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I never understand how this happens - that lot would cost at least a million dollars, even if each one was picked up at bargain prices. Does the wife just think "I'll leave him to his little hobby" imagining that this stuff is worthless? The collector then dies and the family believes that cars are like snuff boxes, collectable but valueless? I can't imagine being rich enough to buy them, but absent minded enough not to mention them in a will or insurance document....
I'm sure it sounded better in the original Italian.
There is a highly technical and thoroughly backed up answer to the watch, explained by the great GA himself:
Brand alliances. For the price of a badge on the front, they cater to both the people who say "I'd never buy a lexus, they're for country club snobs" and the ones who say "I don't want a Land Cruiser, I'm not a farmer" if you can have both customers, why wouldn't you?
I respect that. I think I might just be disappointed that the Clara character doesn't live up to JLC's potential to be a ManicPixieDreamGirl, and that's on me. I still think that the dynamic is wrong though; a clueless doctor needs an assertive companion, and a leader-of-men doctor needs some comic relief. As it stands, I just don't see either of those at present.
I think they are just trying to kill off Clara/Danny as quickly as possible. There is zero chemistry between Capaldi and Coleman, they desperately need to rectify that with a new companion if they aren't to loose their viewership. Jenna Coleman is achingly pretty, and in interviews she steals my 'Dream Girl' award from Emma Watson, but good lord, she's a terrible companion.
I don't know about you but if Icould get 1.5" taller and 6" longer, my confidence would go through the roof.
Slow drivers are by far the most dangerous on the road. While speeding drivers make risky moves, their moves put only them and their on-coming traffic in danger. Those who driver at 20+ mph bellow the posted limit manage to enrage a stream of 10+ drivers who will take risks just to get past them. Those people then drive the next few miles agitated and angry. Driving too slowly fucks up the 'driving experience' for everyone for miles around. At least teenage douche-bags...
Outside of the DBRS I'm not sure the've ever seriously claimed to be real race cars. You're supposed to hop in one and enjoy the 200 mile drive to your beach house, not spank some ricer at the lights.Thats sort of why I like them - they make a few cars, depending on how harsh you can stand your ride to be. Each one has enough room for luggage and enough power to make you grin as you wind around a mountain road. If you want a racer then buy a Ferrari, if you want to glide...
I knew an old fellow who drove Maseratis - his reasoning was that all his friends at the gold club drove Aston Martins or Ferraris but his car was unique. When a silver Aston pulls up or a red Ferrari the concierge has to see your face to know who is arriving - his navy blue quattroporte is the only one in the city. I actually appreciate that attitude - if you do more than 100mph on public roads you'll be arrested. Getting off the line 1 second quicker is fine...
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