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Quote: Originally Posted by Wes Bourne I don't see it mentioned in any of her auctions (unlike, say Tricker's ebay listings). Should she even include/charge it in her prices in the first place? I thought she was just an individual seller, not a registered business. It is a matter of turnover and VAT thresholds Just for amusement...a 'special' C & J "Finsbury" Jaguar Suede on a crepe sole!!!! (341 last) Regards, Graham
A monk for the countryside? Crockett & Jones "Lowndes" tan pebble Grain - ridgway sole- 341 last Regards, Graham
Don't topy...... add more shoes to your rotation instead. If you 'need' rubber soles..... buy rubber soled shoes. There are plenty to choose from. Regards, Graham
Who dares pay full price When beautiful footwear is Found at a discount
Quote: Originally Posted by kev777 Trickers without any shadow of doubt !! Closely followed by Grenson Rose. Good choice, Kevin....and there's me thinking you might just say Autocrat! Regards, Graham
Hi Guys, A couple of samples: The one without the medallion is a Crockett & Jones "Wembley" (360 last) The one with the medallion is unnamed. It looks to be on the 360 too... but I'm not sure. It certainly is not simply a Wembley + medallion. Regards, Graham
No.... it isn't 348 Regards, Graham
hi Guys, Interesting times in Northampton as a raft of samples have come to the shelves. They are not 'competitively priced' so I won't be boring you with too many. C & J produce their samples in UK 7.5 . Some are named, some are not! However, the Downing featured below is a UK 9..... no idea why ???.... will add others to this thread in future weeks. Crockett & Jones Handgrade "Downing" Tan Antique (330 last) Crockett & Jones "Grasmere" Dark Brown...
Quote: Originally Posted by ZackyBoy Cordovan chukkas make me wet. Eeeeew.... I think that is taking shoe porn too far.... but if your fantasy needs feeding.... Trickers "Mike" Regards, Graham
Quote: Originally Posted by instep LOL at the thinly veiled class warfare at the UK. How the sun has set on the Empire. Thought the same but there is still inherrent snobbery implied by the OP...... such a discussion only has merit if you can resist the 'temptation' to not mention not only Oxbridge but indeed Durham either. Before long you will have a 'league table' of worthy institutions mentioned. God forbid the first to mention any...
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