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Those austerity brogues get me every time. Dark cognac is beautiful, by the way.
Great shoe in a wonderful colour. What colour is it?
These look great TRINI! Is that the P2 last as well, or...?They do seem to go with everything I have. Great shoe. Gotta love Vass' suede, very nice.I read that a lot on and I think it's something you only (really) see when looking at pictures of the shoe. In person, it's very hard to tell and I already think a double sole wears better.Thanks Achillus!You are right in the sense that suede is more casual than calf and that a blucher is more...
Thanks! I think the third photo portrays the colour best. It is rather dark, but it has a tan/tobacco shine in it. Actually rather beautiful, but I expected it to be a bit brighter as well! Oh and the P2 is a Godsend for my feet, which are a bit wider than most. Must. Have. More.
Vass made-to-order punched cap-toe oxford (Melton) in mid-brown suede on the New Peter (P2) last with double-to-single sole
Looking s(l)ick PG.
I was asking myself this very same question. I live in the ever rainy Netherlands, thus a coat needs to be able to repel quite some rain. I live just outside of the city and would prefer to travel by Vespa. Parking space is pretty scarce where I work and I am just a young small timer, working his way up. I would suppose the trench is the best bet, considering that our winters only have a couple of cold weeks. Actually, only the last two or three years have been incredibly...
The two are hardly comparable. Magnanni uses a Bologna construction and Santoni design. The only thing really good about the brand, is that it can be bought for 50 euro during the sale. Carmina is goodyear welted, uses much better letter and the designs are all the more classic. I'll take Carmina over Magnanni any day.
ASOS, 8 quid per bracelet. Makes for a nice starter, see if you like it.
You can check the details for yourself on Quote: Exclusive Range Six fresh styles all featuring concealed stitched oak bark channelled soles and leatherboard heel stiffeners for added strength. AS Exclusive is only available Made To Order allowing a choice of a tan burnished chestnut calf, a dark brown burnished espresso calf and finest black burnished calf. In addition they can also be commissioned in a choice of black or brown quality...
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