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http://www.styleforum.net/t/404485/damir-doma-s-s12-creeper-boots-43-44 ridic price
you are a poet
I figure this is the best place to ask this question. [[SPOILER]] I recently got these Miharayasuhiro boots from Rak. I am unsure if they are suede or reverse leather - the inside lining of the boots seems to be leather but it also appears to be a separate layer to the pieced that has been stitched together. This and the feel of them leads me to believe they are suede but I'm not totally sure. If they're suede, should I be applying some kind of suede spray to protect them?...
So beautiful, as always, Ghostface!
What is this? Google reverse image search isn't giving me anything
Those are nice ones ^ pretty sure they fit one-two sizes big, outsole measurement is 30.7cm which is quite large
From my experience big heels are generally less comfortable than more sedate ones, especially for someone that isn't used to wearing big(ger) heels or wears thinner socks
Thanks for the thumbs and the love
very melbourne. good fit
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