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That's lizard.
Love seeing Cincy beers on here!
Here are my Bison Whites in some terrible indoor lighting, I can't remember if I posted them yet. It's almost cool enough to start wearing them again!
Wanted: Navy or Burgundy Grenadine (Grossa preferred)
Wow, Sea Turtle? Those are something!
Thank you, 60% looked a touch better than 50%!
Does Sid Mashburn sale ever go past 50%?
Do the suede craftsmen stretch at all? My right foot fits great, but my left foot has had some surgery and the fit is a bit tight!
Hello, does anyone with Bison smokejumpers know if they have to be lined? Kyle is out right now, and I just spoke with Josh, and he seems to think that they need to be lined. Thanks, Clay
Does Sid usually drop further?
New Posts  All Forums: