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What size would I wear in the Chet monks if compared to Vass in size 40.5, F last?
I had the same thought when I read chambray but the deep indigo color is excellent. Would be my go to alternative for wearing jeans basically. And I like the overall shape, mid to high rise, comfortable seat and not too severe taper. It's perfect with sneakers or loafers.
I picked up the blue denim first but decided to return because 1) it fits small and 2) I'm not a big fan of jeans nowadays i great alternative is this seasons indigo chambray Elasticated Waist pants...excellent!
I actuallly picked up the white Elasticated Waist pants during Carson Street sale. Havent tried it on yet but looks nice. More white than pale.
^ @conceptionist I was suppose to get those same pleated pants but preorder got canceled. LMK if you decide to let go of the 48. SS17 looks nice, I like the colors a lot from my quick glance
CLE Aand LBJ did it!^The last 6 minutes CLE really showed they wanted this
That's nice but Proper Cloth is not OTR and I don't like fidgeting with numbers I'll have to check it out. Maybe I can send them one of my Kamkura shirts to copy the pattern.
Do you happen to have a recommendation for more CM-eqsue shirt in a similar blue color? I've been waiting for Kamakura to release one. I was thinking button down collar.FWIW Uniqlo has a linen shirt in similar blue color.
26-9 CLE though
I was thinking more of the F last though but Vass when done right is beautiful. Guys in the artisanal thread talk about leather boots all the time but Vass would be equally as cool. I find some semblance between Vass and MMoria if both done in a simple black shoe.
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