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[[SPOILER]] I am just curious, did you survive? How did it go?I have been presented with similar situation in that a position recently opened up and I have been nominated to take up the work, which in a nutshell is a sales oriented dealing with new leads as well as servicing existing accounts. It will be more directly related to generating revenue for the company, more so than my current position. I currently work on existing accounts, too, by way of service and...
Congrats, Brad!
I'd be careful about laundering your shirts and letting them soak in the washer. Not sure if this is common sense but I tried to soak a few shirts in order to thoroughly wash them (collar). After laundering, air drying, then pressing, I noticed a few fit particularly tighter in the chest / armholes seem to sit higher up and I can feel a little fabric creeping up my armpits. Can't say for sure if it is how I washed them (I usually 2 cycles of quick wash in lieu of soaking...
No SuSu for SF? Was looking forward to it. =/
Crazy black guy?? I need to re watch
I tried on a medium, was a little bit looser but ended up keeping the small since they didn't have the color i ordered. I think a medium for you should be fine. I think jet wears a medium in the ULD last year and he's got a broad back/chest. Also depends on how you wear it. I just put over a tee or shirt. It's great to layer over IMO.
39-87 is very popular...
This show too intense for me. I almost stopped watching half way through the first scene.
Will Carmina have boots fall-winter 2014 similar to the above without speed hooks?
I'll hold out for shell. SM or DM wasn't a priority on my list but if ever shell is available I'm in.
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