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People seem to forget that the Hilton family have put decades of work into building their empire. No one picked Paris from a line up of homeless people and gave her $100m. Ok! she didn't earn it herself, but her parents and grandparents did.
Because the blemishes, mal-shapes and shit-smeared apples are more "honest" than all those GM-Waxed Apples that other chains sell.
There hasn't been a single Mercedes posted that doesn't look like a travesty owned by a 21 year old kid. Why would you do that to previously majestic cars?
I thought the whole place closed down? The old URL stopped working and I couldn't think of a way to find the new one.
Wow. Ive always thought it a marker of a good tailor; if you can make a man of extreme proportions look "normal" then you have what it takes. I'd hVe put this chap at 36-37 without a doubt.
It's a misattributed quote of Maralyn Monroe
Its not better, they just work harder at making it look/smell/taste genuine.
I've had boss suits that wore through in 3 months. They are just about the lowest quality Designer suit on the market.
Hotties doing things is hot. Doing things is not hot.
^ Everything you say makes me believe that your tailor was/is a shyster. On Super Numbers This Article is a classic (and AFAIK totally accurate). Basically making a cloth very fine also makes it very delicate. Also, you can make terrible quality cloth very fine, and you make make super-high quality cloth thick. On your tailor If you had a real bespoke suit then the chap should have been able to change absolutely everything - the shape of the lapels, the fit and cut of...
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