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Just wanted to report a pleasant return experience with several pairs of (untailored) trousers. And since I'm here, I would like to see suits and jackets in long sizes.
PM or e-mail.
Looking for new or well-cared-for Filson duffle bag and briefcase. All colors considered. PM me with your asking price.
What's with all the WTBs in my RSS feed lately?
This. No need to overcomplicate things.
I'm moving and I need this gone. First to pay takes it for $100 CONUS. Includes the following games: Halo 3 Orange Box Guitar Hero III (2 copies of this)*** Grand Theft Auto IV The Darkness Xbox Live Arcade Elder Scrools IV: Oblivion Bioshock Madden 09 NBA Street Also included are an official DVD remote, as well as two controllers (one black, one white), 256 MB memory cartridge, AC adapter, and an HDMI cable. *** I do have two guitars, but shipping...
In before "calories in < calories burned = epic weight loss"
...that is, until I saw that Tailor Store is now offering contrast elbow patches and sleeveless shirts.
I have really enjoyed all four of your threads.
It's all on eBay. Starting prices: -- Filson vest (retail $225): $70 -- APC jacket (retail $300?): $30 -- Baracuta: $80 -- L.L. Bean (retail $110): $33
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