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[[SPOILER]] what are the chances of snagging a pair online? never done this before
Jaden SmithG.O.A.T [[SPOILER]]
You're asking the wrong crowd. Perhaps repost on SZ
Give it to him for Christmas. I bet you'll feel happier.
I thought Barena and the like are meant for skinny people, hence, my hestitation to them up. Just seems slim and cropped. Fits fine on NWI as he is tall and lean
Are the closed toe Birkenstock clogs warm? I guess that may depend on each persons body temp/ I got poor blood circulation and feet get cold during f/w..
I was just going to pickup some LL Bean but brown doesnt match my all black everything when I'm lounging at home. @dieworkwear thanks for the suggestions. know how to size up the Drapers? I like those black leather pair
Suggestions for a warm, sleek looking house slipper?
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