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THANKYOU20 www.yoox.com (20% off full price items)
THANKYOU20 www.yoox.com (20% off full price items)
another Tome Cruise sci-fi i enjoyed
my fav. from you, i like it a lot hair looking on point as usual
you think the USPS will open my box if they discover a USB full of content? am i being paranoid?
Anyone know where I can purchase just the white bag that comes with your Guidi boot? I'm looking for a medium to large, white cotton bag. Just the bag.
It's just too much work...and I don't think I need pleated pants. My seat is not that large. I'm going to stash them away for when I feel like revisiting the case again. Already ordered a new pair. Going to post in the other thread next time, too so it won't side track this thread. Please continue talking about bikes and bicycles. hehe
Nice fit NN but I cannot 'rep' that mang
You guys keep calling it old man Lol I'm going to dip out before i spend even more money trying to salvage he pants. Thanks for the comments
just picked this up http://www.yoox.com/us/41451848DN/item?dept=#cod10=41451848DN&sizeId= it's been on my mind for a long time...i hope the pattern is as subtle as the photo depicts
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