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Bumping, still on the lookout for this
I'd buy it myself instantly if it was but since they don't ship to the UK I'd have to make a deal with someone to buy it for me
Argh that sucks man, if you come by another one again give me a holla, thanks for the reply though. Edit: If it does come back into stock on Gilt, depending on the price, I would be happy to pay an extra fee on top of the original price of the jacket for someone to buy it and send it over here as unfortunatly Gilt do not ship to the UK.
Hey all, I'm looking for a Marc by Marc Jacobs wool motercycle jacket in Astral Blue. Only pic I can find that I can save is this pic where it's being worn by Kurt from the tv show Glee I have a link of it from Giltman but unfortunatly it is no longer in stock The size will need to be either a Small or Medium, preferably a small but a medium will be fine. I don't mind if it's second hand as long as it's in Good...
Didn't see a thread on her so I though I'd start one. Anyone else a fan of hers and are you looking forward to the new album coming out next month, I personally can't wait, I refuse to listen to her new releases until the album comes out in full. I want it now
Anyone else just not seeing why people find her attractive, she's average at best and the tatoos are terrible
I've seen a portable pants presser, it fit inside you're Breifcase and folded out from it
I wish I could pimp walk as well as that eagle
Mess it up a bit with some wax and you'll look great
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