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There should be some happy people here tonight
The ads really bother you all that much Lol
what did you pickup? Post pics
AA tri-blend sized up 1. I like how it naturally drapes and holds its shape after many washes
I have 2 Farnese belts picked up from NMWA. Both gently used and comes with all original packaging w/ tag. Brown belt has seen more use than the black. Great belts, but they do not fit me. Would gladly trade for size 90 in same or different color. I prefer to sell them both together and we can work out a better deal for you. Send me a PM w/ additional questions. I'll try to get some photos up soon.
anyone try getting free shipping along with some of the discounts @ hanger project? fwiw the hangers are good
Who is a legit re-seller of the 6's?
All sold out Totally slipped my mind
1 hour [[SPOILER]]
An American Apparel Tri-Blend tee would be cool, in white, black, or even coffeeWhat's up @nicelynice!
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