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Yes but for something that isn't actually killing you, then is there a real-world difference between feeling better and being better? If a placebo works, then it works. It may not kill the little bugs, but if it stops your sniffles and lets you think straight, then who the hell cares? Obviously in real medical cases that isn't the point, but with almost all common viruses and complaints, a mechanism that helps you ignore the discomfort is of more use than one that kills...
All mainstream comedy is consumed not because the quality is high but the consistency is high. You can turn it on night after night, knowing that every 20-40 seconds there is a minor joke and you can passively consume it. The reason it works so well (for its purpose, not as genuine comedy) is that it is light-hearted, predictable and un-taxing. The same thing happens with music, you put on the Beatles because you want some audio beige, not because you're desperate to...
Very nice. As in the article I posted it's not a great choice for the first commission because people usually wear that one suit into the ground, however if you're deliberately commissioning an occasional garment then it might be perfect. That is a particularly rich blue, have you seen anything made up from that cloth before? Overall I commend you for being so daring with your first bespoke commission!
Far and away prefer the second one. I have a navy flannel from Chester Barrie and I had them bring in the button stance to one closer to your second configuration. I'm of the opinion that buttons that are set too wide are terrible for making a big man look worse. While I'm only 42" chest and 6" drop, I felt that a wider placement was unflattering.
I've always read it as White Alsatian
$2k seems quite reasonable if it gives you enough skill to not cause $3k dings. It seems downright cheap if it stops you stuffing it into a bend and killing yourself.
Interestingly since I wrote that (and failed to answer the question apparently) I have worked with CT consulting on their tailoring.The reason fusing in collars and cuffs is pertinent is because it makes for a much stiffer cuff and collar. The way the shirt ages changes, while an un fused cuff will soften and eventually lose all shape (becoming like an old pair of jeans; soft, relaxed but not smart) a fused cuff will remain reasonably firm up to the end of its life.There...
Holy hell what happened to this thread? Suddenly it looks like a bunch of teenagers mashing their faces into an AIM box.
Great thread. As with so many things Whisky is one of those subject areas I'd love to explore properly one day. It is a subject so rich with history, technique and lore that the casual participant can't really scratch the surface. It sounds like you've found yourself a mentor worthy of the title.
Just had a twenty year old acquaintance describe herself as a MILF. It is sad and true.
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