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The Five story sample sale is not that great. You are not missing much, especially at this point in the sale
Jack Erwin has a pair just >$200 but not sure about quality
Jack Erwin has a pair for just >$200. Not sure about quality tho.
let me know if you find any because I just lost mine and need some too in that price range.
medium concepts sample sale in NYC was decent. Best of the bunch is Isaora for various jackets / shirt jackets. Todd Snyder sample sale was OK as well with a good mix of items. lots of champion sweats.
Anyone been to the sale? is it worth it or are the shirts all weird custom sizes?
My initial reaction to iOS8 is....underwhelmed. Took me about an hour to fully download and implement the new software.
I'd imagine most of the shirts are returns from the remake process.
I went TTS as well for my boots and Venetos
GQ has a teaser of the Gap sweatpants
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