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^guilty What happened to Siki Im? I was thinking about his jackets and started looking through Google. Amazing stuff. Always liked his MJ inspired collection. I remember the amazing wool bomber jackets I had. I started thinking how and why I gravitated to someone like Lemaire that isn't all that different.
Can't wait to get mine this Wednesday! Will probably wear with the belt mostly hanging off in the back...like a open coat. Also, if anyone wants to pickup the chocolate brown Crosshair loafer in size UK7 or the Unlined Drop Crosshair loafer in 43, lmk! Planning on returning to Coachman Clothier as Bryce said there's a 42 in my size!
Lemaire seems to be slimming everything down. Bummer.
Those derbies, bravo
^^Thanks guys. @teddieriley Is that with or without socks? I am trying to think of versatility or whether I should expect to just go sockless.
If anyone has experience with the Christian Kimber x Eidos footwear, care to share your thoughts?I picked up a pair of the Crosshair loafers as well as the latest iteration, "Belgian" loafers. The Crosshair loafers feel great sans sock, tight without socks. Can I expect it the shoe to stretch to comfort? I am usually a US8.5 and was shipped a size UK7/US8.For the Belgian Loafers i was shipped a size 43 as I was informed they fit small. It feels nice throughout the vamp...
Hmm... I was able to pick one up today, too.
I played around with the Mini at the store for a little bit. Perfect weight and size without being clumsy. A pen would be perfect to help with studying I think. I love getting a deal and something worthwhile, so, still don't know whether I should bite the bullet now and pickup the 4. I might just wait until after September.
I've been wanting a iPad mini for a long time now. Are there any rumors of a new one that will be "better" than the mini 4? Should I just wait to update my iPhone 5 with a new mini in September?
New Posts  All Forums: