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Work tote from Frank Clegg, easy and done.
TBH I don't even know what the point is you are making. This is what I understand: I think you're projecting too much. Flowcharts and the model are both slim fellows. I think regardless of TTS or a larger size the pants would compliment the wearer. It's different for you since you may need to size up to account for proportions relative to the pattern of the pants; I do think designers have a certain person in mind. Just because you need to size up does not make it so...
the ss burhead (sp?) look more like pants on flowcharts. in general the stephan schneider pants have probably a low to mid rise. what ends up happening is some people may need to size up to accommodate and you end up with sweats like benesyed. if you want a cleaner drape across the seat and thigh perhaps try a higher rise pants, pleats even. lemaire does this well in my experience.
Doesn't Damon's character die in Interstellar? I need to rewatch that movie btw. Only watched it once. And it seems like I need to watch Office Space too.
Thanks And FWIW I take the same size in both Meermin Hiro (UK 8) and Carmina Rain (UK 8). I actually prefer the fit of the Meermin more. Carmina is known for heel slip. I am strictly speaking about oxford shoes. Boots seem to alleviate some of the heel problem due to a higher shaft that holds your foot in place. Better than laces perhaps.
What are people's sizing experience on the chelsea boots? I wear a size UK 8 in Hiro last and initially the fit was quite snug. Eventually it broke in very nicely but the instep is a little high. Curious whether I should size down to UK 7.5 since boots tend to be more generous fitting. The dark brown and black chelsea boot GMTO is back.
Asian people love to garden. Come on, GF
TBH I wish to see your old work fits @nicelynice I remember you mixing designers with your business casual wear pretty well. A cool MMM outerwear, everyone likes the SNS Stark but I always thought the SNS Fisherman (full zip) looked very cool and it was how you wore it layered underneath a jacket. It's nice that your new job seems to have a pretty casual dress code but I find it all a bit sloppy.
It's so fun
Just poor management from above. Not surprised actually but very discouraging. One more reason to leave..
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