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Polyester melts. I only had to see a few pictures of skin with poly melted into it before I switched permanently.
The quality of the writing is out of this world. Like, aliens would have produced a better piece of prose.
We've gone and got ourselves the philosophical version of HermesMan, only his concentration is what constitutes REAL prep... http://www.styleforum.net/t/374570/preppy-style-has-been-taken-away-from-the-preps/0_100#post_6829040
It was a nice show, but I think you've just teetered over the edge into spam. It was good while it lasted.
And for the love of God: Capital letters aren't meant for every word!
Ok, forgiving that this is a troll thread, I'll play along.Writing isn't the ridiculous part, crying out that style bloggers are misappropriating your word is.This is the stupidest moniker that I have ever come across, and your self penned bio includes such phrases as "Now Travel and Live in Europe And Elsewhere, as A Vagabond, Doing Small Jobs From Time To Time, and Living With the Love And Support Of My Harem, Followers and Friends."The way you write would certainly...
Please elaborate
Most Preppy Trait: Buying block colour clothes that stand the test of time, and hiding their familial wealth. Least Preppy Trait: Whining that the kids are robbing you of your authenticity.
I'm fairly sure that I hate fang's image if himself as a scientist more than I hate Neos image of himself as a neurosurgeon.
I do this sometimes, mostly when it is raining out and I leave the jacket at my office. Throw on a close cut biker jacket for a more rugged look.
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