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Anyone got any recommendations for high quality air fresheners? I'm sick of paper pine trees that smell like chewing gum. I'd gladly pay $20-$30 for a nice sandalwood or leather scent that lasts for more than 5 days, but for the life of me I can't find one.
FYI I got a small VW SUV in June, the Tiguan Diesel. Great little car, and I got it in "Match" format, so it had a few nice toys like auto-dimming mirrors, rain sensing wipers and touch screen nav. I also stumped up for the rear camera and auto park, though I don't use the parking system. One thing - it's dull. It's not exiting to drive, look at or sit in, but they're bringing out a new model next year so the prices are rock bottom. I'm paying about $230 per month over 2...
I think Volvo are more about practical buyers. If you care enough about cars to go to an Auto Show then you probably aren't the person who wants the dull but well appointed car. Volvo is the leather chesterfield of cars - if it's right for you, you probably know it.
I've met him a couple of times at events, and he's a really nice guy. Shared a table with him at some charity thing, and he was much more into the stage acting than Doctor Who (though there were a number of other thesps at the table so maybe it was just a more prevalent topic).
Yeah, I hate the look but it does have some fashion pedigree. I don't know why, but I can't get passed the idea that PC sounds like he's reading a script. Whenever I saw other Doctors in interviews etc, they felt like they were just the Doctor in human clothes. Peter still hasn't been able to embody the character yet.
Taking a punt here, but I'd imagine that when they decide to put an F1 product on the stand (tantamount to displaying another companies product - given the departments are so distinct from each other) it's bad form to speak up and say "but you know our product is shit, don't you?" to your boss and their seniors. They've spent hundreds of millions on their F1 team, it would take an employee with fairly massive balls to tell everyone that it's too shit to even sit motionless...
That off-road vehicle can't get over a curb without ripping it's own face off. It might be able to move quickly over dirt, but it's not actually very useful.
I wonder what the insurance is like on that kind of thing. Would they pay out the price he paid for it, or would they finance a total ground up replacement build?
Don't write it off just yet - it's well known that BMW/Mercedes are also going to get hammered on emissions soon (everybody is cheating these tests one way or another) so you'll be able to buy a VERY cheap VW because their market value has tanked. Could be a chance to pick up a very cheap car that performs exactly the same as it did a week ago.
Depends how you think of them really. The crew is probably small (4 flight crew, and maybe 8 flight attendants in two shifts), and apart from supplying accommodation from him an his security team, the jets probably help to close multi-billion dollar deals. Once you factor in that he owns a lot of oil refineries, the fuel bill drops massively. You can bet your life that every visitor is documented, making it a business expense, and thus reducing his tax burdens elsewhere in...
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