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I'm bringing in a photo of brad Pitt next time Not sure from which movie thought. Hmm
TBH I was curious and never got around to watching until my iPad app had most of the movies on stream Next movie is probably Harry Potter. I fell asleep watching the first one like 5+ years ago. Will revisit that...
Teger, I think you're just biased How are your Barena jackets doing?
Twilight 1 to 5 within 2 days followed by Hummingbird and just tonight Apes
Wouldn't the pocket flare be more the result of taking in the seat, upper thigh versus just nipping the waist? I just took 5 pairs to have the waist taken in about 1" to 1,25" because I wear a belt and I've realized it causes unsightly dimples in the back and scrunching of the waist band. The tailor is good enough to point this out after the many times I have been to various shops. I think it really depends on how much material is available in the waist. Also, what type...
Well I'd probably get it installed for shirts and tees. I like @gdl203 comment about suits and jackets and the minimum dry cleaning needed. Even for shirts I would be weary as it might flatten the collar roll.
if you need a good laugh
i am kg's fan
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