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I need a medium in the jacket and 32 in the trouser for +J sweet, at least I know come time when Oct. 10 rolls around I wonder if there is going to be mobs of Asian at the Union Square store in SF. I hope not...might actually want to drop by if sells out so quick online.
Check your dream box
Magic week at Yoox! So exciting.
Those gdl photos Lol Thanks
Saks only sells ones with the oriental print around the waist band? I'd think they have more options, maybe at the b&m storeThe subtle print is a bit weird, even if in color black
I'm just curious which boxer briefs does @LA Guy purchase from Saks b/c the ones online are hideous
Fwiw phone in pockets is a non-issue unless you have no self-awareness. I put my phone in my back pocket b/c its more aesthetic. I take it out when i drive or sit down anywhere. For your standard pant, the phone should slide a bit from your ass so that youre not literally sitting on it (or maybe im just petite, not really). Could only be problem if you wear tight pants I guess. colleague decided to get the 6+ Im still undecided. The 5 was my first smartphone, and i...
Some stuff on Yoox (older season)
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