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All, Looking for Tom Ford Belts in size 32-34. Shoot them over. Brian
All, Looking for slim fitting shirts around size 15 (P2P of around 20 would be ideal but some flexibility here). RLBL in size 15 works as well as Tom Ford and other brands that are cut slim. Looking for staples, lighter colors preferred, barrel or french cuff are both alright, no contrasting collars (too many of those already). Shoot me whatever you got. Thanks, CS
Nothing to do with Christmas, just realized that my wardrobe doesn't have as much as green as it should given that it is one of my favorite colors. Looking for forest green / emerald jackets in a slim 38R (for reference, a RLBL in 38R is the perfect fit for me) or a 36R with broader shoulders. Also interested in mint / pistachio shirts. Elf suits will also be considered.
Wouldn't buy a suit at that price but nice looking coats rarely come up on B&S.
Thanks for the heads up. Ended up ordering the light gray DB overcoat, I've been having trouble finding a slim fitting coat and I love the light color to boot.
Sent my payment almost three weeks ago and no word from the seller. Tried sending an email as well (pm box is full). What's the word?
Are the cufflinks made of silver?
That picture does look quite delicious..
Intellectualism: Arguably, Northwestern/UChicago beats NYU/Columbia. But NYC undisputably has a more intellectual climate, especially given the critical mass of graduates from top schools in the Northeast and elsewhere.
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