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@sinnedk I have the blue and charcoal color. The blue is a little too bright for my wardrobe so I gave it away. I like the quality, much better than American Apparel. No loose threads. Washes well and keeps its shape. I just placed an order for 2 more charcoal 3/4 sleeve tees and passed on the vintage white due to the sheerness. Not to mention how great the cut is especially when long sleeve tees stretch out if you roll them up the arm too often. @jet mentioned something...
Anyone have this and can say whether the vintage white is transparent/see through? These are some nice 3/4 sleeve tees and there is currently a sale for 30% off. Going to pick up a few more and want to get something else besides the gray. @jet
It is black
Some people may consider REITs to be like a Ponzi scheme or maybe that's just in the non-traded REIT world.
Suspension Point 50% off FW 16-17
This my jam
Almost have 60 participants!
I found this pleasant. It is fantasy more than anything and I don't buy some of the critiques I read after watching. I think perhaps you need to rate high on the empathy radar to thoroughly understand the motive and fallout that comes after. I don't know if humankind will ever achieve such a feat in terms of populating other worlds, at least not in my lifetime, but I think the movie does a good enough of job in stirring up real emotions. I will concede that Lawrence and...
Who is carrying the big long scarf with pockets?
Sounds like a plan!
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