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Casual Friday? I think we have the same phone.
I don't know how these guys do it but props to Westbrook for sitting through that interview
didn't realize Uniqlo U for SS17 was already up. some things look appealing if you're on a budget. i like the accessories and outerwear. May need to grab that parka+vest combo just for the vest itself. printed tops are also cool. glad to see everything not being sold out.
The Roth guy is a troll. How can someone be so blind when the answer is unanimous. On the other hand, someone who is trying to help him should really provide him steps to take (i.e. Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, etc.). Much easier to follow and will make more sense as he is trying to learn something new. Give the guy a workflow! I started seeing the price slip in my bond portfolio beginning Q3/Q4 when the interest rate increase became inevitable in December and immediately...
the topknot looks refreshing on you and ton better than most who attempt it
MMM painted GATs kind of pinch the foot. I didn't think there would be a break in period but I imagine it is the hardened paint.
I like my pair. It is a winter beater boot here in California. The fur lining is cozy and it fits that chunky footwear category well (if you have any experience with his standard side-zip model). I am always a fan of the black upper and tan sole design (more versatile IMO). The leather is decently thick and has a oil like finishing. I am a big fan of Lemaire's boot shape and would not compare it to MMM, which tends to be more squared. (Lemaire footwear like trainers and...
Yeah! Look at that fabric move. Good eye to you
Yeah there were some big ticket items for sure. I couldn't help myself but ordered another coat I watched the runway show recorded and now on the Lemaire website. The coat in Look 29 was irresistible to me. Look how it moves! The contrasting grey lining also made it a sure thing. I would've gone for the knits instead but I am weary of Lemaire sizing with his tops. Not quite satisfied with past deliveries. This coming season looks promising. The knit pattern/weave looks...
I c Ty!
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