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Is this Isaia polo legit? Womens? First I've seen in the wild here.
Need semi nice brown dress shoes (not my wedding not my choice) in 12EEE 12.5 E - 13D/E for a wedding at the end of the month. What does everyone have?
Is it normal for Aldens from Brooks brothers to have lots of verdigris and extra dye around the eyelets? Here is what i'm talking about: How old are these shoes? How long have they been sitting in a warehouse do develop that kind of tarnish? Would you keep these or exchange?
@nobleprofessor that band is very similar to "bonklip" bands that do indeed go for some serious coin.
My White's came with leather laces... They are extremely long, but work just fine. I'd replace nylon laces immediately however.
Don't buy a washed barbour, they won't take wax(or be waterproof) anymore.
Sad that MTO is over. Now i need to find 12-12.5 H craftsmen at retail. Good luck!
Haven't seen if this was answered yet, but these denalis are re-issues of the jackets worn on the trans Antartica trip, hence the patches.
Did whoever makes Polo's Benchmade in Italy shoes ever use shell cordovan? Looking at some PTB's and they look suspiciously like shell, but i've only seen benchmade in england shell shoes from Polo
Paging @Fueco Is it possible to discern the model of a Mountain Hardware jacket? There are no tags on the inside other than the Gore-tex tag, and washing instructions, and size tag.
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