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Here is the previous pair: http://www.styleforum.net/t/387488/my-adventures-in-diy-shoemaking-part-23In general, each pair I posted also shows a link to the prior pair.
This is true. The sides look pretty good, but I tend to make 'little babies' around the toe. I'm not sure if it's my technique or my fudge wheel, or both.
Here is my latest pair of shoes, made on my soft chisel-toe last. This pair is in a navy blue calfskin, which I purchased some years ago in Northampton, England. The style is an austerity brogue. The shoes feature a beveled waist, but not a fiddleback sole. Just to try it, I did a mirror-polished sole after staining the soles a matching dark blue. I also did the sole edges in dark blue, rather than the standard black. I am pretty pleased with the way these turned...
About 10 years, though only on a part-time basis. Wish I could devote more time and resources to it; I would love to spend more time with some people in the trade, but family circumstances render that difficult.
Newest pair of bespoke, a navy blue calfskin austerity brogue with a chisel toe, beveled waist, and mirror shined sole.
Though certainly not to my taste, they happen to be on Vente Privee right now. https://us.venteprivee.com/main/#/catalog/11909
Those suits look absolutely terrible. The tan one appears way too big, and the last one has a huge gap around the collar. Honestly, I find it hard to believe those are bespoke Panico suits.
http://www.oshitate.com/products/other/spigola/koji-suzuki/clientele%20products.htm You can also click on the Archive link on the page above, then click on any of the pics after clicking the 'play' button, and that will show you lots more.
The ones I got were the leather/rubber combo -- i.e. it was the entire top lift, not just the rubber piece. The Philips top lifts shown above were also the entire leather/rubber top lift, not just the rubber piece. If you're still interested, I can try to recall what grinder had the unbranded variety.
I got the top lift from a shoemaker in London. I don't know if the Philips ones are still available, but I got an unbranded pack of 20 similar top lifts from a finder/grindery in London a few years ago.
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