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@Synthese The Armoury looks nice: https://thearmoury.com/catalogs/shop/casual/knitwear/the-armoury-lambswool-shawl-collar-cardigan-dark-brown/the-armoury-lambswool-shawl-collar-cardigan-navy I am sure @dieworkwear can provide more suggestions. I haven't seen a shawl collar from a SW&D designer brand lately, maybe I am not looking hard enough. I personally like what the CM side of brands have to offer in this specific category and as @gdl203 suggested. The S&C "Victoria"...
^I know that feeling. I should of jumped on a few things from Lemaire while on sale, too. alas
Appears like some Vass restocks fyi
Dope. Do want
nice one
If everything is like a 19cm that would be perfect for me. My order is coming in Friday.
FTLOG you need to stop with the skinny pants everything. It's almost 2017
Link pls? I think I need another white pair of sneakers that are not white sneakers
Around what time will all your FW buys be online?
Where to kop?
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