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That is a good point about cosmetics. I am grinding out TERA Online right now and it's a mixed bag. You can spend a lot of $$$ on your character's image but at the same time you can purchase "elite status" and it makes grinding a lot easier. I had a free 3-day pass and it was wonderful. I might give PoE a try eventually. I am sitting in anticipation for Fallout 4, or if I stumble upon something else. Still got to checkout the suggestions above. TIA
My brother is trying to get me to play PoE. He said the game is what Diablo 3 was meant to be. What are your thoughts on MMORPGs? Can you only excel at the gameplay if you P2P or can you grind it out and reap the fruits of your labor? I spoke with my cousin who works at Nexon about this over the weekend, it's kind of split 50/50. In WoW he did point out that you did not necessarily have to have the most impressive gear to be successful at the game. But WoW is such an...
i am not wrong, it's an opinion. the color's do not work together. it's like you mashed together some of kyle's fits 1 post below yours. and learn how to tie your scarf (where the hell is jet?)
FWIW I really liked that season, Siki Im FW 12, but the entire look is incongruent. The color's don't work, and the pants need less of a break. I like the Siki Im tunic and Inis Meain knit. Everything else doesn't fit, scarf, pants, shoes. I don't really care about the proportions. Not a fan of the colors together.
How does Diemme sneakers fit (like CP or MMM)?
Cruvoir looks to have a surprisingly large SS16 pre-order list, like whoa
is it because he's wearing Siki Im?
@hendrix dude wth at least it looks cozy
That's less than $160
Pants with drawstring is now $57 shipped Other pant is $72 shipped
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