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I wore Vasque Summits for several seasons in the Rocky Mountains. I would not recommend them for styling around town, but they are great mountain boots for serious climbs. This is a good price. If they fit, I would buy them myself.
Are these true to size or do they run large? Thanks.
I'll take it at $90. PM sent.
Do the Alden boots fit tts, or are they a half size or so large?
I have the exact watch the OP first specified. Like all quartz watches, it is accurate, and the Citizen instructions are typically understandable. The sub-dials are too small to read at a glance. Also, a relatively light bump broke the mineral glass "crystal." The replacement was nearly the cost of the original watch. Eco-Drive is a fascinating technology, and I wish Citizen would put it into higher quality watches of more restrained design.
Does the Prada sweater have one of those little "prada" flag/labels they sometimes sew on outside seams - or any other visible, external logo? Thanks
Too small - - what is your regular shoe size, please. I have read that some Alden boots run large, and it seems to me that even my Alden loafers are a bit large. I normally take an 8, so how would your boots fit? thanks. - - made for you of the best material and workmanship - - if you are able to wait and willing to pay. The very best.
Does the hood zip off?
PM on boots.
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