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The slings and arrows of being your own brand. If you have a shitty day then you have a shitty brand. Flusser, Ambrossi, Rubinacci have all discovered this at one time or another. I tend to give people a couple of chances In those circumstances, I might walk in looking to be pampered but for all I know the mans wife might have killed his dog.
@medtech_expat If you don't mind my asking, what kind of shape are you in? C&M have a wonderful silhouette, and I've never seen a suit from them that isn't amazing, but I'm interested to know whether they are good at "building" that shape or whether you really have a 8"-10" drop? I can't work out whether all their customers are models or they can make anyone look like an Olympian!
Sometimes I'm amazed at my own genius.
Bystander effect.
A very unwelcome blast from the past. It is strange how when you leave toxic parts of your life behind, even the most friendly of faces from that time can drag you back in time mentally.
I like it, but knowing the current trend for misdirection in its official publicity, I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up in something totally different. Maybe pink and frilly?
I'd have to be in bed by 8pm to stand any chance of making that work!
Pig leather is a little different to work with than calf/cow, and to the best of my knowledge there are no major western brands that work in pig as a default material. You might also consider vegetarian/vegan shoes. They have a larger market in the US, and as a result they are more accessible online.
I believe that even the cheapest shoes will exclusively use Cow leather rather than pig. I assume your concern with the animal is religious? Even if this is not the case you will find that suppliers that operate in Jewish, Muslim and Hindu marketplaces will give you a better description of the leathers used. In Christian countries (the US and most of Europe) there are few religious or cultural reasons to avoid or seek a particular animal skin, and thus manufacturers don't...
Take your pick of reasons. The American deep south had a bowtie culture in the late 1800s which morphed into the Prep culture in the 1900's. The English didn't differentiate social class by education in the same way so an Educated Uniform was less useful. Supply of bowties is woeful in England so there is less "impulse purchase" opportunity. After World War Two, the vast number of men were supplied with either a necktie as part of their "Demob" suit or used their school...
New Posts  All Forums: