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Everyone picked up black things where's the tan/camel?? Oh well
Void the Brand American Apparel (size up 1)
thanks for the suggestions. will get this downloaded asap in the meantime, i did try using Reminders again and just entered all my tasks one by one. will see how well that is.
Thank you for the suggestions. I'm about 30 to 40 miles from SF/Berkeley but will definitely look into making it a weekend thing.
having a small closet sucks it either forces you to pair down your wardrobe, which you may start making rash decisions and regret it later or I think far worse depending on your perspective is asking whether you should focus on one direction (aesthetic, designer, etc.) At least this is from my experience. I recently cleared out the second section of my closet thinking I'd have more space. That didn't last long...sigh * * * when shirts, jackets and pants start getting...
I like this topic, what have you found so far @scrolls I want a boot that does not have speed hooks, which I think makes the overall aesthetic less elegant. I want a clean, fall-winter "city" boot similar to your request. Carmina has a few but they all have speed hooks that I also find cumbersome. I like slipping into my shoes by loosening the laces and using a shoe horn. I'm holding my breath for more Carmina offers to come.
Is there an App that allows you to take notes for a list of things to do / agenda and as you complete each one, you can cross it off (strike through the text)? I don't find the Reminders that helpful, and Notes is just for things to remember. If there is something that combined the two into a running list, that would be cool.
Will this be restocked? http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/oxfords/products/carmina-work-wear
I went from 7.5" to now 8" but may go to 8.25" so that it falls over my shoe better. I decided to stop getting cuffs since I cannot locate an alteration tailor in the Bay Area who can properly make a slanted cuff. Slanted hem without cuff is doable but lately I've been running into bit of headwind when asking for a slant. Isn't this normal practice? PSG, if you don't mind sharing, where in the Bay Area have you had some of the better results? I have a dozen or more...
great movie i remember watching the movie from CA to WA during a long drive...I may need to rewatch it soon.
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