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I wonder wth is going through Kobe's mind.
@NaTions That's the one I checked out. Picked over and only found the one off-white flannel shirt in the sales section of all places. Going to checkout Valleyfair on the way to dinner on Thursday. I wouldn't mind one more flannel shirt in off-white for rotating my sleepwear.
The plain colored flannel shirts are pretty nice. It's unfortunate the online store doesn't sell any, and the store is flooded with the patterned variety. I remember wearing a size small in Uniqlo shirts, but the medium after a wash and dry fits nice. I just wear the collar unbuttoned, much improved.
Why do most if not all the flannel shirts are button down collars. ugh Picked up a nice checkered flannel with point collar only to discover it to be women's mixed in the pile. wth Wanted something basic to sleep in and asked to see if there were any size mediums left in the marled blue or off-white. They had none.. After searching around some more I saw a size medium off-white flannel shirt hanging in the sales section. I can kind of understand now why some people...
I believe Lemaire does ship outside of the EU. You may also want to checkout the womens section for stores that carry Lemaire. Should be unisex accessory.
[[SPOILER]] Did you order anything from Lemaire, pre-order?Just realized I ordered the Straight Pants instead of the Suit Pants lol...damn. Got to make it work now.. I can't help but think they're going to fit huge on me.And it's sort of ironic b/c I was basing it off a pair of pants I picked up from Yoox that had one of the tags penned with "Straight Pants".don't know how to feel
If you are in between sizes you can size up or down 1 depending how you like the fit. I chose to wear insoles and went up to the next whole size. Typically US8.5 to 9 and wear a 42 in all Lemaire footwear. The pleated pants can be sized TTS. Size down if you want a trimmer fit. I only ever had to size up in the pants for his slimmer cuts like older season straight pants. For slimmer guys I think TTS for Lemaire is good bet. Fwiw I just tried on my straight pants in size...
@shanks59 These would be a size too large for you.
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