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Can anyone recommend me a pair of brown leather oxfords, wingtips, or something of that ilk? They would be worn predominantly with slim fitting, dark wash denim. The ~$200 price range would be perfect (although I'm always willing to go cheaper if the quality is there). Thanks!
Hey, Can anyone give me thoughts on the fit of this coat? It's the J Crew University coat--Slim--Size Small. I'm trying to decide whether to keep it. Thanks!
Could someone recommend me an affordable shoe (oxford maybe?) which would be good for winter in the city?
Quote: Originally Posted by wanger I beg to differ.. I actually got two pairs of STFS recently, the first being TTS (my true waist being 32) which fit still a bit too baggy for my tastes so I sized down one to 31 and they turned out perfectly. They're definitely not as slim as 511s but those were a bit too slim for me in the first place anyways. They were pretty tight while drying but as long as you keep em on during the drying process the waist...
I've never bought a pair of STFs before, so I'm not sure if I can achieve this, but...I'm trying to get a pair that will shrink to fit almost like 511s, but maybe a tiny bit looser. I usually wear a 30-31'' waist, and a 30-32'' inseam. Does anyone know if I bought a pair of 32x34 501 STFs if I could get them anywhere close to 511s? It doesn't have to be exact, because 511s are a tiny bit too tight for me, but if I could get close that would be amazing. Thanks!
Does anyone think I can do better than $85 for beeswax leather? I've seen a bunch of sales on suede DBs but never any on the leather.
Are the brown boots that Eddie Bauer is selling the Beeswax leather or suede? I cant definitively tell.
Can you get The Mini-Pinstripe G-Slack (al711p)? I'm trying to decide if I want it or not.
Could you give me measurements for small Gray Square Pattern. Secret Wash? I don't know J crew sizing that well, unfortunately
Quote: Originally Posted by ctrlaltelite chest is gonna be 40 on the smalls, sleeves around 25-25.5, neck size of 14-14.5, length iirc around 28-29 Thanks! I think that would definitely put me in the small category, which means...could I get the measurements on J. Crew BNWT Men's Small Authentic WorkWear Double Pocket Black Light Weight Utility Shirt instead?
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