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replica watches are aweful. What about a U-Boat?
I've heard that's a major bitch.
Please do. That sounds hilarious.
I wouldn't. Looks beautiful factory stock.
I'm waiting for the first revision. These things always tend to have plenty of trouble, and my Macbook Pro is too important to my productivity to lose.
I'm still seeing jackets get shorter, and friends of mine keep having them unnecessarily shortened - trying to get this 'cropped' trend look. The latest RLBL suits (S3 2011) have shortened significantly also.
Is this still available?
--> I believe the RRL line is named after the RRL Ranch, which in my understanding is for Ralph & Ricky Lauren, his wife. I know she greatly enjoys the styling of the RRL line. It is also worthy to note that there has been an increase of asia made RLPL sportswear and RLBL sportswear, notably cashmere sweaters and sportshirts - whilst still charging the original italian prices.
Both of those RLPL sweaters are amazing!
New Posts  All Forums: