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Are these really 1k http://rsvpgallery.com/men/raf-simons-carry-over-velcro-sneaker-black LOL fuck
Looks like Alien
I'd be interested when and where you find some.
I get rid of pants pretty regularly. Just picked up three new pair of pants from the tailor today, and will be donating three older pairs. I want to say only 1 out of 3 of the pants came out perfect. I'm already feeling an itch to replace the two sub par pairs. Constantly experimenting, wanting to get that exact inseam length dialed has been the holy grail of my sartorial journey.
A Thread About Mr. Moo
Why does co-worker have 5 phones with ads running constantly and playing bejeweled or w/e, and at the same time the desktop constantly has ads/pop ups running in the background with a timer? This has been going on for 1 year+ I have heard of friends who play apps and earn points to get gift cards and then redeem for money or combine to make large purchases e.g. Amazon I don't get it
do you get a bacon neck? does the tee wrinkle easily? i don't really care for the neckline best thing about AA tri-blend tee is that it does not wrinkle and the neck stays flat
I'd appreciate it if you can share your thoughts in more detail here (Lemaire) about the belt (function, style, quality etc.). I'm both interested and I think it would make for a great contribution to the thread. I'm surprised and happy to see that you picked something up of his btw regardless that it is a belt. I think a lot of stores do a bad job of selling it FWIW.
How are the pants?I had one bad experience with elastic waist pants albeit the ones I tried on did not have the button fly, so, perhaps Lemaire's iteration is more forgiving. I just found it hard to put on the pants.
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