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Any hightops similar to the Saint Laurent SL / 01H at sub $250?
You can add me to the chorus of people saying how good the legging jeans are. Picked up gray, 68 blue, and khaki colorways. Can def. recommend the gray and khaki ones, the khakis are fantastic, actually. The blue ones....eh. They look somewhere between over-dyed denim and dark navy pants, not sure if I'll end up wearing them. Fit is great, nice and slim, and they are all incredibly comfortable. On a side note I really wish they would make compression shorts out of their...
Are these http://shop.johnelliott.co/collections/all/products/the-cast-nimbus The same wash as these http://www.revolveclothing.com/john-elliott-co-the-cast-in-nimbus/dp/JELL-MJ2/ ? They have the same name, but look totally different. The ones on the John Elliot website look way nicer, but I cant tell if they just messed with the contrast in the pictures.
Do........do you have something you want to tell us?
So my gf is a painter, and I think I want to get her something related to that for xmas. I, however, don't have an artistic bone in my body and know nothing about painting equipment and what is considered nice. I think she has mentioned that her brushes aren't that nice before, and I believe she uses oil paints. Any ideas of what I could get her?
The sweater
Dat feel when you get makeup on your $400 blazer while sleeping
Price drop
For sale I have a Blue Visvim Nomad Paclite size L. Its from a few seasons ago, and has all the usual stuff you would expect from Visvim in terms of quality and detailing. Gortex, folds into its own pockets, ect. Condition is 8/10, some scuffing, but still tons of life left, as I haven't worn it very much over the past few years. Serves as a great looking, functional lightweight shell. This jacket retailed for over $800 when it was purchased. Price is $375 $315 $275...
For sale is a W+H down filled MA1 jacket from last season. This jacket is a tagged size L. International buyers contact me via PM to discuss shipping. Measurements: p2p 21 in Shoulders 18in length, front:23 in, back:25 in
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