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Wanted: Navy or Burgundy Grenadine (Grossa preferred)
Wow, Sea Turtle? Those are something!
Thank you, 60% looked a touch better than 50%!
Does Sid Mashburn sale ever go past 50%?
Do the suede craftsmen stretch at all? My right foot fits great, but my left foot has had some surgery and the fit is a bit tight!
Hello, does anyone with Bison smokejumpers know if they have to be lined? Kyle is out right now, and I just spoke with Josh, and he seems to think that they need to be lined. Thanks, Clay
Does Sid usually drop further?
I want to see your roughouts!
Does anyone have a picture of the milkshake suede indy's or captoe boots with some wear? I've seen it in my size on TSM emails the past few times, and i think it looks good, but don't know what they really look like.
Looks like the Dawson is all chromepak, and the other two are combinations of chromepak sole and chromexcel upper.
New Posts  All Forums: