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skateboards : awesome, graphic tees: awesome they go together, with kix and a nice graphic tee, pacqyo tee: hella tight, if anyone knows what i'm talkin about
Skate Dude style: Board, Jeepney shirt, levis jeans, Nikes kix
i like jeepney with my skinnys , if anyone knows it, you're awesome! they're kinda indie, but' that's what i like, nothing that's too mainstream, or else I wouldn't like them in the first place, like marc jacobs, dior, those big brands, just to list a few, they all try to design something that's street or urban, but i don't think they have the roots for it
Skateboard look
Well, Askin me, graphic tees are hella better than just normal looking solid tees. Graphic tees is like another identity on a Tee, like a graphic that completely represents you. Whereas, if you just take a random solid color tee, you won't get much outta the character of someone Graphic tees symbolize you, that's why I always pic tees that have some graphic that represents me, or represents how I feel. LIke for example, one of Jeepney's tee, I wear their tees all...
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