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Its not better, they just work harder at making it look/smell/taste genuine.
I've had boss suits that wore through in 3 months. They are just about the lowest quality Designer suit on the market.
Hotties doing things is hot. Doing things is not hot.
^ Everything you say makes me believe that your tailor was/is a shyster. On Super Numbers This Article is a classic (and AFAIK totally accurate). Basically making a cloth very fine also makes it very delicate. Also, you can make terrible quality cloth very fine, and you make make super-high quality cloth thick. On your tailor If you had a real bespoke suit then the chap should have been able to change absolutely everything - the shape of the lapels, the fit and cut of...
It's odd, but on the international stage Aston Martin seem to function as a high end European car or a low end exotic. I don't know why but in England they are considered to be a rough competitor to Ferarri, rather than a non-exotic brand. Maybe it is latent patriotism, but with £150k to spend there is a massive portion of Englishmen who simply couldn't pass up the chance to own an Aston Martin.
One word two meanings. Originally a blazer was "emblazoned" with club/college colours, or regimental buttons. They are loud, bright and wonderful with a boater at Henley or Lords. The navy blazer is an evolution (devolution?) of the same garment in plain blue with gold buttons. Both garments can be correctly called a blazer. The coat in the image is a sports coat.
Are boots shoes though?
I certainly never came across a customer who would admit to posting on SF. I always found that a little reassuring. This place is great for getting people interested in suits, but if 100% of SR trade was SF based then the whole place would collapse in a matter of months.
Shit just got real.
The point I'm making is that knowing a tailors EBIT means bugger all to the pricing of the garment. 2014: I earn £90,000 and my suit costs £3,000 that is 3.3% of my wealth on a suit 1914: I earn £9,000 and my suit costs £200 that is 2.2% of my wealth on a suit 1850: I earn £90 and my suit cost £1 that is 1.1% of my wealth on a suit Thus you have the comparison of how expensive a suit used to be from an SR tailor. Adding in taxes and fees muddies the waters.
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