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Camoshita is a good one Umit is cool but fits never worked for me...sizing seemed 2x tagged size but it may also be dependent on the season. Lucio Vanotti is too simple from what I have seen and the fabrics do not appear great.
But no one notices the texture. The slip-ons are great
Maybe Eidos Napoli
You can always setup a hypothetical portfolio on WSJ.com for example and test it out first to see how you fair. Alternatively, setup a mutual fund account. Someone else can do the managing of your portfolio.
Check out Kamakura shirts
LOIT through FarFetch
Anyone have a solution to leather rubbing against leather and causing squeaks? The pair of suede oxfords I picked up and posted about earlier creates squeaks around the upper lacing where the tongue is tied down. The suede is rubbing against the leather lining. When I flex my ankle upward the sound is quite noticeable especially when going up stairs. Not so much when I am walking though if I am going at a faster pace it is noticeable. Should I be treating the leather...
I like wool pants as much as the next guy as long as it has a true medium to high rise, but comfortable jeans are hard to beat. I'm hoping Lemaire stays true to his pattern and the straight fit denim has a comfortable seat. It is a bit redundant as I also ordered this seasons denim (chambray) Elasticated Waist pants, too. But lately I've been falling back in love with blue...and Levi's was not cutting it for me. I hate the high standards I put on myself..
I just ordered a pair of the straight fit @OccultaVexillum I forgot to mention the inseam is pretty damn long. Here's to hoping the straight fit is at least 19cm so I can have some big cuffs. I'm really hoping it is wide legged denim..
The new loot in the Division is ridiculously good. It is a race now to get geared up. The Dark Zone is way harder especially if your gear score pushes you into the 201+ bracket. I like the new challenge and makes 4 player teams necessary. Every corner is a group of mobs and the mobs are now more active and will rush you. I always thought this game has a lot of potential. Overwatch though is really drawing a huge crowd. I was pretty excited about the game but I...
New Posts  All Forums: