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Of course the answer is yes! Regards, Graham
Quote: Originally Posted by Lafont In responding to my own last post, I asked my local Brook Brothers staff this question - who exactly makes the current Brooks Brothers shoes collection? They discussed it and one gentleman, whom I truly believe knows a great deal about the Brooks Brothers products (and history) stated uncategorically the shoes are manufactured by three companies: Peal & Co., Crockett and Jones, and Alden Shoe Co. Absolutely not Church's,...
Foster & Son "Highclere" RTW by Crockett & Jones (337 last) [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] Regards, Graham
3,6,7 Now do shoes.... Regards, Graham
Hi Guys, More help needed please This is a C & J Curzon in Tan on the 330 last Can anyone tell me which retailer it was made for? [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] Regards, Graham
Hi Guys, I am having a crisis of confidence over the sizing of this shoe I have just listed on eBay. It is a C & J made shoe on the 240 last that has been resocked. Almost certainly it is a Peal & Co for Brooks Brothers. I made the decision to list these as UK 9.5 D because the insole bears the imprint ' 9 1/2 4' with 4 being the fitting. As these are english made using english components, I presume the 4...
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del The Dundee model you have linked to is probably discontinued, hence the low price and limited sizes. If you paid 320 USD for those shoes, I wouldn't say you got a great deal but if you like it then I guess you could keep them. As stated, the Corniche range is discontinued. Corniche are and were perfectly decent shoes - the leathers used are basic and the price point at Pediwear is accurate and appropriate...
Vital in black: Oxford Cap toe Oxford Adelaide Punched Seam Oxford Full brogue Derby plain toe on a double leather sole Foolish not to have in black: A decent boot or two: Chelsea boot Tricker's Stow (or similar) Tricker's Henry (or similar) And for those who like them: A monkstrap ( single IMO) Regards, Graham
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 Tom @ LS said the Cleverly stuff was made on Cleverly specific lasts (not sure I'm sold on this yet). Have to agree with the finding that this is a C & J made GC.... box definitely marked up as a 337 last and resocking is commonplace. Regards, Graham
Hi Guys, Does anyone recognize this? It is on the 337 last and to all intents is an Albany with a medallion. At a guess made for Japan or Ben Silver????? Inside marked J 9813 [IMG][/IMG] Regards, Graham
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