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[[SPOILER]] Not really feeling these shoes with the suit as mentioned before and the jacket seems to tug a bit in the mid. Just my .02 [[SPOILER]] Awesome combo IMO. Flows very well.
... what shoes are these???
Hell, you should try N. FL. My daily drivers consist of trousers and dry fit polos and many times I feel overdressed at work.On another note:Spoo... still one of my favorites. Nicely done!
Loving the brown...
Love those!DAMMIT SPOO. You did it again!
My thoughts exactly. While the overall appearance is is nice the jacket does seem a little off and I definitely do not dig lovers with this suit.Another great look HF. Your style continues to inspire me. Keep it up.Tease... More!
I lol'dThat collar is all that btw.
HF... I think many here have already said it. This suit looks amazing on your. Big change from your ususal selections which although are a bit on the looser side, are still nicely done. I find myself in much of the same predicament mainly because I'm a bigger framed guy (6'3" 255lbs). Most of my garments give that loose, flowy feel to them. Not bad but I've found myself wanting to get that more fitted or tailored look if you will. I wish my wallet was conducive of this...
Thanks for clearing that up as I was dreaming that I'd look that good rocking something like that. I'm 6'3" and could only wish to pull a fit like that off the way you did. Well done Sir!
I lol'd because I was thinking the same thing.As a mater of fact... give me your shoes, watch, &... oh what the hell just strip and step away.Mike, I like really like this. It kind of gives you a boxed look however. Maybe it's the camera angle. How tall are you if you don't mind me asking?Maybe I missed something but is this your trouser size?
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