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Just following up with a small update, thought it was pretty coolAlso, have a hunter green knit tie.
I am curious what some members capsule wardrobe is like: What Are Capsule Wardrobes? Would make for a cool gallery entry, too IMO
posting this here as a placeholder so i can come back to it later http://www.businessinsider.com/josh-childress-nba-players-bankrupt-2015-4
Even after wash and dry?
With your impeccable taste and MTM/bespoke experience I'm more disappointed that you asked. Our Legacy seems so far removed from I'm use to seeing or imagining you wear
I like this msg outfit, too would be nicer with different shoes but i'm not a big sneaker fan nowadays so it's a bias opinion
Psylocke...oh wow brings back memories. And Olivia Munn of all people I finished all 13 episodes of Daredevil last weekend and I have to agree with noob. In hindsight I think the show was okay. Not reading any reviews or previews prior, afterwards finding out that D'Onofrio is playing Kingpin made a lot more sense and made the experience more enjoyable. I still like Flash a lot. I actually think it is better put together.
Finally got off the couch and visited a local seamstress. I actually had work done by her before when she was working at a different shop. She opened up her new store and it is a lovely space. Large fitting rooms, open front room with 2 large mirrors. I asked for two things: cuffs, and slanted hem She responded by saying the "in thing" now is 2" cuffs and she can have my cuffs altered on a slant. Too good to be true? We will see.
[[SPOILER]] Sizing advice for all? I am a 48 generally (size 50 in the LBM coat). Most interested in the zip cardigan
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