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I wasn't aware they were going up against each other. Awesome!
I had the thought that you moved for work or something but it seems you are just traveling using money saved up. That's cool. I can only imagine how free it feels. Maybe one day..
What are you doing for work?
i will not be sleeping October 2
^Very beautiful movie.The colors are amazing! Reminds me I got to re-watch it again and probably in Mandarin this time around. Finally got around to watching this after hearing the theme song loop 'x' amount of times on Pandora: I enjoy futuristic films, this was a little slow for me. Great to see Ethan Hawke after watching Predestination not too long ago (sort of the same role) but Predestination had more depth, and I felt more engaged to the story. If you have...
Wait until SS16 and see if anyone picked up a pair from Lemaire in similar colorway
First person to PM me gets an East Dane code (must have 100 posts). Gone
^thanks to all who 'thumbed up' The Drop Thoroughly enjoyed it. We should do this every Friday night where someone recs a movie Tom Hardy was great! Reminds me I need to rewatch Locke...sort of dozed off toward the end =\. I think The Drop has a very nice ending to it; is it open to interpretation? Sort of like the other movie Hardy was in, Inception Totally did not recognize Noomi as same chick from Prometheus.
No relation to TOJ, they just used the thread as a springboard for the new venture.
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