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Holy hell what happened to this thread? Suddenly it looks like a bunch of teenagers mashing their faces into an AIM box.
Great thread. As with so many things Whisky is one of those subject areas I'd love to explore properly one day. It is a subject so rich with history, technique and lore that the casual participant can't really scratch the surface. It sounds like you've found yourself a mentor worthy of the title.
Just had a twenty year old acquaintance describe herself as a MILF. It is sad and true.
Who cares? I wouldn't open them because I wont use them, and an open one might catch on something, or invite temptation. Otherwise there is no reason to open them, and no reason not to open them. Do what you like.
I think he meant ontological. It's a theoretical paradigm, and almost always used by people to sound smart, rather than because the distinction needs to be made.
Same reason weathermen don't meteorolog and scientists don't biolog all day. Just not the way language works.
That's what I thought. Maybe we are sharing a single delusion?
Don't forget that you can get thick shirts that are poor quality and thin ones that are good. Weight is almost never an indicator of quality.
Correct. I may be mistaken but the impression I get is that the guys who want the luxury shirts are slightly older and this not quite so slim fit. I'm not sure the company really wants to promote them anymore, their business is all about the 4 for £100. £25 per shirt suits the vast majority of clients, once you move up to £40 a shirt you're in slightly new territory.
The luxury shirts are single needle and MoP buttons. They at 2 for £80. The mainline (4 for £100) are plastic and double needle stitch. I never wear the Poplin lines, why buy a thinner material when the thicker twill is the same price? Seems like a dumb choice to make...
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