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Where to kop?
They had it beginning of the season. Now it's gone =\
Unionmade for cardiganWas thinking about it myself.
That's good to hear from some of you. I've been thinking for a long time to go all boots if not for the very reason I find pant cuffs sit better on the shoe. The alternative to that would be loafers; I love me some loafers.
Request to re-run that Camoshita jacket
That is too bad
On a more serious note, I don't think you should really be concerned with wearing down your pants unless you are not rotating them daily (e.g. shoes). Even then, unless you're hiking or just rolling on the floor for no reason (drunk?), don't worry. Get them pressed, buy a pair of trouser hangers, and store after use on said hanger. I have other pants that I wear regularly for work and unless I want to keep a perfect crease don't even need to get them pressed regularly. I...
Just curious does anyone in here wear Vass boots year round with their suits / odd trousers? Anyone just like boots?
@Fokken You post a lot of great fits but the latest is really more my speed, at least lately. Nice knit with a pair of jeans, really can;t go wrong with that.
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