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Some stuff on Yoox (older season)
Whats the case?
Will you guys be restocking belts? Need more brown belts, and also the cognac tubo
Willing to pay a proxy fee if someone can locate and pick these up for me: http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-wool-blended-flat-front-pants-086789.html#69|/men/bottoms/pants/trousers/| 08 Dark Gray in size 32 Anyone see them in SF stores? I know the one in Santa Clara (valley fair mall) does not stock any suiting. Suppose to be more casual store.
Perhaps try looking through your email for at least an order #, then, confirmation of the order being placed, and lastly, double check for the shipping confirmation. Was it together with another order i.e. you ordered both trousers together and only one arrived? I have ordered twice now, recently, and have had good rapport via email. I will order again FWIW as IME so far, Jamison offers the widest selection online that I'm aware of for RTW in various good fabric.
Local cobbler I found out finally stocked white vibram for the sole and heel. But $40 for sole and $25 for heel, or something like that...will just suck it up and get my Guidi fixed so I can wear more regularly now. Relief.
^Thanks for the info. To be honest I didn't have much time to give the tailor input. I just blurted out slim down legs, 8" leg opening, quarter break, and slanted hem. Waist and seat was good. I thought about pleated trousers before and told myself I will probably forego cuffs at the moment; I think visually it would look too busy. Ordering from NMWA is a no brainer...Rota trousers are lovely, but button front vs. zip is a deal breaker for me. Otherwise, I think I would...
The consensus seems to email Jamison via the confirmed order / confirmed shipping email you received. And as I stated above, just be polite about it and straight forward with your inquiry. First, did you get a tracking #? Does it show as delivered?
Yeah they are supposed famous for their crab (at the least the one in SF). I wasn't too impressed. Too salty and oily for my palate...it was good for the first time. Maybe it would've been better if I had it with some beer. *** I updated my iPhone 5 to iOS 8 this morning. Don't notice anything, yet. And still contemplating upgrading though my phone is still working fine now...I just hate the battery life. Been in a few scenarios now where I'm on the road and am weary...
After some failed attempts at picking up pants online, I dropped by the tailor today to get a jacket altered. Spur of the moment I asked how much were his trousers and proceeded to try one on (double pleats I think). The seat from the front looked really good IMO, straight lines as pleated pants accommodate my larger seat/proportions better. However, from the seat down the legs were humongous and billowed. The tailor reassured me, the whole point is to have them tailored...
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