped
Shoes, so many shoes... I am grateful for sales, GMTO, and store credits. Ty @Styleforum
Styleforum robot not getting enough thumbs for doing this. And Ty @LA guyBtw
^Really? I got out of it mid year at abut 50.49 albeit I have a meager SIMPLE IRA and it was my only allocation at the time. I took everything out and reallocated to AMCPX.. edit: I actually moved part of it out back in Feb then the remaining in July. Now everything is in AMCPX. Not really sure what I'm doing TBH
On the topic of QC, I want to share with you all that after 1+ year of wear about once or twice a week in rotation, my oxfords are now squeaking... More specifically the left shoe when I make a step. I am more annoyed than surprised. The shoes lasted this long without a problem. And probably one of my favorites on the Hiro last. The sound, I finally know it. Never experienced any squeaking in footwear before until today.
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