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Who is carrying the big long scarf with pockets?
Sounds like a plan! took me awhile to decide, too. I think the suede provides enough texture and contrast, and in person the color is pretty similar without being same. Thank me later!
I hope this goes as smooth as possible but couldn't you contact Dana and start an initiative similar to NMWA?Let Dana know there are 30+ participants, ask her if she is available to take on the project, and then ask her what options (fabrics) she has readily available (I feel like this gives everyone flexibility). Have another vote where the highest number of participants gets put into production.I think that potentially will help push the total number of actual buyers...
I imagine this will be like: Garner enough interest LA Guy will reach out and say hey we have 'x' amount of people interested in a remake, are you interested? Yes - Okay what fabric/color combinations are available and minimum orders required? (No - Project closed) Poll 2, vote on fabric/color, which must meet minimum orders for remake etc. This is my impression from what I've seen done on the forum. There has been 40+ views with 6 votes so I would not be so sure if...
Someone else can beautify this poll or delete if duplicate.
SF x Dana Lee Leisure Jacket
Size 46 or 48? If 48 I ain't that mad Wooster is an asshole for not responding to my email for a trade. (10)
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