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i don't get it perhaps just a poor photo
burberry prorsum cool, man
@LA Guy http://www.yoox.com/us/38360848IP/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=38360848IP&sizeId=
Missed out on those leather loafers again ugh!! there was a full stock when i checked last night... wth.
^What you get?
So, I have been looking to replace my RayBan Aviators for awhile now. Had them for 3+ years and despite the countless times I've dropped them, the lenses have minor dents and scratches, and overall serve me well while driving during the day. One thing that bothered me was lately I've noticed the nose pad left impressions on the bridge of my nose. Can I get a comparison to the Lunettes from anyone who purchased them or Greg/Kyle can chime in. I am sure Aviator sunglasses...
Found myself having to iron a t-shirt. How do you guys keep your tees crisp without dimples, wrinkles, and creases post wash? Do you guys hang or fold for storage? I notice with all my tees even if I fold the weight of them stacked together leaves artificial impressions of the folds. I know some dudes own expensive tees, too. What's your case?
Is 'G'day mate' racist?
@PCK1 You can find it at www.kentwang.com
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