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do you want the Visvim 20l?
Yeah I'll have to tweak the order. I'll get a SSD combined with a HDD. Just trying to see where else I can cut costs some more. Supposedly now really isn't the season to be shopping for computers. Another thing is the OS purchase and Windows suite that are actually driving up the final price. Kind of annoying, I was told I can download the latter.
I suggest that you do not settle and pickup the Visvin or Nanamica. Should hold you down for 2-3 years. Just do it.
Pickup a Filson briefcase.
Tbh I probably will not be using the PC to its full potential based on the specs. I'm making it to be reliable, flexible and hopefully efficient/speedy, which is where the SSD will be required I assume. Mainly I want it to be a great entertainment system. No overclocking. Thanks!
Interested, and we seem to have the same problems @Claghorn with the seat of RTW pants. Hopefully with your expertise and Kents openness we can have a more well fitting pattern designed for us as RTW.
Anyone use the following currently can offer their first hand experience? Sealed water cooling system SSD I've already picked out the CPU and GPU (Nvidia 970). As is, all in is about 1250. I'm just wondering whether the cooling system nowadays is reliable. The SSD is supposedly life changing. FWIW I'll be upgrading from a 6+ year old PC so anything new is going to be a vast improvement. Why? Well I just want my PC to do things like gaming and messing around on...
The joggers are great. Super comfortable and has the perfect volume. Not sure if it is for everyone because I think generally everyone is still crazed up slim sweats. If you are a slim dude and wanted it more fitted then you can sure size down. Seems like some retailers are suggesting that. I like the TTS fit and look. I like the material more than the poplin cotton used for the pant [elastic waist] you picked up from Mr. Porter (also ribbed waist but with...
You can compile a list and a mod will probably sticky it.
the hanger project has the best hangers for everything
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