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is the Bloomingdales in SF still having sales on Eidos? nvm
WEEKEND20 for 20% off this weekend
I am surprised I cannot find a woven white pair. You'd think including beige, neutral and tan that they'd make a white, too =\ Why haven't you worn them out? I think they look fine even with some breezy shorts or light trousers. I'd be more worried about them falling apart
Christophe Lemaire prison slippers did not work out and their shop has no more in stock in my sizeDVNorRiviera [[SPOILER]] orVANSor????
how should i size Guidi slip ons if I am a 43? stay the same size or size down to 42? I plan on going sockless or thin no show socks
^FWIW the shoes are going back. Just too snug. I need a 42. The last (sole) is similar to MMM GATs IMO with the ridges on the outsole, and and stitching at the midsole I picked these up with the additional 30% code and can pass on the deal if anyone is interested. PM me Otherwise, look for them on Yoox size 41. I sent an email to Sarah-Linh and crossing my fingers they still have a pair in the archive or something....
I have tried to email Carson Street many times but no response. And this was 1 to 3 weeks ago... Anyone get a response back?
no loafers yet. white slip on came in. too small for you, size 41. snug on me but okay. should break in nicely...leather lined and leather insole FWIW [[SPOILER]] I think it has a nice shape.
Been using Paula's Choice BHA 2% liquid for 4+ years and I feel it definitely made a difference with my skin. If you get red spots or small blemishes and want to control it quick, I think PC does a really good job. Sometimes a spot on my face will get itchy (allergies?) and I usually apply PC right away and it is soothing, plus, helps with the redness. Did you guys try using the Cosdna search for your products? Find anything new? Sometimes the claim of "all natural" can...
New Posts  All Forums: