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Anyone know if Lev's discontinued the 522 style? I think that was the perfect pattern for high rise, roomy seat, and taper below the knee. Doesn't cost you hundreds of dollars either.. [[SPOILER]]
You're alive, that is good to know.
I don't think SuSu has ever graduated from low rise trousers. The cut has always been slim and low rise. Sad
Do you guys think Apple will make another announcement soon for iPad line or today's talk was about it. I guess more bang for the buck @ $399 with 32GB now. Glad I held out...should I hold out longer?
Lemaire SS17 is in production! Most excited about the Large Elasticated Pants.
Did everyone generally size up in the Lupos polo to account for shrinkage and slimness of the cut? I have a size large, usually a 48/M, and find it to be big. It is 95/5 cotton-elastane mix. Can I expect this to shrink to fit after a few washes and dry?
^What he said
I enjoyed watching this. Craig Robinson was great in it. After watching the film, then, seeing the RT score was reassuring.
Is Larose the choice for hats nowadays?
Cannot search for Eidos on Barney's web now
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