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@TweedyProf The shirt is pretty amazing though you can probably guess it does not fit as slim as the standard before. The double darts in the back does slim down the shirt, but not by any noticeable margin IME. Yes, the back balloons slightly due to the single pleat but will settle with wear. I actually quite like the new cut with the single back pleat. Collar is improved, though, I have always been a fan of the roll, so, it is not something I notice immediately. It is...
would @fuji hit though?
A nice gray coat is hard to come by Black charcoal is ubiquitous
Keep the gray
I don't have a navy knit and Lemaire made one this season, so... I only look at particular designers when shopping now and disregard everything else. Will have to go through the site for another look.
@TweedyProf the shirt is still in the packaging! Ha Will iron and wear tomorrow with an update
Which knit jet? I got till year end to use my store credit...
That's cool
I'm skeptical of the larger hand of the 6, but maybe because I use a case on my 5 and feel a bit clumsy using it with one hand. I think that's the only thing I worry about, the ergonomics. For those who do not use a case for their current iPhone, what's the damage if any? I was considering a leather sleeve in lieu of a case. It is because I like to keep my phone in a bag rather than carrying on me if I'm commuting. I also bring the phone to the gym sometime and have...
 what last is this? And does anyone think if this GMTO will be a more readily available?http://www.meermin.es/grupoMTO.php?idGrupo=16# I like the new BROU last
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