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See those masks Nike made?
@tellure Yeah I would prefer it to fit a little looser. Bummer to hear. You seem to be slimmer than me and taller. I ordered a 50, so, will see how that fits. I'm usually a 48. Seeing how it's Japanese size and the high armholes, I'm hoping for a generous but still slim fit. I want to wear knits underneath a leather, maybe even a jacket.
Who has a connection with Uniqlo store manager and can get the drop before public? I need to pickup everything from the F/W collab collection.
@tellure Is that photo of the jacket before or after, and what size are you?
^cool might check it out Anyone in LA that can conveniently drop by Just One Eye to check out their warehouse sale for me? Interested to see what Lemaire stock they have available on the floor.
I always end up with so-so haircuts =\ I think it's finally decided to go buzz or just grow out hair. None of this in-between nonsense.
You appear older, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I think you pull off the whole look quite well. What a suitable haircut for an Asian dude? Please give me your suggestions, SW&D. I am considering a buzz cut to simplify my life.
How do you like the Tenero cut overall, @mossrockss? How are you liking the open quarters compared to the NMWA house cut? Did you stay same to size like your other jackets? TIA
People do not like the name I think, Poeme/NCB
Yes I have heard of that nickname but did not realize it was tattooed on his body. A little too much I think.
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