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If I have an Intarsia what would possible the next leather [that is Rick Owens]?
On the topic of Rick leathers, what would likely be a jacket similar to the high neck intarsia? I need ribbed cuffs due to long sleeves fwiw
FWIW,Too long IMO, so, I may need to try same size as my UK 8 Hiro despite the different lasts.
What is that drape you are wearing? Details? Ty
FWIW I have a pair of dark brown Hiro cap toe oxford. Typically a UK 7.5 but had to size up to a UK 8. After 6+ hours on foot, my right pinky toe gets squeezed and a little crushed. It is normal for feet to swell throughout the day, right? Anyways, I have a low in-step and essentially flat footed, minimal arch. YMMV By the sounds of it, Olfe in the same size would fit better since it is more of a gradual taper versus Hiro. So, @crstov you may consider the Olfe if you are...
Dobby seems to fit tighter than oxford and broadcloth (post wash)
peace out, son!
'sup Robb Stark sick leather!
@cyc wid it liking the hair, how long is it now? Can you slick it back? and curious, what does your s/o think? i made a mistake today by cutting the side but also taking off .5" on top. Ugh...now it looks too round IMO Going to grow out the top now and just shave down the sides. I want to try slicking it back like Tony Leung
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