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Baxter Smells nice and zero irritation Aesop smells really nice but I don't like how its packaged and it burns a little
A Most Violent Year I enjoyed it much.
lol 0.25" the quarter break
Thank you for the heads up! Thoughts on these shirts? I don't have a striped shirt that does not have equal width stripes, maybe I should start?
^I agree. And we were talking about a suit specifically. We just trying to help out on the OP suit fit. This is not open mic for suggestions on his overall style; stop with this MMM and Saint Laurent suggestion. Those are taking a completely different approach and not conducive. Where is @Synthese? I think he was making a good point. When are you going to wear a suit, Synth? I am ready to be blown away.
Yes I agree completely. Which is also why I believe for those who like the slim look, a wider fitting trouser (think straight leg) would achieve an overall slimmer appearance.
I hope it fits like the multi-pocket jacket
I'll post some photos, my bomber should be arriving early April Time to make the rounds and see what dropped today. edit: FWIW this is the runway photo, not as exaggerated as the model at Matches, which I think looks pretty awful. Wrong size for how tall he is. Definitely hoping Lemaire did not change the silhouette last minute because I really like the easy shape.
[[SPOILER]]I asked a similar question when @The Noodles posted his suit yesterday, questioning the way the pants hang around the shin and ankle. I think it presents a similar case to Synthese's point. I am curious whether Noodles hemmed his pants thereby shortening the inseam would the pant fall much straighter. (My question didn't gain much traction but Noodles did say he was considering tapering and shortening the leg, which I agree with the latter but I think the width...
I don't really like the way the story line is unfolding thus far with several characters exhibiting shell shock now that they're back in "civilization" Sasha, Rick... So many questions unanswered.
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