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What is the reason? I do not see any major headlines. Are investors afraid of the Chinese?
I was going to mention the whole forum aspect too but more about a forum being a clutter to navigate for new users. It's not as intuitive when you have a standalone platform dedicated for b&s. The style-neutral point also makes sense as it would be another deterrence for new users.
I think being a first mover is significant. Also, instant gratification without navigating through all the clutter i.e. zero distractions. I actually think no advertisements is a smart choice for what the website is focusing on. Just think about the last time you visited, from point 'A' to 'B' you got to where you want without any intermediary. It was seamless and easy. As the website grows it's going to show how strong the engine is working in the background (the...
If you need a Yoox code PM me. Must have 100 post count. Gone
If you need a Yoox code PM me. Must have 100 post count. Gone
Suspension Point has some great pre-orders FWIW, brings even more to the table. The wine melange > maroon IMO.
You so fly
I'll try out some levi's 501. The current jeans are really not that slim, not to the point of wrapping around my legs but I get you. Lemaire has a carrot shaped as well as straight fit denim, which I have been seeking out the later. Something like a 19cm with minimal break would be awesome. The great thing about these current 522 is the high rise, zipper feels so much long to undo when making a pit stop. I feel you about the wool pants, I have about 6 or 7 pairs of Lemaire...
Oscars have quite the temperament. Always fighting with the blood parrot cichlid
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