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Small me thinks
Yeah I am trying to decide on fabric/color
Oh man this thread is getting me excited... 2017, must get a Ring Coat!
Yeah I'm trying to decide between a technical fabric like cotton or stick with wool. Colors also seem better in cotton blends. See some at Bureau and Union Made to try. Thanks!
Are alll the various frabrics of the ring coat generally pretty warm? A size 2 would fit a 48 top?
I want one of those Kapital ring coats now. Look so cozy. Would go for the short version.
Fences This was good. Real mix of emotions. Initial impression is that most entitled kids nowadays need to see this and reflect some. Talk about tough love. The closing credits score is nice too. I love Denzel. Edit: Rush was a great movie.
Spring is almost here! ...
That is some promotion especially for a jacket.
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