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@DariaW Are you referring to this jacket? http://justoneeye.com/christophelemairenavywoolcaban.html What does your bf usually wear in the outerwear? 46 or 48? Which style outerwear? Caban looks to be TTS. Size 50 would be too big IMO.
Thanks again, @razl! Back up for grabs!
[[SPOILER]] What about Lemaire?Don't really like the way those look.The first has potential.
He was joking
I'm sorry to hear that Really a bummer
All I use is the foam pad. Usually I just flip up the collar and run the steam on both sides. It helps soften and remove wrinkles and creases. Kamakura shirts naturally have a nice roll so that helps. On the hanger my experience is the collar is going to crease a little regardless like at the side or where the point meets the button. (I've been using Ikea hangers for 6+ years now and the shape could probably be curved some more.) Upon wear I just run my fingers along the...
Anyone notice a store that is carrying something a little more unique? Seems like every store has the same buys, and lemaire.fr is not any different. (jeans are sold out already? ) Was hoping for a little more variation among shops.. Still searching for something. I may have to be content with my pre-order. wow, http://www.ateliernewyork.com/ finally a webstore. time to take a look.
I wash and "press" my shirts using a steamer, have been for the past 3+ years now I use a variety of this one here: http://www.amazon.com/Steamfast-SF-407-Fabric-Steamer/dp/B000BQRD0I Thought it died a month ago but got it working again. The steam is even and hot, does a really good job IMO. You're not going to get the finest pressing as done at a professional shop, but the money saved is well worth it. I steam all my Kamakura shirts at home FWIW and I've been asked...
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