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Nah OL can be found everywhere nowadays
^nope, but i will if the Siki Im do not work out. thanks!
this is @superego Which I think fits pretty damn nice and full. Would look sweet with some mid to high rise trousers. Unbutton looks good. @octopandda You have it buttoned up right? maybe that's why...looks more fitted on you than I'd personally like for this particular knit. I just want the lush wool to sway and roll up rather looking flat.
First purchase of FW14...sort of ^^ I went with a 32 seeing how I remember that raw denim stretches. I usually need a 34 (38/48 sizing) but seeing how these are cut with a roomier top block, I think a 32 should be fine. Crossing fingers!... I think its great that there is a return policy, too. THANK YOU @OccultaVexillum
Do you know if you can add multiple items?
Spring?? Sweet, will try it out... thanks!
POA needs to be sized up IMO Looks better slouchy or fuller at least
@OccultaVexillum I have been trying to buy the denim directly from Siki Im. They have it in their archive. Whoever is managing their email is not that great in getting back to me. I pretty much gave up... I would love to get the pair in size 34, peg leg. I think it has the perfect fit for me, similar to Nicelynice in that the seat is high rise (drop crotch) and has a taper at the hem. Need jeans like those in a raw denim...
Please share more about high rise tapered denim. Been trying to purchase a pair from Siki Im (Peg Leg) Jean but it's been 3 months plus with no success.
What is the achievement with this specific collar type? Does it achieve a better collar roll, or does one get a camp collar BD for the aesthetic? It does visually look cleaner.
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