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Yes I have heard of that nickname but did not realize it was tattooed on his body. A little too much I think.
I really like Lebron but that's my first time seeing that and
Didn't Everlane start making shirts for men? I think it's still in the same realm as Uniqlo, and what you and I want to see a something more involved. Like check this out: https://www.everlane.com/collections/womens-all/products/womens-modern-loafer-burgundy https://www.everlane.com/collections/womens-all/products/womens-street-shoe-nubuck-chalk I think these are cool, and Uniqlo only just started releasing their own footwear. I like the Everlane shoes more and I don't...
HP bans t-shirts at work, and employees are furiousEverlane you reading this?!LMAO
What if Styleforum collectively started purchasing everything at retail. Would this be of any influence on the demand and in turn spur competition where only the most innovative will survive?
Sometimes when I see the new stuff that come out for women, I ask why can't they just make some small changes and I'd wear it too. No risk, no reward.
I don't understand where the tech fits into their business model. Are they trying to streamline the wholesale process of business to customer retail and cut out the middleman? It seems like they are taking the production and distribution lead, which justifies the model as it drives down the cost some and in turn pass on the saving to customers. Perhaps they only have enough budget for one line and decided to focus on the bigger market. But I get B!CD's point, there still...
I thought about applying to Everlane once. I think they have some offices based in SF. Sounds like it could be a fun place, and I did think about whether I'd have enough influence to direct their men's line if only to just get them to be more imaginative or even just get the fit right on their clothing e.g. knitted jacket. Is anyone aware if they have models for fittings during the design process? I feel like that's a given.
Thought this was size 3 until it said medium (2).. A great pair of pants: https://www.triple-major.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=3076
New Posts  All Forums: