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Sarah-Linh so shy
Anyone know if those mid wash jeans still available in 32 anywhere?
You should not be using credit unless you can cover it in a timely manner. Looking at how far you are extending yourself it becomes more of a question of how irresponsible can you be?Stop buying. Payoff that debt (6 months is not a long time). Get your head straight for grad school.Congrats.
Y/N? Buy it and replace toggles with buttons.
Size 34 front rise measured from top of waist to the cross seams is 11.5"
I'm also 5'9 and will be purchasing a size 2...eventually What you getting?? I have my eyes on the cotton green with yellow hood now but it is $$$
Morgan pants feel good in hand and the measurements come out about perfect, approx. 17" for size 34. But i have to take in the waist about half an inch at most for me to feel comfortable sitting and still stay on with a belt. Should I go with a 32 instead and let out the waist? Good straight fit as well overall, 19cm.
You should keep the Kaftan
I have other rain coats FWIW but was asked in the off chance i am caught in the rain while wearing the coat. TBH I do not see much difference between this coat and some of the Lemaire coats I have. It's an overdone Kaftan. Thanks for the input, I do own a lot of wool jackets/coats.
Exploring new territory guys, and do you think the wool would be alright if worn in the rain?Khaki Vintage Melton Tri–P, hood is surface pigment coated [[SPOILER]] Navy Vintage Melton Tri–P, hood is surface pigment coatedor different color/fabric?
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