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Quote: Originally Posted by Kentishman I recently bought a Clark's pair (in 'Cola' brown) and find them both comfortable and versatile - surely a dream come true for footwear! Now looking to get a lighter sand-coloured pair and also a darker brown pair. The only down side is the crepe sole, which wears out quite easily (if my experience with Wallabees is anything to go by), although I have heard they can be repaired/built back up. I personally...
Hi Guys, Call me a "dirty ol' spammer" if you wish, but I think they both look pretty fine! Clunky and inelegant.... pah! Regards, Graham
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbris1 Because a non-SF enthusiast would sure pony up more than you cheap bastages here would. (Says the chief lowballer/cheap bastage) That is correct
FWIW as an eBay seller it makes sense to have a transparent return policy. Anyone can return anything to me they like.... as long as my listing is accurate.... they pay for the return. While I am never likely to have a customer shouting 'fake'..... if I did... would still expect cost of return to be paid by the customer. Let him return it : sounds like you sold it cheap and stand to get a better price second time round anyway. Regards, Graham
Quote: Originally Posted by HHD I thought exactly the same thing - they should have given him a decent boot. Incidentally, I read somewhere that the Doctor's boots are by Prada, so there is a Church's connection! The new Doctor Who is a Northampton boy..... so he can go and sort out his own boots!
I am going on holiday to Greece tomorrow .... so enjoy these while I'm gone Regards, Graham
Barker 'Black' Black calf / Ivory Suede Regards, Graham
Quote: Originally Posted by TKDKid The Westminster was the Westfield's predecessor and last appeared in C&J's mail order & retail catalogue in 2004/05. I think C&J still have a few pairs in calf lying around which they bring out during sales. The Westminster was made on the 332 last which I seem to remember being not quite as sleek/elongated as the 341 last..... Thank you for the info about the last.... picked this up as a...
Crockett & Jones "Chukka" Ivory Suede (200 last) Regards, Graham
Crockett & Jones "Shefford" Black Calf / White Canvas (341 last) Regards, Graham
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