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Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy I can't believe the advice here...are you guys out of your fucking minds? Do any of you have a clue about the way woman think? Don't even think of wearing it and in fact burn it. I can just about guarantee that if any woman, much less your wife, hears about it that story will be told over and over again as an example of your insensitivity, stupidity, etc., etc.. Dude, were you planning on using the same...
guessing it looks like one of the cotton ones in this thread: ? If so i suggest you use the pic
Quote: 7 & 8 & 9) Car Coat. If you happen to come across another one of these in EU48 i would happily buy it!
could you post a pic of the third sweater not folded up and maybe the shoulder measurements etc?
Bought a NWT Brunello Cucinelli sportscoat from mack11211. Great and speedy service, even refunded some money because shipping costs were lower then expected!
Ah, thanks! just checked, mine are indeed on the george last.
shameless bump in the hope someone knows the last/model. best fitting shoe for my type of feet i ever had.
the box only says "old england" but i gather thats the color. in the inside of the shoe it says "6364-47" "F-7,5" Does that first number give any hints as to what model or last this is?
I have just bought these Santoni's today and was wondering what model it is and on which last. I spent over 45 minutes in the store trying on all kinds of shoes (C&J, EG, Santoni etc) and these just had the best fit for my feet. Appearantly they are MTO for this shop specifically (or is that simply how it always works with santoni goodyears?). The tips really are a darker color but with flash on i can't get it right.. Guess i should take photo's in daylight.
I bought a Caruso suit a few weeks back and tried to find some info about that brand. that's how i ended up on SF.. I understand a lot more about suits etc after reading alot on SF but could not really find that much info on Caruso. I do know that my suit is MTM, fully canvassed and 84%wool 14%silk (feels incredible). At a 40% discount i still paid €1100 ($1500) which is probably way to much.. Any comments on Caruso pricing or just general info? I also bought...
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