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You ain't old yet. Get the W+H...will look cleaner with your sneakers.
Get the W+H Cleaner hem line
Anyone have experience with the Eidos Walnut Moline Rib Zip?
Always been a fan of the contrasting sole especially black and tan but have too much footwear. If I pickup the Lemaire it would just be hoarding........
This had me loosing my breath from laughing
Did not know that.
I'm looking for new bed sheets and possible a pillow. I've been having a hard time sleeping on my back and I think it's the pillow.edit:So I have no fucking clue about supplements but it seems like 90% of this thread is about taking pills. FWIW my sleep is okay once I hit the sack. I just need to get in a better sleep schedule, been only getting 4-5 GOOD sleep I think. When your co-workers talk about sleep habits and I roll my eyes hearing 11pm... so early. And I need to...
Thanks! You've handled anything from them before? How you like it?
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