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Outside of the DBRS I'm not sure the've ever seriously claimed to be real race cars. You're supposed to hop in one and enjoy the 200 mile drive to your beach house, not spank some ricer at the lights.Thats sort of why I like them - they make a few cars, depending on how harsh you can stand your ride to be. Each one has enough room for luggage and enough power to make you grin as you wind around a mountain road. If you want a racer then buy a Ferrari, if you want to glide...
I knew an old fellow who drove Maseratis - his reasoning was that all his friends at the gold club drove Aston Martins or Ferraris but his car was unique. When a silver Aston pulls up or a red Ferrari the concierge has to see your face to know who is arriving - his navy blue quattroporte is the only one in the city. I actually appreciate that attitude - if you do more than 100mph on public roads you'll be arrested. Getting off the line 1 second quicker is fine...
^Same here. I quite like the way they've got the desk surface swinging forward to remain flat even when the bed is down. I guess you've just got to remember not to place anything more than 20" tall on that desk.
I can't imagine any set-up where rotating my desk 90 degrees through a vertical axis would work. Shit would go everywhere. Got any pictures of them? I'm really intrigued as to how it would work
The woman who runs IFLS is very pro vaccine (because she knows what science is) and tends to delete, band or ridicule anyone posting anti-vax stuff on her twitter or facebook page.
I celebrate the fact that it can be rendered down into several hundred bars of soap. I love me some eco-friendly soap.
That definitely seems to be the case. I've heard horrible things about them.
Women's bathrooms tend to have stuff like sanitary bins that the gents don't need. They could install and regularly empty twice the number of bins, but they'd rather slap a $1 sticker on the door.
That car is either the most ridiculously over-spec'd car we've seen in ages, or a very sensible vehicle for a very fun few weeks of adventure.
Something that's bugging me: the Spice Girls claimed 'If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends' does that mean David Beckham banged all the Spice Girls before he settled on Posh Spice?
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