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Quote: Originally Posted by MrG They're my family; they love me and I love them. They're also quite proud of me, given I'm the one who has reached a relative level of success that most of my family hasn't. Every little joke I get for being the smart one, or the dressed-up one, comes bundled with the fact that they're really proud of what I've done. Every time a member of that side of the family introduces me to someone, they include something about my...
when i lost 36 Kilo's, needed a complete new wardrobe, did some googling and came across styleforum.net
Thanks for the rlpl pants, fit perfect just like you said and fast shipping as well!
Quote: Originally Posted by Icehawk My best luck has been with the designer Euro stuff by far I'm a 36R and am always very pleased with Caruso. Love the soft shoulders and high armholes. I understood they sell in the US at Neiman Marcus?
Quote: Originally Posted by CriticalFish I'd would like to get these all sold in the next few days. In response to many inquiries, there's no shipping outside of US; my apologies. Really, why would you not ship outside US? It is not like everything outside CONUS is third world.. And if the buyer is willing to pay for shipping through insured UPS or FedEx there is absolutely nothing that could go wrong.
Quote: Originally Posted by zoorado Also, FWIW, http://home.watchprosite.com/show-fo...ti-596536/s-0/ Quote: "Even the materials used in Grand Seiko watches are special; the mainsprings in all the Grand Seiko mechanical and Spring Drive calibers are made of SEIKO's proprietary alloy, sPr0n, which delivers maximum power reserve and durability. " That explains a lot
Quote: Originally Posted by emakris It takes a very brave man to pay thousands of pounds for a Seiko that is not a Credor. Quote: Originally Posted by flanker2000fr One does not need to be brave to buy a GS, he just needs to be able to recognize quality. Emakris might have a point when talking about resell value. Even though it is very hard to get a feeling of what the resell market is like for GS. Google doesn't...
Wow, a lot more replies then I anticipated. Going trough the TZ forums it seemed like there were only a hand few of people who actually liked the GS.. Thanks for the kind words and show of support for Seiko in general
Quote: Originally Posted by nozorro Great watches. What about servicing? Do you have to sendt it to Japan? No, There is a Seiko center in Amsterdam (where i live). But to be honest they then send it to japan for servicing.. Quote: Originally Posted by entrero Is it the Spring-drive Seiko? I would avoid those, an automatic movement with a micro chip... No it is a regular automatic. I was intrigued by the...
After extensive forum and shop trolling I bought a Grand Seiko a few weeks ago (SBGL001J). One of the things i really like about it is the understatement. In my environment people tend to frown upon flashy and expensive things. A rolex would be a sure sign i am trying to be a pimp, feel like i am better then they are or want to show i have more money then them. Nobody except some WIS knows what this costs. When my colleagues ask me I tell them it cost me €449,-...
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