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In celebration of Ryan Adams' upcoming release on Nov. 4, I will be wearing my Ryan Adams Sucks Tshirt this weekend.
i bought 3 at old navy. they were 5 bucks a piece. no they dont hold up well and yes, you do have to go to old navy, but its the same design in every store- not something i felt was worth paying for.
shoefan- thanks for that info. im in richmond and regualarly go up to dc... i'll have to check out filene's. any chance you know what metro exit? Wouldn't that be great? Carrying back a garment bag with a 3k suit on public transportation. Beats the hell out of driving though.
say i wanted to purchase a two button charcoal suit from oxxford. what ballpark would i be looking at? 2k? 3k?
I use Anthony's Glycolic Facial Cleanser. Moisturizer: day- baxter super shape spf 15, night, anthony oil free facial lotion. Better yet, you should be choosing based on your skin type- check out they have a select products based on your skin type feature and have tons of good info.
I love my Mach 3, and have no problems with it.  Actually with the shave cream I use and my technique, I don't know if anything can improve upon my shave.  The 4 blade razor seems to be too gimmicky to justify the price.  But then again thats what they said about the mach 3 i guess.
I think charcoal would be your best bet while still looking very appropriate. You won't stick out like a sore thumb in a navy suit, but charcoal would be more appropriate. I just purchased a charcoal suit as my third suit and its remarkeably versatile. Good luck.
I concur with matadorpoeta and PeterMetro. Certain events (weddings and funerals) require the respect and dignity that only a suit can provide. Unless your 12 years old, you should appear at neither in anything less than a suit.
I meant rubber sole. Mea culpa. I fixed the original post. I dont have a black pair of shoes that I can wear in the rain except for my Ken Coles but thats because I don't care about them and I want them to die.
Hi all, I'm looking for a pair of black boots, something with a rubber sole, that I can kick around in jeans in and that will last 5 years and still look good.  200-250 is the top of my range.   I like these from Pliner: Donal J. Pliner Barnes These Eccos (although they may be too sporty) Ecco Track II and these Cole Haans that might be more classic: cole haans I appreciate everyones help and additional suggestions.  I'm a bit lost.
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