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I wonder what the insurance is like on that kind of thing. Would they pay out the price he paid for it, or would they finance a total ground up replacement build?
Don't write it off just yet - it's well known that BMW/Mercedes are also going to get hammered on emissions soon (everybody is cheating these tests one way or another) so you'll be able to buy a VERY cheap VW because their market value has tanked. Could be a chance to pick up a very cheap car that performs exactly the same as it did a week ago.
Depends how you think of them really. The crew is probably small (4 flight crew, and maybe 8 flight attendants in two shifts), and apart from supplying accommodation from him an his security team, the jets probably help to close multi-billion dollar deals. Once you factor in that he owns a lot of oil refineries, the fuel bill drops massively. You can bet your life that every visitor is documented, making it a business expense, and thus reducing his tax burdens elsewhere in...
They were about $330m weren't they? I guess when you've got that much cash to spend dropping a billion isn't really too frivolous, he's worth $12.8b after all. Its equivalent to someone worth $1million buying a lightly used S Class Mercedes.
A fair number of wealthy people buy the 747 because a second hand one runs about £8million, compared to a new BizJet at about £35million. It's significantly more cost effective to just buy an older airframe, rip out the guts and have someone like Versacci drop in a new interior for £10million.
This is true, and exactly why I'd pick the rolls. You can have a used CGT for £50k nowdays and people do. If I'm dropping £250k+ firstly I can have a handyman/housekeeper for £14k/year who can pick up shopping for me, and secondly I want to know I'm getting the best of the best. To me Bentley has always felt like a baby Rolls Royce, you knew the kids at school being collected in the Bentley had money, but the kids going home in a Rolls had countries to inherit.
UK selling law says that any product that is advertised at a "sale" price must have been sold for at least 30 days in the last 6 months at the higher price. Twice per year CT will return to "pre-sale" prices in order to satisfy this condition and avoid any trouble for that whole Permanent Sale thing they do.Give it a few weeks and they'll be back to normal, advertising their 70% off prices.
Yeah, for some reason they think that the wage slaves who drive 30 minutes per day at 30mph are less inclined to crash than some fireman who is driving at 90mph to get to the station before the engine leaves. Oddly when I was a pilot I had two chocies; Stunt Pilot or Airline Pilot. One gave me a premium of about £7,000 and the other was about £500. They really do believe that it makes a difference.
I pay £300 per year on my VW Tiguan brand new, and I have 8 years no claims bonus. I too am 26. Have you settled on a career yet? That is the biggest decider in insurance prices, after your location.
There's an SL55 '03 a few doors down from me. Really sleek looking car.
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