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@Superb0bo nice gains
The 15% off can be applied on clearance/sale items automatically.
oh stop it benes you're not even that big bad decision on your part picking up on stephan schneider when you get as big as charly then you got room to complain
Because they are not used
You are so lazy with your writing
Get over yourself
That Lemaire jacket, yes!
That is a good point about cosmetics. I am grinding out TERA Online right now and it's a mixed bag. You can spend a lot of $$$ on your character's image but at the same time you can purchase "elite status" and it makes grinding a lot easier. I had a free 3-day pass and it was wonderful. I might give PoE a try eventually. I am sitting in anticipation for Fallout 4, or if I stumble upon something else. Still got to checkout the suggestions above. TIA
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