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It's not a health check, it's just vision. Even then you only have to be able to read a license plate at 15 meters. It can't account for general lack of competency or fear of traveling at proper speeds.
I would totally vote for compulsory driving tests every 10 years. The number of people who sit in the fast lane doing 50mph, who refuse to use their indicator, who pull out into fast moving traffic, is incredible. I can count at least 5 friends/family members who should have been prohibited from driving years ago. They're either too old blind or stupid to be in control of a tonne of metal moving at 80mph without some government intervention.
People seem to forget that the Hilton family have put decades of work into building their empire. No one picked Paris from a line up of homeless people and gave her $100m. Ok! she didn't earn it herself, but her parents and grandparents did.
Because the blemishes, mal-shapes and shit-smeared apples are more "honest" than all those GM-Waxed Apples that other chains sell.
There hasn't been a single Mercedes posted that doesn't look like a travesty owned by a 21 year old kid. Why would you do that to previously majestic cars?
I thought the whole place closed down? The old URL stopped working and I couldn't think of a way to find the new one.
Wow. Ive always thought it a marker of a good tailor; if you can make a man of extreme proportions look "normal" then you have what it takes. I'd hVe put this chap at 36-37 without a doubt.
It's a misattributed quote of Maralyn Monroe
Its not better, they just work harder at making it look/smell/taste genuine.
I've had boss suits that wore through in 3 months. They are just about the lowest quality Designer suit on the market.
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