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Score another for the Moleskin marketing team. Chatwin died almost ten years before they launched a notebook named after the nickname Chatwin gave to one if his notebooks. Appropriate I think, given Chatwin's liberal passing off of fiction as fact.Not withstanding, Chatwin's books are ace and Moleskin make a nice notebook.
The pedant in me needs to point out that Moleskin was dreamt up in 1997 whereas Leuchttrum1917 has been around since, er, 1917.It amazes me how they managed to sucker in people to believe they are writing in the same make/model of notebook Hemingway used.
I'm a 9.5D UK or 10.5C US and the Loake 1880 Savoy's I bought are too wide, but OK to wear with an insert. They are on the Mayfair last.
[[SPOILER]] tl;dr; [[SPOILER]]
I bought a pair of slim 'comer' thin wale cords a couple of months ago. Nothing special, but at $25 on sale can't complain. Were really slim though. Would size up next time.
There was some shirt talk a few days back. I am tallish (6'1"), bit longer in the body with the kind of hips that mean my trousers are often around the hips as opposed to just below my belly button. As a result I find that many OTR shirts come untucked at the gusset (the bit on the side, typically shorter than the front and back). And for some reason that really pisses me off. But a few months ago I finally found the perfect OTR shirt - Kamakura. The sizing options are...
Props. Lots of cord love happening at the moment. I have a brown Canali suit from B&S being adjusted at the tailors right now. It was a steal, and basically brand new. For added interest it's ex Spoo. Still haven't figured if I'll have the guts to wear it work on casual Fridays. Otherwise good for separates and winter horse racing. [[SPOILER]]
I got a pair of these a few weeks ago. Solid chukkas. Highly recommended for weekend loungers.
Mate! Love your style. Kinda gonzo, much respect. If your feet were that bit shorter and narrower (by half a fookin size!) I'd be in like Flynn.
New Posts  All Forums: