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that palette. too good
http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/auc-overlap/item/1406170307/ Viridi-Anne Shawl Collar Coat for like fifty bucks
nanamica everlane our legacy nike
KG which Devoa pants are those? They look great
Haven't checked out 'Kabuki' yet but my previous visits to Archive have been great. Got a gorgeous Attachment coat for $180 (!!), there's plenty of other nice pieces, and Lauren who works there is super lovely. This discussion is good as it's probably actually going to get me to haul over to Bruce and check it out, have been meaning to for a while!
Bit of both. It's a fairly expensive brand considering the quality because they are super hip... Their shirts are around $200-240AU
Exactly what came to mind for me. None of the pieces are cohesive at all in any way either.MoK - had to do a double take when I saw P.A.M. in your brands list! It's particularly funny as Melbourne trendy young fashion/dance music people adore the label, it's HUGE here in that scene. And very cool to see you wearing it so differently to how they do - and extremely well to boot!
I have been eagerly awaiting pictures on your SZ thread!
Hey Guy, do you know anywhere where I can grab the 1461 Mono in Melbourne?
http://www.styleforum.net/t/404485/damir-doma-s-s12-creeper-boots-43-44 ridic price
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