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In the UK all taxes are picked up by the dealer on a leased car. One of the few ways our tax system is benneficial!
I hate to mention the L word, but have you considered a lease? You're spending a not inconsiderable sum, could you look at leasing a new vehicle at roughly the expected deprciation? You'd probably end up with quite a nice car and be in a similar financial situation 5 years later.Obviously fact you don't own the car isn't for everyone, but it works well if you've got rapidly chaning requirements (kids getting older etc).
I honestly think the best modern storyline was Bad Wolf. The even was universe-wide, but it wasn't becuase the Doctor caused it, and the little mentions of Bad Wolf throughout the series were enough to really pique my interest. At this stage, I'm really struggling to maintain interest - they need some serious new blood in the writing room. Especially now that people are used to series-spanning plots from epics like GoT and House of Cards. Audiences have shown they're...
Not quite as baller as RS and 458 but: Finally taken delivery of two new cars - one for the commute and one for hauling shit around. Ordered about 3 months apart , and by sheer chance they both arrived on the same truck.
Saw an i8 in the wold for the first time today. One of the few cars that is exactly as I expected it to look from the photos. Not better, not worse, just exactly as represented. Very cool of course, but with seriously Apple-style attitude. It did nothing to compete with the crop of Aston Martin and Ferrari but stood out in a different way.
Looks like no one has answered you, so I'll chip in. I own both the navy and charcoal versions. The cloth is very soft and quite durable (I've not seen any pilling after a year of wear). They are in rotation with about 5 other coats, and if I'm honest, I'm not sure that the shape would hold that well if I wore one exclusively. A coat that will last a couple of years and look tidy - absolutely. a coat you can pass on to your grandkids - probably not. I certainly liked mine...
Anyone got much experience using online lease companies? I'm looking at picking up a VW Tiguan on a 3+24 month plan at about £250/month. I've always just purchased cars before now, so I'd love to know how hard it would be worth pushing to get that price down. For some reason main dealers in the UK seem hesitant to do personal lease and it works out much more expensive for my to run it through one of my side businesses.
It's funny you say that - I'll watch reviews and discus them down the pub for hours on end, but I'm just about to replace mine and I really don't feel that strongly about what I get as long as it feels like good value. It's almost like cars exist on two planes - one abstract and one physical.
Sort of reminds me of very early Bugattis.
BRB - going to buy a golf cab. It's funny, my dad is in the market for a new A5 next month, then after that I'm going to need a new car. I was looking at a used CLK or a TT (I drive 15 minutes to work, so don't need anything very comfortable), but that A3/Golf might work well.
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