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By overpower do you mean the proportions? It may not look proportional in a static photo but it is fine worn and walking about in real life. RO Geobaskets and the like are bulky regardless. I for one like the juxtaposition. His feet look comfortable. @Synthese, take note!
He has no hips He just standing like a triangle
Took a second look and noticed the side profile, nice. I am still trying to dial in my size for Vass, appreciate the info.
[[SPOILER]] Do you live in Florida? Coat looks nice on you, and in that outfit
The slim straight fit black jeans get sold out too fast
Curious if anyone exchanging or thinking about letting go of the brown Pub jacket in medium. I'll take if off your hands.
I really like this.May I ask whether this a MTO or stock model? Where did you pick it up and how much?TIA
Measurements added
Measurements added
Measurements posted for the size 42, which was slightly altered (take in the chest). Green is unaltered, size 40 Both are fairly slim, best fit size 38
New Posts  All Forums: