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I take notes as slowly as possible in order to mock the institution that is a corporate meeting.
Either way, there will be several lawyers rubbing their hands together over that one. Imagine having to go knock-for-knock on a claim like that...
Wow the Lambo was going way too fast and the Mazda couldn't stay in lane. That video is going to result in months of legal battles.
Hoods seal in a massive amount of heat. Often putting a hooded sweatshirt on is often more effective than turning the heating up.
Not even kidding, I laughed out loud.
I wouldn't have any vents in a tuxedo. Don't forget that a tux shirt either has pleats or a Marcella front (looks like a golf ball). A plain dress shirt is rather falling short given that you're going custom made with the tux.
I've never noticed a difference to be fair. Don't forget they have a 6 month return policy, you can order them and if you don't like them, just return for a refund.
At my college you certainly had a coat and tie requirement.
Deliberate product befuddlement is common; go in for a white T-Shirt and discover seven types of leather pants and a tiger-themed boot-and-jockstrap arrangement.
Interesting. At Cambridge it's black bow tie for exams and just a coat and tie for formal dining (with gown of course). That's what makes me surprised; Oxford and Cambridge are the prime locations for the pre-made white tie, but in Cambridge id struggle to find one. Black is another issue, of course. Personally I'd like to see more now ties, the trouble is that unless you have a chiseled jaw you take on a Nutty Professor vibe that's just too damn hard to shake off.
New Posts  All Forums: