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I would like to see the pub jacket again is all. Yes I would like to avoid any QC issues, I already experienced varying fits of same size on the aforementioned knit.
Whoever bought that silk blend trousers (with pull strings) in the blue mix should really consider the jacket then. Would be sweet
Personally I might just need to pay more attention to the Tenero then I was also thinking you can keep the Augusto as is but make it a full suit with separates.
Yeah Barena is more what I had in mind less so Inis Meain. I forget about the different perspectives outside of the forum here so it makes sense with Nick's approach and intent for the Augusto. I hope the new sample with vent detail is pleasing. The biggest draw to me about the Augusto is that it still captures the beautiful curve of the lapel. This seems to be loss on many other makers.
More Inis Meain MTO options
Augusto jackets are great but after trying one on and recalling the conversation about single/double vents, I think you should offer with vent. To add, off the rack I still saw areas where I needed to visit an alteration tailor to get the jacket to fit better (across the upper back). And I just kept thinking: Between a ventless and vented jacket, I feel like a jacket with back vent would still be more versatile Even for casual wear or the style you are imagining,...
Is the Inis Meain linen short sleeve sweater going to be a thing for NMWA?I think @jet can get behind this.
Surprise, S.N.S. not on sale. All things considered you were lucky if something you had an eye on and its page loaded with the sale amount listed. Seems like a lot of it are now just being "disabled" as the administrator is getting the site ready for launch.
Old man style, and step on your foot
So what's popping? Where the sale at?
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