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Re-reading your comment it seems like the mechanics of the business were slightly different to yours; for that company almost all profit came from advisory services, so there was maximum capacity for filling up unallocated time with water-cooler talk. I wasn't the boss and certainly not high enough to directly crack whips over other departments, but the bugbear was the united aim of time-wasting. I don't believe that the clock-method (as I'm now calling it!) made meetings...
I've since left this place (a financial services and advisory company) and now work in Tailoring where things are much nicer!Both and not either. I hate the wasteful "I must speak up to be valued, even if I'm talking shit" attitude, and in an environment where many of the staff are incentivised based on company profit it makes (made) a startling difference when they can see their key metric for success burning like a fuse.IME (and I must emphasise that it was entirely...
Yep. I reckon that if one member of staff takes 5-10 minutes to save 10 members 30 minutes each (in time lost to bullshit) then the 290 minutes saved in man-hours is a win?
Haha thankfully that little project took about 20 minutes to program (Time and var1+var2 being fairly simple widgets). Anyway, the point of making everyone else more efficient is mostly to outweigh the time-sink that SF is. If the world were as lazy as me, literally nothing would ever get done.
I hate poorly managed meetings more than is reasonable. I once worked at a place where I instigated two policies: 1. Add together all the wages (divided into minutes) of the attendees, plus overheads like electricity and rent (approximate and again, in £/minute) and put a clock and a running total on a big screen. Once ten people see the cost of their meeting running into hundreds of even thousands of dollars they tend to shut up and get on with working out what needs to...
Glass cockpit has been inevitable for years. Eventually they will be customisable, so you can have a range of pre approved dashboard (a brand-lead one, maybe a fighter pilot one, and an old-timey one ). There will also be the capacity for flash a new OS onto them with each service, should faults start to show up.
Well if you wish to talk about the style then I agree with GBR. The faux-leather detail is suspect and the inner sleeve and double-jetting on the hip pocket looks shocking. If someone wishes to hunt for a piece of shit I am not going to hide the map, however I will not be diving into the pile when they find it.
The downside of using Dragon!And to be fair I'm only PPL, I'm a tailor by profession. Though come to think of it shirts also have a yoke...
They're not identical (the GANT one is longer than your original) but very close. Maybe they made a few versions over the years?
Ignore GBR, he is ... unreceptive to newcomers. I'm almost certain that I saw something like that in GANT last season. Not my style, but if you like it then why not.
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