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UK selling law says that any product that is advertised at a "sale" price must have been sold for at least 30 days in the last 6 months at the higher price. Twice per year CT will return to "pre-sale" prices in order to satisfy this condition and avoid any trouble for that whole Permanent Sale thing they do.Give it a few weeks and they'll be back to normal, advertising their 70% off prices.
Yeah, for some reason they think that the wage slaves who drive 30 minutes per day at 30mph are less inclined to crash than some fireman who is driving at 90mph to get to the station before the engine leaves. Oddly when I was a pilot I had two chocies; Stunt Pilot or Airline Pilot. One gave me a premium of about £7,000 and the other was about £500. They really do believe that it makes a difference.
I pay £300 per year on my VW Tiguan brand new, and I have 8 years no claims bonus. I too am 26. Have you settled on a career yet? That is the biggest decider in insurance prices, after your location.
There's an SL55 '03 a few doors down from me. Really sleek looking car.
The thing that pisses me off is the "Your friend commented on this post, but I'm not going to tell you which one of the 13,000 comments belongs to someone you actually respect. Try reading them, but we'll only load 5 at a time, fucker."
As part of the audience - he's right. Short coat, trim legs and short rise are not appreciated here.
Netflix is a little too USA orientated. The USA has never apreciated Top Gear as much as the rest of the world - it makes sense for them to work with a company who place more emphasis on europe as that's where they've already had most success.
In the UK all taxes are picked up by the dealer on a leased car. One of the few ways our tax system is benneficial!
I hate to mention the L word, but have you considered a lease? You're spending a not inconsiderable sum, could you look at leasing a new vehicle at roughly the expected deprciation? You'd probably end up with quite a nice car and be in a similar financial situation 5 years later.Obviously fact you don't own the car isn't for everyone, but it works well if you've got rapidly chaning requirements (kids getting older etc).
I honestly think the best modern storyline was Bad Wolf. The even was universe-wide, but it wasn't becuase the Doctor caused it, and the little mentions of Bad Wolf throughout the series were enough to really pique my interest. At this stage, I'm really struggling to maintain interest - they need some serious new blood in the writing room. Especially now that people are used to series-spanning plots from epics like GoT and House of Cards. Audiences have shown they're...
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