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The point of this thread is that they are more than fine, they are perfect for his frame.
Be careful, $2,000 USD won't get you much more than one sport coat on the Row. I suppose in your situation I would look at the dates of the next visit for some European tailors to Singapore. Consider Steed, W W Chan (not European, but at that standard), and the Savile Row houses. I'd think your $2300 would be best spent in that fashion. Having said that, nothing is as good for the mind as Travel, and if the jacket is a by-product then you've had a good trip.
When it fits perfectly ad when it is of an understated cloth. There is a trend towards fashion suits using peak lapels and unless you suit fits you like a glove then it may come off as cheap. The colour/pattern question is more a consideration of the field. A chalk-stripe or bold PoW is attention-grabbing enough, combining it with an unusual cut will make it very distinctive. Other than those considerations, go ahead.
So much of this debate is about context; as I and others have pointed out in the UK this would not be an unusual choice. In academia brown suits, tweed suits and fun socks are almost part of the welcome pack when you get tenure. I imagine that Mafoofan, in New York has a much more corporate lens on his world-view camera where propriety makes a bigger difference. Likewise I'm sure that Tokyo, Seoul and the other cultures enforce a paradigm that colours their contributors...
If you right-click and select "open in new tab" they can be read properly.
There was a nice article in The Rake a few months ago. I've scanned it in, but if I'm guilty of some horrible rights-infringement then someone let me know.
I've been itching for a new flannel. The only one in my rotation is an impulse buy bespoke DB in navy with a chunky white chalk stripe. Full-on Al Capone
Both I think. The new collection is only about two weeks old, and also they had a massive fire in one of the New York stores which I'm assuming had a big impact on inventory. They wont start selling off shirts cheap when their supply chain is rocky.
Thats probably a geographic thing. I'm in the tailoring business, in a rural area. In fact, I was in the pub last night and counted at least six plusfours. Even in the heart of Cambridge you'll see suits in equal numbers to academic gowns and mortar boards.
Why do you want to know? From a purely stylistic PoV then classic menswear is something you could wear in 1950, 1960, 1970, 1980 and 1990 without people shooting at you for being a time-traveler. Contemporary Menswear something you could wear in 1950, 1960, 1970, 1980 and 1990 with people shooting at you for being a time-traveler.
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