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Batman voice is cool but sounds too exaggerated. Makes me think there is a device the Bat is actually using as part of the costume, which would make the whole idea more believable and natural to the movie. If it is movie sound effects it would be a little disappointing.
[[SPOILER]] Uniqlo // WoolLemaire // Cotton/CashmereLevi's // Cotton/Polyester/ElastaneLemaire // LeatherThe sweater is boxy and a little longer than usual in the body, fits like a tube. Colors came out darker than IRL, the sweater is suppose to be 'onyx' and the denim is indigo, not black. I felt pretty relaxed for sitting all day..FWIW the jeans do not feel as slim as they look. High rise and roomy seat with taper, but not as a exaggerated carrot fit typical of Lemaire.
get over yourself, Pocahontas
So, how many of you actually have a ticket for the Powerball? I waited too long and probably will not be able to purchase one on time. You snooze, you lose.. I was reading articles yesterday evening and sentiment pointed to a bear market with some teetering on another recession. And Wednesday the 13th!
Boban can play, nice!
For those who have the Portuguese Flannel shirts for some time now, how much did the shirt shrink with wear and wash? I am a typical 38R top and tried on a large. It's comfortable and not overly long though I can cuff the sleeves, otherwise, the cuffs come down to about my knuckles when buttoned. Can I expect this to shrink with wash and dry (low heat) over time or am I better off with a size medium. FWIW I am about a 15.5 neck size. (Size 39 - 87 in Kamakura Tokyo Slim...
@OccultaVexillum I never found that cardigan in particular interesting and I think if I picked it up I'd be too much of a brand whore at that point. It was cool how in some looks it was shown worn wrapped and tucked in, but not for me. Too gimmicky. It seems fairly thin, too. If it was a thicker wool then I think it would work but you have other labels already doing that e.g. Isabel Benenato comes to mind.
My experience with Stephan Schneider is quite limited. I had a coat about 3 seasons ago, found the shoulders to not fit me naturally and felt a little restricted in movement even though it fit well enough in a size V. I like the fabric though, thick wool with a bit of a crisp and scratchy hand. I also had a chance to pickup one of Schneider's scarfs in a wool blend with mohair and I couldn't stand all the shedding. Ended in a return. I am curious if it is unusual to size...
Levi's 522 are nice, too.
I did although I think I would have much preferred the same tweed fabric on the kaftan coat. I tried on the maxi stole in the same fabric FWIW. Although impractical for my everyday wear, it draped beautifully. TheCorner still has it for sale, I think you can pull it off! edit: I think the capes are nice, too. If I didn't already have a parka I'd consider picking one up.
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