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If only i had feet that small. Some of them it looks like the whole sole just shrunk right under the shoe.
Some steals on Shop Goodwill right now: http://www.shopgoodwill.com/auctions/Hermes-Paris-Sock-Shadowbox-Display-34509534.html along side all the results for searching "Asics Stylish Shoes"
its ebth @bahljs
e-thrift brag that finally arrived last night. 2 sets of sterling silver studs from the BB website for... Someone probably clicked the wrong thing when listing these for 1 dollar each.
@nataku sadly yes its for real. EBTH used to be local, and there were a few deals sprinkled in, but they just hit the jackpot on investment, and now they're nation wide and everything goes for retail+. Most people just get stuck in the bidding aspect and buy crap for outrageous prices. Used couch? that'll be 1000 dollars please.
Is this Isaia polo legit? Womens? First I've seen in the wild here.
Need semi nice brown dress shoes (not my wedding not my choice) in 12EEE 12.5 E - 13D/E for a wedding at the end of the month. What does everyone have?
Is it normal for Aldens from Brooks brothers to have lots of verdigris and extra dye around the eyelets? Here is what i'm talking about: How old are these shoes? How long have they been sitting in a warehouse do develop that kind of tarnish? Would you keep these or exchange?
@nobleprofessor that band is very similar to "bonklip" bands that do indeed go for some serious coin.
My White's came with leather laces... They are extremely long, but work just fine. I'd replace nylon laces immediately however.
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