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I've often thought "you know what the world needs? More flaming piles of shit"
Wow, thats a lot of questions.I've never been an overcoat maker, so my knowledge is fairly generalised.It depends. On fabrics that are "woollen" ie fuzzy on both sides, there is no great reason to attach a separate piece. It is much easier to just make it longer and turn it back.If a separate piece were to be use this would be the most sensible attachment.Correct, I would select this method for cloth like whipcord where there is a face that needs preserving.Not really,...
The terms Gauntlet or Turn-back are both acceptable when talking to your tailor. As you guessed, it is tough to turn back a cuff because on a finished sleeve the lining will be visible (assuming that your RTW sleeve is 4" too long to begin with). Under the following conditions a tailor can turn a RTW Cuff (unfinished) into a turnback cuff: - The sleeve is at least 6 inches too long (4" for the cuff and 2" to hem off and tidy away) - The sleeve is unlined - The cloth is...
A rough guide for bigger chaps is that the sleeve will finish at the wrist bone. The body will end level with the thumbnail when standing relaxed. These are mega-generalisations but for a beginner they will work as guidelines. In your photos the body and sleeve are too short. I would take a wild stab in the dark and say that the Long version will be longer.
Yeah, especially if it impacts your insurance premium. I guess if it jumps up by $500 this year and declines by $100 each subsequent year than as long as your lawyer costs less than $1500 it is worth it.
I think sometimes cops feel like if they see young guys speeding, no matter how polite they are, they need of teach them a bit of a lesson. I had numerous friends in college whose parents bought them RS4's and Porsches and they were always getting stopped, even when not speeding, to check and see if the car was stolen or being used recklessly. I can kind of see the cops point, as well, if my job was keeping the streets safe and I spotted a 24 year old with 500+bhp...
Jesus returned it for store credit.
Finally the fun has returned to this thread. Liars are so much more entertaining than boors.
Fireworks are like driving fast; only fun when you're doing it. Watching fireworks is mildly entertaining, but actually lighting them and orchestrating the explosions is much more fun.
Hey already have four control knobs in the four-door cars. I'm not sure that the location changing is all that big of a risk.
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