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nice piece, what size is this?
Gorgeous wallet! What signs of wear does it have?
How does this not fit you? Is it too small or too big?
I did, picked up a grey Kitsune tee and a great off white Brioni dress shirt 70% off. They have some aged product at 70% off amongst the rest 50%.Tom Ford ties and pocket squares aren't bad at that price too. Plenty of product for people who are size EU 50+
They're ok. They shrink at the sleeves quite a bit. Although the MOP buttons are nice, they crease like mofo's and are really delicate. I found that Polo RL shirts are much more durable, and if i wanted much better quality I would jump up to RLPL.
replica watches are aweful. What about a U-Boat?
I've heard that's a major bitch.
Please do. That sounds hilarious.
I wouldn't. Looks beautiful factory stock.
I'm waiting for the first revision. These things always tend to have plenty of trouble, and my Macbook Pro is too important to my productivity to lose.
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