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FW13 knit FW14 scarf FW13 knit FW13 coat Side zips are from FW13 or earlier (similar to this seasons)
Nice pents
Cambridge Undergraduates c. 1926
Reading Gantz now on volume 18? Loving it.. Just finished watching Paprika and Garden of Words Paprika was weird but watchable. You have to watch Garden of Words! So beautifully done. Short and sweet. I also enjoyed a lot of Hayao Miyazaki films. I, too, watched Evangelion at a young age...got me hooked. Chobits during high school was also impressionable. Really enjoyed that series. Need to rewatch Evangelion. Are the films basically the same thing (same story...
Some animated films Paprika / Papurika Was weird but enjoyable. Will need to re-watch. Garden of Words / Kotonoha no Niwa This movie was absolutely mesmerizing. I will definitely need to re-watch again. Wish it was a longer film though. PSA: Perhaps some CM guys would enjoy this (don't want to give it away...go see it!) If you're not really anime and had to choose one, definitely Garden of Words. edit: Watch them in Japanese w/ subtitles instead of the English dub
I don't wear skinny jeans :/
Lol I was actually thinking about that, too need to find black rubber bands
Who owns Guidi back zips here? Seems Guidi has fallen out of favor... Anyways, anyone know whether the zipper pull clicking against the shoe is natural or is there a way to make it more quiet when walking? Always curious, I find it kind of loud.
Common Projects spotted in moutain view chipotle 2nd time IRL
You guys should contact Suddenlee for proxy in NY
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