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While Whitlock does go overboard (as he's prone to do) with the slavery comparison, he does have a point about the insane amount of money coaches/athletic administrators at big time football or basketball schools make. Some of these coaches are making $3-4 million a year in salary and another few million in bonuses and endorsements - all while coaching "student" or "amateur" athletes. I'm not saying the appropriate solution is to pay college athletes, but something...
IMO, today's rap is 90% garbage. It's getting harder and harder to distinguish one artist from another nowadays. I read an article a couple of years ago talking about the death of hip-hop. I don't think hip-hop will ever completely die off, but I can definitely see it on life-support if some of these young cats can't step up their game.
Glad to see Kobe sitting out the final two regular season games. It's obvious the injuries have taken their toll on him this season. I would suggest he not even touch a basketball until a couple of days before game 1 for the Lakers in the playoffs. Having Kobe sit also gives the bench guys (particularly Farmar, Brown and Walton) a chance to play some valuable minutes and hopefully regain some confidence heading into the playoffs. The Lakers end the season against the...
Most people thought Coach K was crazy when he said he really liked this Duke team and thought they would surpise some folks in the Tournament. He basically said he's had much more talented teams in the past but this team was closer than any team he's ever had. Says a lot about talent not being the most important ingredient for a champion.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brothersport For all those who care about the Lakers (for or against), John Hollinger just put up a decent article on ESPN Insider detailing their decline. Basically, he said that they've been just a tiny bit better than a league-average team since the All-Star Break and are not the most likely team to make it out the West (you can see that from his playoff odds). He said that their offense has been mediocre due to the PG spot...
This is why college basketball has the best postseason in all of sports. It's unpredictable, exciting, chaotic and whomever survives can truly call themselves champions.
Clottey got what he wanted which was his first huge paycheck. Did you see that dump he was living in on HBO's documentary leading up to the fight?
Not expecting too many surprises huh? Three #1s and a #2 in the Final Four. I haven't had much of a chance to dissect the brackets yet but I do like Kentucky as well.
I always enjoyed Merlin Olsen as a color analyst back in the day with NBC. He always seemed like a class act and all-around good guy. He will be missed. May he Rest In Peace.
Quote: Originally Posted by grundletaint college style FTW I would much prefer this to the proposed changes. Both teams should have an opportunity with the ball in OT regardless if a touchdown is scored.
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