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Anyone been to the sale? is it worth it or are the shirts all weird custom sizes?
My initial reaction to iOS8 is....underwhelmed. Took me about an hour to fully download and implement the new software.
I'd imagine most of the shirts are returns from the remake process.
I went TTS as well for my boots and Venetos
GQ has a teaser of the Gap sweatpants
i believe this in store warehouse sale is this weekend? I got a reminder in the mail a while back.
I would also recommend Sandqvist. I got an awesome bag during the most recent sale season for a ~$200
Got mine yesterday as well. I had boxes within boxes within boxes within tissue paper within receipts within more boxes.OB tees and trunks fit great tho!
don't risk the dryer. Hang to dry to avoid any shrinkage
Sure it does. Grailed is mostly SW&D and the size filter works wonders.
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