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@einstine I think you have really poor posture. All the clothes you wear will always look off. You always look hunched in your photos. Relax. I don't think it has anything to do with how the photo is taken in this case. Some of the REIT bros can chime in. @Caveat From all the criticism you give, I am baffled that you applaud @accordion latest 'WAYWT'. It is a messy look IMO. Perhaps you're still adjusting as well because the said photo is quite poor. Lighting is too...
Cool. I found the tongue a bit flimsy. I also have the derbies in the same leather. Fun to wear.I'll be adding a rubber sole to the boots prior to first wear. Hopefully they'll make for some nice stormy weather boots.
@Watashidake A nice fit from you. I do not mind the shoes. Overall, comfy look and nice proportions. Cool shorts. Maybe you can alternate the shoes out for some Play Converse shoes like the Shah
I would like to hear what your thoughts are when you receive those Raf
Most guys waist here are like < 32
The Uniqlo PBJ are nice but too much taper IMO. After wearing them for a few months I don't like them anymore. I like a 7" to 7.5" hem. The PBJ is well below 7". Limits the footwear you can wear TBH. Dude who still boot tuck would like it I assume. 18cm or 19cm is pretty good. 8" hem is actually not bad either if you got a good break in the pants. All my dress pants are at least 8" and appear to be pretty slim still.
I think you can do better for business casual.
I guess not the same :/
Michael Keaton
Ben Affleck looking like batman, that upper body
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