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I also have some s16 black bull denim fatigue's in medium (34 waist).
I have a bunch of FW engineered garments pants in size 34 and would love to trade for size 32. I have grey wool shooting pants, olive green quilted reversible pants (i believe these are marked 32 but definitely fit 34). I also have shooting pants in grey wool size 30 and some e1 pants in a thick grey cotton in a size large (36). I'm interested in FW pants in size 32... or anything wool or heavier fabrics really.
Still looking!
I'm looking for wool fisherman pants from FW15, but beyond that wool pieces in general. I'm a large in jackets and roughly a 32 in pants. Let me know what you have.
Hello, I'm looking for a fisherman pant in wool from FW15. Thanks!
I'm looking for an engineered garments or Woolrich Woolen Mills Poncho. Wool, Size M. Thanks!
I'm looking for size medium outlier t shirts and polo's. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
I found a large but a medium would fit better. Anyone have a medium that they would trade for a large or have a medium for sale?
I missed these when they were offered and would love to buy a Vented Double Hood in medium or large. Can anyone help me out!
I'm looking for a Navy engineered garments blazer in large. Andover would be great, but interested in anything. Let me know.
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