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still @ work lolwish i could've met some new people
Very cool
So, no expiration? Didn't read my email yet Until Dec 2015 Nothing too different from regular Yoox account
Anyone know if Yoox Superstar expires?
american apparel just had 40% off and the only thing i wanted right now was extra tri-blend tanks. was browsing forum too long and when i checked out it was past midnight. continued to paypal checkout anyways and price went up back to retail those 30 to 40% off so rare uuuuuughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh totally forgot about wholesale prices doh couldve saved some add'l money last week. tanks ordered, phew!
honorable mention, @Murlsquirl and @in stitches for add'l sizing help.
Bigi PS and thanks!
I like that Eidos jacket @Zissou. Enjoy! I bought another pair of shoes and a PS for my small collection.. Thanks, Greg and NMWA.
Sage size 5 is gone, too bad for me Good fabric choice on SP part in picking it up. I bet it feels great
post a fit pic when you get it @jet
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