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shit that is nasty we find it funny only because we're nervous
How come you don't post pics anymore? Show off your wear.
@conceptual 4est thank you sir!
Please comment on the black garment washed ma-1 There's only 8 hours left.
I need a Lupo Polo or a few.. Thanks @YseanY, I am 5'9 and about 155lbs. I think a medium would fit me better as I was considering a large at first. I would probably just wash cold and hang dry. Steam press is optional.
[[SPOILER]] Any photos of the color black surfacing on the internet for the Garment Dyed MA-1? This looks like a great alternative to replacing my old Ervell MA-1.Edit:Will the black have the same contrasting zipper hardware?I get the runway photos are edited but let me know...Which of these represents gray and black the...
Can I order the Lorenzo odd trousers instead of the Sal? For the Sal trousers should we base it on the current measurements online or the measurements in the pre-order page?
Anyone? Do most people stick to the same size between calf versus suede on the same last?I only ask because in my experience with Carmina, Rain last, the suede oxford felt 0.5size bigger than the calf.
Is this scarf still sold at any stores?
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