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Quote: Originally Posted by naatkins jamesu, That looks to be a J. Crew Timex thats on, I have the same one, but the width is in inches (3/4) and converted it equals 19.05mm. What one do you have on the pictured one? Jcrew's straps are 20mm pm sent
Both Jeans Sold. Thanks for the interest.
sorry for the late reply. The sale is now pending however I'll answer a few questions about the jeans themselves: My true size in 32 and I am currently working on my RAW Ramblers in both Black and Indigo in sz 33. Both measurements are the same as the size 32 however only an 1/2in difference in the waist. Intially soaked the black ones but not the idigo. Any shrinkage after the intial soak only stretched beyond the jean's original dimensions after a week. The lenght...
BOTH PAIRS SOLD I have for sale a pair of Brand New with tags Raw Black Rambler PRPS in size 32. Red selvedge. I've never even put these on, there are absolutely no flaws on these. Measurements: Waist: 16.25" Inseam: 34" Thigh: 11.5 Knee: 8.5" Hem: 8.25" FR: 9.5 BR: 13" These are my own photos from my shitty camera. Looking for SOLD FIRM shipped CONUS Also far sale: Brand New with tags Raw Indigo Impala PRPS in size 32. Purple...
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger i think having a really big ugly garish chain attached to a wallet so large that it's literally hanging out of your back pocket would make it more likely that your shit would get snatched if you're really worried just keep it in a zipped up pocket in your jacket, your front pocket or on a dongle ... The simple point is, the wallet is too big to go unnoticed if it was pickpocketed especially with its big...
Quote: Originally Posted by TrailofTears Are you really a new poster? I thought this was "who8mahrice" using a not-so-disguised troll account? As for the thread, I don't have any interest in wallet chains and I don't really dig the look, but there are plenty on here that do, I believe. Try looking in the custom leather threads where people get repro's made all the time (search for "unlucky leather" or something like that). Oh, and welcome to the forum...
Quote: Originally Posted by jet He added "I don't see anyone outside the custodial business needing those things". He is dead serious btw and not attempting to clown. to be completely honest, your friend is dead on. I attend harvard and work at the harvard club to pay for it. Cleaning up after alums is part of what I do.
I'm being shitted on in my first thread haha
oh? well, which chain wallets would would recommend? the chain is most important to me because I have to take an overly crowded subway everyone to class and don't want to be pick pocketed again
Jkissi, You are inspirational. I'm a huge fan of your work.
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