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Just curious who you are asking. Personally think that the second one looks like something one closer to 40-50yrs old would wear, or an SF'er since I see so many variations of that style posted on here. For a highschool student, I like the first one better, unless you are going for some professor type look. All I know is the people during college that had bags like #2 were typically derided for carrying a grandpa satchel.
lazy ass? you just described a several month journey to buy one suit.
Like some have mentioned, buying blind from b+s or ebay can be a pretty risk proposition if things dont work out, ie you're gonna end up spending way more money than if you just bought it right the first time. If 500-800 is a big investment I'd shy away from buying it online unless you know EXACTLY what you're getting. I honestly don't know how everyone on here seems to have such good luck finding exactly what they need on megaclearance at 80% off retail, I guess they...
i dunno, to beat a dead horse it sounds like you bought into SF groupthink wholesale. I mean a suit you were fine with before, at least enough so that you dropped a grand on before all of a sudden now is crap because of some internet forum? I certainly respect a lot of the opinions on here, but the mob mentality on certain topics irks me.
I too own a pre-SF HB suit that I probably paid $1,000 for. On the plus side it in made in the U.S. On the negative side it is utter crap. I think I work it twce in the past 12 months. I could start with all of the things wrong with it from the absolute lack of drape to the machine made "pick stiching". However, the thing that really pothers me the most about it are the crappy shoulders! The few times I have worn it, the jacket comes off ASAP. edit: forgot to quote the...
Hey if you go against SF groupthink, you're done here. "newbies" that talk about hugo boss on here are crucified, but thats Hell there were posts when I first joined about suits literally falling apart when it touched a few drops of rain, and apparently it was common, or others complaining of quality difference in a $600 boss suit to a purple label suit etc etc. But i hope most people can use common sense. Anyways my only experience with prada was a few years ago, i...
this thread has turned into everything is crap and overpriced except for AiP
i remember reading an article, i think maybe watchtime, that the royal oak is one of the few watches that actually costs quite a bit to manufacture, considering all of the detailing work and finishing. Not sure how accurate that article was, but i'd believe it considering how many brands put out generic looking steel watches that still cost 5k.
i dont understand all these smug responses about being afraid to wear it if you can afford it. i think it does make sense to get something dedicated to travel, and that you won't worry about too much if something does happen. I remember reading somewhere kanye likes to go running in lanvin sneakers just because he can. Just because you can afford to do something doesn't mean you can't be practical. I don't mind working out in my nikes even tho they arent goodyear...
im skeptical of it even being that bad if you are refusing to post photos
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