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Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI Are those Canali's? I was in the Canali store today and was trying those on (or some very similar ones) and ultimately decided to buy these instead:
When it says 8/8.5 for EG for RLPLwhich measurement do they use? UK or US?
I just bought 2 armani jeans at emporio armani (actually one is AJ the other Emporio) at a 70% sale. Does anybody know the quality of these? i read a lot about APC, the japanese repro's and other brands but could find nothing about armani. I suspect because it is the same as "check my cool
After spending to much time reading about belts on styleforum i just ordered the same belt as the OP. tbh i wouldn't mind it if the color came out as his photo's make it seem. Looks amazing!
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