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Crockett & Jones "Dorking" (359 last) Link to the Crockett & Jones "Avon" in the same 359 last [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]
Size down for ALL Trickers country lasts! A half size works for me ( Stow, Henry, Bourton) all in size UK 7.5 All dress shoes and a pair of Polo suede boots are in UK 8 Regards, Graham
Crockett & Jones in Tan Wax Calf (365 last)
Crockett & Jones " Cleveland" (350 last) in beige [IMG][/IMG] Regards, Graham
...... sackcloth and ashes???
Quote: Originally Posted by Man Of Lint Well meaning gestures can go wrong and get you fired. Why take a chance? I'd mind my own business were I you. He will figure it out sooner or later for himself. What he said ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Hi Guys, New to me.. ( I think ! ) Crockett & Jones "Northcote" Dark Brown Cavalry Calf (348 last) [IMG][/IMG] Regards, Graham
Isn't Sat Nav the answer these days? is over here!
Hi Guys, Crockett & Jones " Hastings" in chestnut ( 328 last) [IMG][/IMG] Crockett & Jones "Rosebery" in Tan (330 last).... this one has obviously been resocked. [IMG][/IMG] Regards, Graham
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