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Subway really does let franchises open across the street from another one. In downtown Edmonton there are 4 in a two-block radius and 8 in the downtown core. There are actually 3 Subways in 3 neighboring buildings. The labor is cheap as most of them seem to hire from local ESL schools. Every sign I see in the back of these restaurants is in both English and one or more Asian languages.
Damn, I figured Forest was gone - I hadn't seen him the last few times I was in there. Glad I got my suit alterations out of the way before he retired. Good to know he's still kind of around, though.
I don't get what it is about this forum that makes people think WORK BOOTS have to be handled like gold leaf. I'm having a shitty snowy winter. I'm wearing these boots at least 40 hours a week. I've treated my black cherry GTs exactly once, after 2 months of wear, with Red Wing burgundy shoe cream. They look ace.
I got my black cherry 9011s a week and a half ago. I have really wide, flat feet and GTs only come in a D width, so the dude at the Red Wing store recommended I go with a 10.5, which is the size I tend to gravitate to in the first place (if I could regularly find shoes the proper width, I'd be a 8.5). The 10.5 has turned out perfect. It was a bitch the first few days of wearing them, but the sides have stretched nicely and while my toes have lots of room, the heel fits...
I like their OCBDs - as many before me have mentioned, when shit goes on sale at CM it really goes on sale.
Quote: Originally Posted by tomgirl It doesn't exist. The Bothy, maybe? I'm thinking you're right. I have yet to visit the Bothy - I'm on the southside but it's a little out of my way.
Lit seems alright but more of a wine bar. And I'm laughing too at the suggestion of Hudson's. For real, this town is cocktail clueless apart from fruity girl drinks that get called martinis just because they're served in martini glasses. I was in an establishment on Bourbon Street in WEM and ordered an old fashioned. The server came back and told me I'd have to instruct the bartender on how to make it. Not much of a bartender then, is he? was my retort.
Question for all the other Edmontonians here - what do you think the classiest bar in town is? I don't go out all that much - usually sip my whisky at home, but I'd like to find someplace nice to head after work for a few classic cocktails with friends or co-workers.
My father-in-law is Greek and has a few properties there that he is developing. It's a royal pain in the ass. Bribery is indeed a national sport there, and if you're not a local you can expect to be bent over on a regular basis. As well, if you start to dig and hit something that might be considered an artifact, kiss all your plans goodbye.
Sam Abouhassan is the king of bespoke in Edmonton.
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