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"413Read" Made for Stuart's choice. Can anyone tell me if this is an old or new model Regards, Graham
Haven't posted here in 'yonks' I thought it was about time Regards, Graham
In UK 7.5 , 8, 8.5 9,10 ,10.5 and 11 (All UK sizing) Details and photographs by PM only. Will not be posted on eBay Price does not include shipping
The link should be visible to you under this post
I might go for an unplanned holiday in mid August , so drawing everything to a close in about 10 days. I know everybody is familiar with my ebay listings of C & J and Barker. People might be less familiar with the fact that I also carry some Church and Barker Black that I do not list on eBay. PMs welcome
"Chelsea 3" in burgundy scotch grain I like this... the burgundy and the tan elastic are perfect bedfellows! Regards, Graham
New to me: " Tan weave"...... I think these will polarise opinion! [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] Regards, Graham
Still this ...[IMG][/IMG] Regards, Graham
There is no need for those to be loafers. Couldn't the kiltie fringe equally be concealing a pair of wingtip oxfords? Everything seems fine to me.... if that is your "thing"
Interesting variation on the Lowndes..with the addition of a punched toe seam. This shoe is also on the 348 last. Regards, Graham
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