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Oh new episode tonight!!!!
Canada: http://www.shopneighbour.com/collections/lemaire-mens https://michelbrisson.com/collections/christophelemaire/products/m142ja07cl010 http://suspensionpoint.ca/christophe-lemaire
Woody Allen has made other films I've enjoy like Midnight in Paris and Blue Jasmine (I am sure I've seen his other works but can't recall). The latest film I saw directed by Mr. Allen left me with mixed feelings. Going in with no prior readings on the film I was surprised starring roles were played by Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart. (Jesse Eisenberg has a real mean stare.) In afterthought I was pleased with seeing both movie stars in a different role than their...
Nice, did they restock the wool pants??
Uniqlo U order came in: I only ordered pants. Initial impressions - everything looked great out of the package. I really like all the pants because they pretty much hit the mark for a pair of 19cm bottoms. Everything sits well at the waist and seat. There is a straight line silhouette from hip to cuff. If your still stuck with the mindset of skinny jeans and stacked cuffs, stay away! Otherwise, be in for a happy surprise. Overall fit is slim, not skinny, not...
^ is that why Styleforum is not loading in wi-fi?
Any incoming lightweight knits or sweaters and cardigans in general?
Blending right in
Probably not, just in my head that I am associating the pattern to a very specific look, which I do not wear. At most I would probably buy something like a Aran cable knit sweater (Inis Meain had one actually this past SS in light weight cotton I believe, "beach sweater") in the typical off white or cream but even then I'd feel like I opened too many J. Crew emails or look through a lot of Land's End catalogs. I had two great knits with similar motifs from Patrik Ervell...
I'm not the biggest fan of Aran nowadays. It's just not versatile enough for year round wear given the pattern lends itself more to the FW months
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