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I'm literally doing the same calculations Fin - my father needs a new car in February and we're trying to switch him to the Tesla. His main concerns are the charging (he has companies all over Europe, so 400 and 500 mile trips over two days are fairly frequent, although he could switch t flying) and the fact that all the reviews mention that the seats are pretty average - not something a 60+ doing 10 hour journeys would put up with. Having said that, we calculated that...
I came to this series hoping to be impressed, and totally ready to quit forever. I'm still kind of on the fence - it really is like a new show, that's still building a fanbase and finding it's footing. I'm gonna stick with it, and I think the transition is being handled well, but only time will tell if it has the same bite as the last few seasons.
I don't get why whoever is in charge of advertising on StyleForum allows these fucking automatic app-store launching things. I wanna browse the site as a member, not be taken to the App Store every 15 seconds.
Also my point wasn't that you (or anyone) isn't nice, simply that the fact of human nature is that a particularly nice person can easily be treated at least as well as the most loyal, without spending a single penny. It was a comment on the human condition, not a slight against anyone.
Undoubtedly. That was just my round about way of saying Familiarity Breeds Contempt.
Having been on the other side of the counter (though in the art business, not motors), it is very easy for salesmen/staff to allow a good customer to walk away. You are visited by 10 to 15 people per day who willingly fork over their money (that represents maybe 1% of your monthly target) with minimal fuss. It becomes incredibly hard to "go the extra mile" for a customer who spends the same money but demands a flourish. Of course the above IN NO WAY excuses rudeness or a...
I thought esquire means "in line to inherit a title, but not currently in possession" so the son of a Lord or Marquis would use it?
It isn't about avoiding language altogether - its about using your last few years of a captive audience to force them to read something that might light a fire under them instead of taking your last chance to force feed them something you know they're unlikely to enjoy.
Capable, yes. But why? This is your last chance to teach kids that books and plays can be gateways to creativity and worlds filled with love and aliens and ghosts and space and every thought that has ever made its way from pen to paper. After this age they can elect not to study it any further, and I honestly don't believe that Shakespeare is the man to bring back those kids who haven't caught the bug yet.I say this as a passionate reader with an English degree and who...
I'm English so I'm trying to convert grades to "years" and by the time kids here are ~15 they are split into two camps: those who love reading and those who don't care. We then force them into reading Shakespeare which is horrible in terms of easy-to-parse text, complex plots driven by names and cultures that bare no relevance to their day to day life.These kids are being forced to study English at this point - the ones who love it will take it further. Once they're in a...
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