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I was just browsing the Eidos collection just fine.
could noodles pants use less break at the hem? Are those slanted pant cuffs? Or is it just the stance that's causing the pant leg to fall not straight in pic 2?
I don't know if it will benefit anyone but I have these three shirts looking for a new home: http://www.kamakurashirts.net/shop/g/gPE0195213781/ (still in its bag, unopened, BNWT..) http://www.kamakurashirts.net/shop/g/gPE0195223781/ http://www.kamakurashirts.net/shop/g/gLD0080713781/ edit: They are all size 39 - 87
Finally got around to watch Gone Girl Wish I hadn't Best part of the movie was seeing Emily Ratajkowski naked.
nick young happened
Light weight Oxford, what's the deal?
Donated a bunch of stuff last weekend, doh! I'll be posting some stuff up hopefully soon, still clearing. Nice thread!
SS coat looks pretty nice. I like the sheerness and the fact that it is wool. Price tag also seems reasonable for what you get. I say that because looking at that RG bomber, wtf..
LOL thanks for the laugh Moo
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