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I'm going to give HY another try; didn't see much at Panta but it looks promising. I really want to try Rota but I can only go MTO because I prefer zipper fly. Will still give them a whirl once stock is available again.
Those are APC black raw denim, which is more like a dark charcoal. Has to do with the weft I believe. Uniqlo has some matte black jeans FWIW
Glad I did a little search first, found these two links helpful (posted by @dieworkwear) I believe: Where to Buy Good Pants (Part One) Where to Buy Good Pants (Part Two) I have been thinking about this for a very long time and I'm going to make this year where I find myself some well fitting pants. More so, I want to find one line in particular that I can rely on similar to how Kamakura is my go to for shirts at the moment. Hopefully I can find some trousers that fit me...
they say its going to rain tuesday but its going to hit southern california first. small storm coming upwards from mexico
That's cool
It's this seasons open wrapped cardigan worn tucked.
You such a tease
I like the style and shape of those single monks. I want a pair similar in shell...
Aren't you suppose to wash dry denim after you wear them for 6 to 12 months? Or maybe there's a new method now. I forgot. ^I'll give them a soak tomorrow morning. Hopefully it doesn't shrink them either =\
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