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^What he said
I enjoyed watching this. Craig Robinson was great in it. After watching the film, then, seeing the RT score was reassuring.
Is Larose the choice for hats nowadays?
Cannot search for Eidos on Barney's web now
Magenta probably the best
@K. Nights They are known to fit big, I just returned a size 43 dusty brown to Coachman Clothiers. Ask for Bryce. I am taking a chance and ordered the last available size 41 in dusty brown direct from CK website. (I usually wear a 42)
The Ajrak is awesome... will wear with more Eidos as well as Lemaire. Was it small for you?Sized on me it is super slouchy, which is perfect.I'll try to throw up a fit pic this weekend.
^guilty What happened to Siki Im? I was thinking about his jackets and started looking through Google. Amazing stuff. Always liked his MJ inspired collection. I remember the amazing wool bomber jackets I had. I started thinking how and why I gravitated to someone like Lemaire that isn't all that different.
Can't wait to get mine this Wednesday! Will probably wear with the belt mostly hanging off in the back...like a open coat. Also, if anyone wants to pickup the chocolate brown Crosshair loafer in size UK7 or the Unlined Drop Crosshair loafer in 43, lmk! Planning on returning to Coachman Clothier as Bryce said there's a 42 in my size!
Lemaire seems to be slimming everything down. Bummer.
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