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starts at 12 PST
That would be Massdrop
No 13's ... This time
Having never purchased from Club Monaco I gave them my email, and they gave me a 15% off... Is that the lowest the loafers ever go ~$220?
Ok, I have tried searching to no avail; does the Ron last actually fit like an E width? Is the Uk 12 really a US13, or closer to 12.5? Thank you, Clay
If anyone has any size 12-13 D to E loafers, chukkas, or dress shoes that they would like to get rid of please let me know. Will pay for quality. Thanks, Clay
Forgot to say that my grey Ottowas came on friday, and are perfect as well. Now i need to take the time to post some pretty pictures of these and my whiskey chukkas!
Thank you for your quick reply, I grabbed the grey hikers.
Hi I was wondering about the fit of the Ottowa hikers... I have a pair of the chukkas in the 4A last in D width, would the hiker last have more room across the ball of the foot, or have a bit more width? Thanks, Clay
Thanks for the replies guys, double midsole with the vibram is indeed far thicker than I imagined.
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