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I feel like a ban from Yoox is imminent for me. Requested a refund 2 days ago, decided to return everything once package arrived today, and I just placed another order now. lol I think it will be a good thing though if they ban me..
I think I will give SuSu another whirl since a few round of Yoox roulette yielded zero results in purchasing a simple blue odd jacket (I rarely wear suits @ work). I ordered a Havana before in 38L thinking that it would fit small after reading this thread, and that the specific cut was more fitted. The jacket ended up 1 size too big it seems and long (30"+ BOC) and I am 5'9". Should I just order a 36 and 38 R this time and see which fit me best? I will stick with the...
I am catching up with some posts but want to interject quickly and say that I broke up with my g/f in college in large part b/c I was on SF too often and shopping a lot (0). And the fact that I wasn't paying attention, browsing SF very often...So, I'd be very careful Mr. Noodles and not take things too lightheartedly. Sounds like she needs some TLC ASAP...Your story sounds like my past situation, and I will tell you first hand that it is a real problem. More so because it...
that feeling when you get your Yoox order and you anticipating some good stuff but only decide to return everything =\
the front page photo looks funny
how much you think each panda weighs and how is his form?
When are the new Drake's going to be available?
Frank is such a boss and Unbel is Justin Timberlake @Newcomer Jacket looks nice. Curious do you wear your jacket all day at work even when at a desk, or do you take it on and off as you leave the premise i.e. to go use the restroom?
Eleventy Blazer Composition: 85% Linen, 15% Cotton Details: No appliqués, Front darts, Solid color, Single-breasted , Single chest pocket, Two patch pockets, Non-working buttoned cuffs, Dual back vents, Unstructured, open weave construction, Semi-lined interior (butterfly lined (shoulders) and sleeves are lined), Two inside pockets, Lightweight sweater (refer to point 9) The fit is extremely slim I'd say, and does not drape as well as I'd like worn over a shirt. Worn...
New Posts  All Forums: