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What is the difference in length for medium rise vs high rise for Eidos pants? (I prefer at least 11" front rise and not sure which ballpark that would fall in, 10.5" is manageable.) So, I saw the chart. How much higher is the Lorenzo cut? Edit: Anyone have the Lorenzo pants can comment on fit?
That CPH is really cool looking when everything is in place.
Thanks for the mention, Razl! Anyone who is interested can mention this thread for 10% off listed price.
Trousers I think
Used but in fair condition, some threads pulling from regular wear. Nothing got snagged.I picked this up from this season but have come to grips that it is a small for me. I have another Pub Jacket from this season in same size that is fitted but loose for the warmer weather.This is a tagged size medium, will fit a 46 top well or slim 48. I am a larger 48 top and find it to be a little short in the sleeves and hugs my shoulders more than I would like for such a knit during...
Some recent purchases: Christophe Lemaire leather jacket (hopefully 36 fits better than 38) MOMA bluchers And pre-order with Suspension Point
It just reminds me of Chinese porcelain
You guys want black derby shoes still? Can we just put together a SW&D group order and contact No Man Walks Alone about a project with Vass?
KD is going to the Warriors, aren't you excited?
How often do you guys wear your leather during the spring and summer in the Bay Area? And when do you generally throughout the year?This was purchased this season. [[SPOILER]]
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