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Mate! Love your style. Kinda gonzo, much respect. If your feet were that bit shorter and narrower (by half a fookin size!) I'd be in like Flynn.
Try a buckwheat pillow. Just make sure that it's very good quality so nothing but the husks is in there (e.g.traces of flour).
I've bought some stuff from those guys recently. The pants were 'slim fit'. I'm a true 34, and ordered 33's. Two pairs fitted me just fine (but v. slim), 1 pair was too small. If I order slim fit again, I will be ordering 34. Bear in mind that was slim fit and no doubt the other fits would have been different. My guess would be to size down by an inch (or two) for the more regular fits.
Thanks man, very kind. I've got those samples already. I think Norne might be my next purchase. That or Ore.If anyone wants a sample of Jeke I am also happy to post. Just PM.
I posted a week or two back about perfume for blokes. A recent thing for me, never really got it in the past. The turning point was discovering all these niche makers, especially the ones that are concerned with quality ingredients and less or no chemicals. I cannot recommend Slumberhouse enough. The 'nose', a dude called Josh, has an uncanny ability. Really quite magic in a way. I have a bottle of Jeke and it's an 'extrait de parfum', which basically means it's oily not...
MJ Bale shirts are crap. I just took delivery of two shirts from Kamakura. Hands down best shirts ever. Especially for the money ($79USD delivered). Sizing takes some working out, but there's a good thread on here to guide you. I usually wear a slim 16/33 or 34 and their Tokyo slim 16/33.5 fits perfectly).
Any thoughts on odd trousers? I've got a few pairs, grey flannel (one light weight, one medium weight), khaki chinos, khaki fine wool dress trousers, and a pair of brown worsted. So basically just plain grey and plain khaki and plain brown.Do you think these would be a legit choice? [[SPOILER]] I'm thinking these could only be worn with a plain (or lightly textured, e.g. herringbone) sports coat, which discounts about half of mine straight away.
Think of it as a Rorschach test. Further analysis required.
I should have mentioned that you also need to let this stuff dry out / soak in. For at least a couple of hours, pref. over night. Even if you were sparing to begin with.
I've used these guys for the last few years. http://stores.ebay.co.uk/A-shoecare Never an issue and always the cheapest (although if I was in Melbourne I would def. buy local, especially for the odd single tin or jar).I often buy second hand shoes and given the preponderance of silicon in many of the more commercial shoe products, the first thing I do is give the shoe a gentle once over with Reno'mat. I say gentle, because Reno'mat is quite harsh stuff, but I've never seen...
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