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what happened to that thread with a bunch of "lines" I can't seem to find it.
still looking to see if anyone knows about common projects? phone and email don't seem to be working as a method of contact.
[quote=KitAkira;3113207]Are they special laces? not really, but the ones i've been able to find at local shoe stores don't bode well at all. That's why i'd like a replacement from common projects, they offered me a replacement if i sent them a prepaid envelope which i did. Now they don't respond to email, and their number doesn't seem to work. Just seems like these guys should have a way to get into contact with them.
anyone know how to get in contact with common projects, they don't reply to email, and their phone doesn't seem to work. I need some laces.
Quote: Originally Posted by FStyles Wow, great deal! +1
where do i get common project shoe laces =/ i sent emails to sales/info@commonprojectadgsklahgkj but never received a response. also their phone number doesn't seem to be working.
Quote: Originally Posted by CityHunter Stopped by Odin in the East Village...KMW's for $137. 1980 and 1950. They had like 10-12 pairs left. never tha rocker =/
Quote: Originally Posted by PocketCircle Then you should have said; "sorry that's not exactly the right size for me" which perfectly acceptable. But asking for measurements and knowing the price and then saying "OK right size but for that price I'll buy Kiton" is rude. I wouldn't even do that to a shopping assistant in a store. Also, when messaging people normally start with a hello or something like that, not "measurements on...
Quote: Originally Posted by PocketCircle You knew what the price was, you asked for the measurements. I had to open the packaging of the shirt, which I prefer not to do as some people buy without asking for measurements and they prefer a closed package. Then you tell me the measurements are right but you'll buy a Kiton for that price. Anyway good luck with your SF adventure. well they're a pretty close fit, not exact. Anyways once again I'd...
Quote: Originally Posted by PocketCircle Rude PMs. Quote: Originally Posted by onix Can you elaborate? Quote: Originally Posted by PocketCircle Really annoyed with msanfilippo is this some sort of joke? I asked for some measurements, seeing if it would be worth the time considering. The measurements were close to what I want. I saw some kiton shirts on sale a little while back for $200...
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