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definitely wear a proper shirt and shoes at a minimum.
Jantzen works out of a tiny store that has enough room for 8 people and he is getting crazy amounts of business -- so much that he can barely provide in-store service. In fact, when I picked up my shirts, I claimed them in the hallway because the store was overflowing w/ customers. I'm surprised he has the bandwidth to fill any internet orders.
I have never heard of her, but I confirm what others have advised to you: go with what's recommended and known. I have used three different tailors in HK and you get what you pay for. Just got my first suit from W.W. Chan and had an awesome experience. I am VERY picky. Picked up my suit on the third fitting, I can't be more pleased. At the same time, got some simple trousers made from a non-recommended TST Indian tailor. After three fittings, trousers still do not fit...
Quote: Originally Posted by Naturlaut II I am having something made at Gordon Yao at Royal Garden Hotel in TST. He was recommended to me by another very discerning gentleman. Will report back after fitting. Hi Naturlaut II, Any update yet? Could you give me a price range for suits and trousers for Yao?
Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel Is this your first appointment with Chan, or do they already have a pattern for you? In either event, it is most unwise to get "many" of any item from any tailor on a first order. You might consider getting just a couple of extra pairs of pants from Chan on this go-round. At least, they are more likely to approximate perfection than most of the cheaper HK tailors. Once they have tweaked your pattern to your...
Hi All, This forum has been VERY helpful. I will be in HK at end of December to January 4th. I plan to get a suit made (have booked my first appt with W.W. Chan). I also want to get many pairs of pants made. I want to save some $$ and think pants require less precision than jackets. Which tailor do you recommend for pants? Or do you think I shld stick w/ Chan? I'd appreciate any input. Thanks.
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