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Is this tag women's, kid's? Did someone shrink the sweater? It's definitely not a men's XL.
You have to use a ballpoint pen!
quick stop: grabbed a pair of 9.5 E shell cordovan v-cleat Florsheim gunboats. Heavy as hell, and nearly unworn. all inscriptions on the inside are crispy as new.
On the snowboard holders? I think they're slightly older "powder hounds"? I'm keeping the rest for my bike.
Just thrifted a yakima rack with everything but the fairing. Anyone need ski/snowboard holders?
Eyes - hooks is much faster on and off.
are Celine silk scarves a thing? a cursory search brought up nothing spectacular...
You just need to open the plastic bag. Very hard I know.
No, but last archive sale they sent a patagonia vest instead of a jacket. (i made the mistake of not checking closely until it got cold again)
Always looking for suits(navy preferred) an A-2 jacket in 48R
New Posts  All Forums: