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I can't digest dairy
thanks i'll consider that as I can easily swap in a light blue shirt. the event is being hosted at an art gallery for a pageant show
i have an event next weekend and it requires suit and tie.I was set on the standard navy suit, white shirt, POW tie with white PS, and black oxford.Or if I wanted to have more fun, I was also considering this; [[SPOILER]] With navy suit and white PS.Would it work? And would a dark brown oxford work in lieu of black?Here is an example from Eidos granted the suit is sand in beige:
which are the high rise and which are the low rise? I think I need a 34/L, too.
How are the briefs now? I'm looking for something similar to Fruit of the Looms boxer briefs in a medium but with more subdue color and zero branding. Just thought I'd ask before checking out Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Barney's etc. fwiw i tried on Uniqlo in the past and the rise was too low...way too snug. I believe the size was a large. Would I need XL? So, size up x2 edit: NVM I ordered the dry stretch in size medium. Perhaps I need a large in their regular boxer...
Sizes sold out and the affiliate thread only recently got more traffic. I hate stores with poor communication. There's absolutely no excuse especially when customers are ready to pay.
I wanted those missoni but after a month of emailing Carson and not even one response, never got a chance to purchase. Kind of peeved but w/e
Nice suit What's the weight on that? Spring-summer or fall-winter? Color looks like latter
i'll play ball
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