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Buy these pants, they are amazing. The whole time I thought they were tan. http://suspensionpoint.ca/lemaire-one-pleated-pantsPleasantly surprised. Pretty hyped.This runway photo captures the olive green best: [[SPOILER]]
Man those pants are awesome from the color, shape and cut, and pattern. I thank you for not wearing an all monochrome black and white outfit.
@Darkside Nice pants!Thanks guys for the comments! I have to say the hotel restroom offered a rather calming backdrop. I wish I had a big mirror at home.Thanks, nothing right now just Styleforum!Re: Sizing for Inis Meain Pub Jacket...TTS to small. I have a navy one as well that is a size medium but the beige is size large (after having the size medium that was too small.) I actually wish the beige fit like the navy. So, I just wear the beige color more casually. Otherwise,...
Lunettes sunglasses making the chest pocket protrude more than it usually does. Maybe NMWA can do a special pre-order without chest pocket sometime.
Inis Meain Lemaire Levi's Loake
@NickPollica So how slim is the Augusto, do wearers usually size up? I am typically a medium top. The size 15.5 chambray shirt from last season or two fit well enough across the chest and back and shoulders. Are all Augusto fit the same regardless of fabric makeup? Looking at the Supply&Advise version.
I've look into Celiac disease and I do not really exhibit the symptoms. I actually get constipated, so, the opposite of diarrhea. If my diet is shit my bowel movement is irregular (almost a full week). The last part could also be due to the fact that I'm sitting on my ass all day. When I look up gluten intolerance the symptoms seem more like those I experience. Bloating sometimes, skin rashes, tiredness though the latter two I feel is more link to stress/anxiety and lack...
Some of us are not in that great of health. I think there's family history of poor kidney/liver.
@zissou makes a pretty mean belt. One of the few things that I still wear 4+ years ago. I am sure I posted photos around the forum. He can make it to your specifications. Actually, I think it was an old Billykirk mechanics belt that inspired me to ask zissou to replicate one. I think you can wear a mechanics belt in a semi-formal fashion. See Lemaire. For your typical CM outfit I would not.
^Thanks!Unionmade has a nice one but too busy from the looks of the fabric mix. I very much like what Supply & Advise is carrying since seeing it beginning of the season. I already emailed them.Stanely Korshak only carries a size 52 now in the beautiful plaid charcoal.Saks has this? Augusto?Don't see anything online for Nordstrom, Meyvn, MP3 (although I emailed Robert), Gentry, Coachman (emailed Bryce), By George, Barney's, and may need to email AK RIKKS.
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