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It is/has. Unfortunately the way the brand is structured (they also own Richard James) it isn't really built for expansion. The quality is very high for the money, and I have many suits from them at the £500 mark that out-rank stuff like Ralph Lauren Purple Label (which they produced for a time), but it would take a miracle for them to role out a genuine retail presence.
Inexperience is always crippling; your advantage is that you're old enough and bright enough to turn an entry level job into something much more significant very quickly. You may have to suck it up and enter in a position that should be bellow you, and basically make it your mission to prove your chops so fast that they can't afford not to promote you. In terms of the caring thing; just make sure you sell it. Ok you didn't take a salary, but you essentially managed and...
I've always found the biggest challenge with a "drop 10" client is they either want to show off their fitness, in which case you have to talk them out of an ill-proportioned result, or they want to hide it all together and you have to give shape to an empty sack. Looks like you've got that balance spot on, masculine without either of the above issues.
UK law is that streets are 30 max, which is why our summation is that it'll be knock for knock (split the cost of the damage between both parties). That Mazda should not have entered a lane that was clearly in use, the Lambo shouldn't have been driving in excess of 30mph even if the lane was clear. A decent lawyer would be able to keep both sides being fought until their pockets are full.
Sounds like she may be trying to push you for the position even though you're officially under qualified. I've come Across this before, where my CV looks insufficient for a position, but a 20 minute chat is enough to demonstrate that I have more that the required skills. I think this is where recruiters earn their money; by putting the right person in front of the company, not just the right CV.
I take notes as slowly as possible in order to mock the institution that is a corporate meeting.
Either way, there will be several lawyers rubbing their hands together over that one. Imagine having to go knock-for-knock on a claim like that...
Wow the Lambo was going way too fast and the Mazda couldn't stay in lane. That video is going to result in months of legal battles.
Hoods seal in a massive amount of heat. Often putting a hooded sweatshirt on is often more effective than turning the heating up.
Not even kidding, I laughed out loud.
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